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I got the bonus even though a service charge put me in a negative balance at one point during the 3-4 months the account was opened (i was able to get them to reverse it too)


Is it still available? I am getting a sorry page.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Expiration was today… I guess they shut it down before heading home for the day! I’d give it a few days and look again.


First deposit done on 02/21
First direct deposit on 03/05
Bonus on 09/21

This is the longest time any bank took ! EVER! so annoying


20/7/19: Rejected online due to chex, went to CA branch and they said I would be rejected again if I applied in branch
21/4/01: Decided to try in ID branch, and was approved with a chex pull, funded $20 cash
21/4/05: Presidential bank trial deposits coded as direct deposit but I wasn’t going to try it
21/4/30: $500 real work DD
21/5/14: $500 real work DD
21/5/28: $500 real work DD
21/6/15: $500 real work DD
21/6/30: $500 real work DD
21/7/15: $500 real work DD
21/7/30: $480.73 real work DD
21/7/30: $500 real work DD
21/8/13: $500 real work DD
21/8/31: $10 real work DD
21/9/15: $10 real work DD
21/9/21: $250 bonus

They had a promo for doing 3 $10+ bill pays for a $10 bonus that I tried to do, but I didn’t read the terms all the way and didn’t see that I couldn’t have the sender address be the same as any of the recipient addresses, so that failed.

Going to draw down to $0.01 and then close on 11/1


what reason close on 11/1?


I have a DD coming in on 9/30 and maybe on 10/15 if I don’t change it by then so that’ll give me some time to remove the funds and any interest. No reason to keep it open any longer than needed since there is a monthly fee and it sets back my timeline to do other Bank of the West deals. I don’t have a need for other Bank of the West products.


25 March 2021: Opened online thru DoC Link and funded with only $50 (terms state needs to be $100)

05/2021: 2, $500 employer DD
06/2021: 2, $500 employer DD
07/2021: 2, $500 employer DD
08/2021: 2, $500 employer DD
09/2021: 1 (so far) $50 employer DD (I reduced the DD to $50 to keep account free; $50 is not required, just round)

09/21/2021: $250.00 bonus posted: “Credit thank you for your business”

*I was expecting this to be paid out on Friday, 24 September as it seemed there was a past pattern for payout on the last Friday of the month. It should be noted that 21 September, the day the bonus posted, as also the account cycle date.

Overall, 6 months for payout was a bit long for the amount received, but it $250 is $250.


First personal deposit of $100 on 2/25/21
After that $1001 direct deposit every two weeks starting 03/05/21

No bonus yet 09/07/2021. It looks like BOTW bonuses are lot more difficult to get


Your terms and conditions should tell you when to expect the bonus. I signed up 25 March 2021; started the three, consecutive months of direct deposits in May (actually did four months of $1,000 via employer direct deposit ending 31 August 2021). My terms and conditions stated that the three consecutive months of direct deposit had to have been completed by 31 August 2021 (and, the account must have a balance greater than $0 on 31 August 2021). If so, the bonus would be paid by 30 September 2021. I have noticed that BofTW typically pays the bonus on the last Friday of the month. 24 September is the final Friday of September 2021. I expect my bonus to be paid on this date. If your direct deposits counted, I would imagine you will also earn your bonus on 24 September.


Ally failed to work for DD. I sent an SM and they confirmed it is a P2P transfer, so it doesn’t count for the bonus.


Mark Rule #1 is you NEVER contact the bank for a fake DD. Holy shit.


If the date the bonus should have posted has already passed, why not?

I think the rule here is you wait and hope the bonus posts automatically. If it should have already posted and doesn’t, then you contact the bank and hope they post it manually.


The Fine Print section needs updating. Bonus Limitations

Offer is not available to existing Bank of the West customers with an open consumer checking account as of 08/15/2021.
An individual can receive only one consumer checking account opening related bonus between 02/01/2020 and 02/27/2022.
Only one new checking bonus can be applied to a checking account.
Only one individual per residential address is eligible for this bonus offer.
Bank of the West Checking account must be in open status and have a positive balance greater than $0 as of 01/31/2022 to be eligible to receive the bonus.
Bonus will be credited by 02/28/2022 to the new, open Bank of the West Checking account. Account must be in open status to receive the bonus.
Promotion code required at account opening.
Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts.

Bank will classify the bonus as interest paid to the checking account. Any applicable taxes associated with the bonus are the responsibility of the account holder. To the extent required by law, Bank will report the total value of this bonus to the IRS on Form 1099 for tax year 2022


conv, @john m & others, What did the E-mail say after being declined online? My Email stated that they couldn’t verify my identity… Did anyone try to apply in a branch after being declined online?


Hmm, Charles Schwab/Goldman Sachs doesn’t work anymore?

Signed up and funded the account on 2/25
3/16 – 1000 push from Schwab
3/18 – 1000 push from Goldman Sachs
4/9 – 1000 push from schwab
5/11 – 1000 push from schwab
6/2 – 1000 push from schwab
7/27 – 1000 push from Goldman Sachs

still no bonus


Check your terms and conditions as to when they will pay out the reward. I opened my account in March and the terms state that they will pay out on 30 September. BofTW is notoriously slow in paying these out. Your pay out could be at the end of this month or at the end of September.