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Published on January 16th, 2017 | by Chuck


Bank of America: $100/$75/$50 Back for Spending $30 at AT&T [Targeted] – Moneymaker

The Offer

Some people are seeing an excellent Bank Amerideals offer on their Bank of America credit & debit cards.

  • Get $100 or $75 or $50 back when making two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15 each by 4/5/2017

This deal comes up every few months; this is a new round being sent out the past week or so. Typically, there are three versions of the offer:

  • Get $100 credit after making two $15 purchases
  • Get $75 credit after making two $15 purchases
  • Get $50 credit after making two $15 purchases

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.39.26 PM

The Fine Print

  • Offer expires 2/19/17 – I think this means you have to save the offer on your BofA account by 2/19 and use it by 4/5
  • Offer valid one time only (you can use it on any card in your online account, but once you use it on one card it can’t be used on another card in the login)
  • Valid in-store or online at at& or over the phone
  • Cash back is earned within 30 days after making the second transaction

Our Verdict

This deal is outstanding even if you no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Simply buy an accessory (charger, etc.) for $15 at an AT&T store or online at, repeat a second time, and get back the bonus. Net profit will be $70/$45/$20, plus some free accessories.


  • If you’re doing this in-store, make sure to make the purchases at a corporate store, not an Authorized Retailer.
  • If you’re doing this online, try buying a single item that costs $15 or more since AT&T sometimes splits up smaller items into separate charges.
  • It might be worth spacing out the two transactions on different days.
  • Someone mentions the idea of buying a $25 refill card from an AT&T store which would work for prepaid plans.(Not sure if it’s possible to buy a gift card for a post-paid plan too.)
  • Or buy an iTunes gift card.
  • A reader confirms that making $15 payments to your AT&T cellular bill or Uverse internet bill counts to trigger the credit.
  • Don’t forget to go through a portal if ordering online. Topcashback is currently the best at 10%

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Uverse worked for me the last time this came around. Hopefully triggers it again.

I can confirm that it worked real easy for me last time. Had bought a charger and a screenguard for around $35 and just over a month later got the $100.
As mentioned in the last post, you should space out the two transactions. I didn’t get the offer yet, hope I can have a second go 🙂

I brought a microSD card and a refill card last time. Did not get the bonus.

I think it is targeted for new activation. I did not get the bonus last time either for buying accesories .

Also, try calling BoA. Last time they didn’t automatically give me the bonus but I called in and the CSR verified the transactions and gave me the bonus.


Do you have a write up on how to get targeted for Bank Amerideals ? I always only see at&t offer $50 for the new line activation.

Did not get targeted this time but last time I bought two $15 USB cables and got the bonus. Bonus was credited to my card. Had them transfer negative balance to checking.

Wasn’t targeted this time. Bought two rapid charges the last time I was targeted in two separate transactions (about two days apart) and got the bonus.

Wonder what kind of customer they would target twice…

As a PSA I did this the last time around and had to call them a few times to get credited. Keep an eye on this one.

I always only see the same shitty 3 offers for amerideals.

Targeted for $75 offer on my BankOfAmericard. Bought two microUSB cables for $15 ea ($16.24 after tax in CA). On pace for $42.52 moneymaker. Will followup when rewards posts. Thanks DoC

Which Debit card / Credit card have this offer. I just have debit card.. I have never got any offer.. any advise?

I got the $75 offer and bought some accessories. Received the BankAmeriDeals processing email within 5 minutes of placing the order.

Hmm I bought two $25 items on separate days and I haven’t received any emails from BoA. I wonder if this is normal? Did you do it in store or online? Hopefully it still goes through…

can you use it on more than one of bank of america card?

I don’t see the Bankamerica deals menu on my account.. anyone else face this issue?

After successfully placed the 2 orders, the deals on your BOA card can no longer be added, instead it is grayed out and a “processing” appears on its right.

I had 2 offers in my account. $75 for AT&T, and $100 for Directv. I placed 2 x $15 orders on AT&T, 24 hours apart. Now both offers have gone into “Processing” state, even though I didn’t buy anything from Directv. Does this mean I’ll get $175? First time doing a BofA deal here.

That happened to me last time (when I bought accessories at an AT&T store, I got “processing” emails for both AT&T and Directv), but I didn’t get the $100 for Directv. The “processing” email doesn’t seem to mean much. About a week later, I got another email saying that I didn’t earn cash back for AT&T, even though the earlier email said “processing” for AT&T. (It wasn’t clear why my AT&T purchases didn’t qualify, but maybe because I did them on the same day. I called BofA after 30 days and they manually gave me the $75 for AT&T.)

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