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hardy (@guest_1796093)
February 10, 2024 14:00

Opened 1st nov. then ran Real DDs in november. Bonus posted on 31st Jan.
Pretty easy bonus.
thank you all & thank you Doctor.

DP719 (@guest_1795186)
February 8, 2024 16:48

11/06/23: Opened account
12/11/23: $2,500 from Treasury Direct
02/06/24 $400 bonus

Monthly $250 from Cap 1 to waive fee. I think Cap 1 would have also worked as DD.
Received prior bonus in 2020.

Shawn (@guest_1791433)
February 2, 2024 15:14

Couldn’t open account online, had to open in branch. Teller mixed up my middle and last name from the start of the application through pulling Chex. Asked about all my inquiries, but let me open the account anyways (not lol, but was just started the churning game so I wasn’t keeping track). Also, said I didn’t need a promo code for the bonus, that the bonus just applied to certain account types.🤷‍♂️ Called the next day to make sure my name was fully fixed on the account and portal, ordered a corrected debit card, and confirmed the bonus code was applied to the account.

The Chex inquiry mistake broke instant reports and disputes through the portal. After a few calls I finally got someone to submit a request to fix the inquiry. They switched it to a “soft” inquiry and it fixed my access.

Also for the first couple of months UMB called to confirm every ACH transfer. They cancelled one when I was on a flight and didn’t answer their call.😂

Bonus posted on day 92 after account opening.

Shawn (@guest_1791782)
February 3, 2024 02:30

Not sure why the data disappeared, but here it is again:
11/2/2023 – Opened account
11/20/2023 – $250X MoneyLink Push from Charles Schwab (brokerage account)
12/15/2024 – $25X MoneyLink Push from Charles Schwab (brokerage account)
1/13/2024 – $25X MoneyLink Push from Charles Schwab (brokerage account)
2/2/2024 – $400 bonus posted

Also, the bonus is listed as 2/1 in my transaction history, but definitely didn’t post until 2/2.

HM (@guest_1789846)
January 31, 2024 16:48

Opened on 10/27
P1 Ally $2500, P2 Schwab Brokerage $2500 push. Both worked to get the bonus. Bonus posted 01/26

Tyler (@guest_1789417)
January 31, 2024 05:28

P1 & P3 got the bonus today. P2 did not.
Can confirm that Ally does not count as Direct Deposit. P1 & P3 had payroll real DD, P2 had Ally

Tyler (@guest_1790338)
February 1, 2024 08:57

NVM! ALLY COUNTS, P2 posted one day later even all were opened on same day

Shawn (@guest_1791025)
February 2, 2024 00:13

When did you open your accounts? I opened mine on 11/2, so today is day 91 and my bonus didn’t post. Tyler

Shawn (@guest_1791072)
February 2, 2024 02:19

NVM, my available balance just jumped up by $400. Not seeing a bonus transaction, but I assume it will post today.

Bulba (@guest_1788028)
January 29, 2024 17:07

anyone get 1099 from UMB for the bonus?

Thoreau (@guest_1790441)
February 1, 2024 11:01

Nope, still waiting as of 02/01

alexander (@guest_1786783)
January 27, 2024 13:17

Opened 10/11
Pushed $2500 Fidelity
$400 Account Bonus 1/10

Jason (@guest_1780165)
January 17, 2024 23:22

Opened account oct 18 and did fidelity dd. No deposit yet, 90 days ended yesterday.

Eric V
Eric V (@guest_1784865)
January 24, 2024 16:04

Jason did the bonus ever post? I did the exact same thing as you although I’m not at 90 days yet

Jason (@guest_1785316)
January 24, 2024 23:05

Yes, it posted today!

Eric V
Eric V (@guest_1785604)
January 25, 2024 12:14

Awesome. thx for the update. Hope springs eternal.

Maui (@guest_1785734)
January 25, 2024 15:36

Thank for DP Jason

Ahh I opened mine up 10/26 so hopefully getting mine soon… Also did fidelity brokerage…crossing fingers.

Eric, let us know once you get yours!

Maui (@guest_1786048)
January 26, 2024 05:45

Got my bonus on 1/25 Exactly 90 days later thanks all

DP- Fidelity brokerage worked
Opened 10/26
Sent fidelity pushes back and forth
Bonus – 1/25

share-the-referalove (@guest_1775643)
January 11, 2024 10:17

opened 10/10/23, used real DDs from my paychecks
bonus 1/11/24

A M (@guest_1775510)
January 11, 2024 01:23

Paid out like clockwork exactly 3 months after account opening. Hit with 3 actual DDs