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azchurner (@guest_1606515)
April 26, 2023 11:31

There is now a $200 checking bonus and a $100 savings bonus. Checking requires direct deposits totaling $500 or you can do 10 debit card transactions and 3 Zelle transactions instead. Savings requires depositing $10K for 90 days and their rate is currently 3.5% APY.

Checking offer not available to existing consumer checking customers. Savings offer available to new consumer checking customers and existing. Offers are not available to those whose MidFirst accounts have been closed during the current or previous calendar year.

First time I’ve seen them have a bonus outside of the Sep-Dec Q4 timeframe.

nik (@guest_1568420)
March 3, 2023 17:21


Daz (@guest_1556996)
February 15, 2023 11:01

Last account closed – Aug 2020

Opened – Nov 25 2022
DD 1 $500 from Vanguard – Dec 10
DD 2 $500 from Vanguard – Jan 10
Bonus $300 posted – Feb 14 2023

Closing about March 5

Xcellerator (@guest_1509396)
December 14, 2022 00:48

DP – AZ Account:
11/18 – Opened account
11/25 – $1000 real DD
12/02 – 3 Zelle Transactions
12/13 – $300 bonus posted

Tate (@guest_1498909)
November 30, 2022 16:24

Anyone have any idea whether Monifi accounts would be considered as Midfist accounts in determining whether sufficient time has lapsed from the closing of the last account?

Lakers (@guest_1486816)
November 13, 2022 13:41

Where’s Vio Savings?

newguy (@guest_1486589)
November 13, 2022 00:16

Dominique mothman69 Can you confirm if opening a Vio savings account is also a chex pull?

mothman69 (@guest_1486693)
November 13, 2022 09:51

newguy P2’s Vio savings was opened on 12/20/2021 and there was a Chex pull from MidFirst Bank on 12/16/2021. I do remember first applying P2 at MidFirst, got denied, and then tried the Vio route after. I don’t know for sure if the Chex pull was from the MidFirst denial or the Vio opening.

newguy (@guest_1499000)
November 30, 2022 18:08

mothman69 So in general, there will be only one chex pull when opening Vio savings and then Medfirst account or would be it be two separate chex pulls?

mothman69 (@guest_1499036)
November 30, 2022 18:52

newguy Yes in theory only 1 Chex pull. I just can’t confidently tell you which application will do it.

newguy (@guest_1499052)
November 30, 2022 19:09

mothman69 As long as its one pull only for both the accounts, I am good. Thanks for confirming.

OK (@guest_1442140)
September 9, 2022 18:45

Also for OK –

jmg2010 (@guest_1442010)
September 9, 2022 15:56

This is back –

Dominique (@guest_1351955)
March 23, 2022 04:35

This one was a doozy, but I was finally able to get this bonus for myself and P2 OOS. I am not sure of which DD method I used actually triggered the bonus since some of them I did after the 90 day timeline. Not sure if this bank gives a grace period or anything. I chose the method of opening a Vio savings account (open to anyone nationwide) before opening this account to qualify.

P2 and I have fairly similar timelines:

12/16 – Opened Midfirst Live Free checking online with Vio account number and balance, app went pending waiting for trial deposits to external bank account for initial deposit (P2 opened 12/23, same household address)

2/28-3/17 – Made 10 debit card transactions, a combo of payments to online rent account and Amazon reloads, making sure all transactions were of varying amounts

3/16 – $250 Astra DD posted

3/17 – $250 Schwab brokerage DD posted

3/18 – $250 Wise “Payroll” DD posted

3/22 – $200 bonus posted

Not sure if I will close the account yet since it’s free, and since the 90 days are up, so no early termination fee for me. Lots of problems with this account with getting the online banking set up, I had to call in for that. I even had to call them to order my debit card.

I would have sent some Zelle transactions, but for some weird reason, when I downloaded their app, the Zelle option was not there for me. Maybe it’s just on some versions of their app, or they disabled it on my account for some reason? This bank doesn’t seem to want to communicate with customers via secure message.

Maybe I’ll close this account to see if the bonus is churnable if it comes around again. I actually signed up under the $300 Tulsa offer but only got $200. I will not call in to request the extra $100 since I didn’t do a real DD, and they may just reject me anyway.

NT (@guest_1503394)
December 6, 2022 18:30

Dominique mothman69 On the Tulsa application, do you select that you already have an account or do you input the Vio information later in the app when you select No that you do not have an account with MidFirst?

mothman69 (@guest_1503423)
December 6, 2022 19:08

NT I’m sorry, but I honestly can’t remember. I’ve opened too many other accounts since then.

newguy (@guest_1508197)
December 12, 2022 21:40

NT Did you endup applying for this account? Did you select “Yes” for “Do you already have an account with us?” and enter the Vio information?

NT (@guest_1508220)
December 12, 2022 22:11

Yes I applied. I selected yes I already have an account then inputted my Vio info.

newguy (@guest_1508257)
December 12, 2022 22:52

NT Yeah I also just applied being OOS. I am still not sure what are the bonus requirements?
On the Midfirst page, it says:
$300 Offer – Recurring monthly direct deposit of $500.
$150 Offer – Complete 10 debit card purchases AND three Zelle® transactions.
But people are getting $200 being OOS in the below thread with completely diff requirements.

NT (@guest_1508275)
December 12, 2022 23:20

I’m in the same boat. I was just going to do the requirements for the $300 and hope for the best. If I get $200, I’ll chalk it up as a win since I am probably not supposed to be eligible.