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Can I Get the Barclay Arrival Plus if I have the No-Fee Arrival?

Dozens of people are asking:

I currently have the no-fee Arrival card. Can I apply for the Arrival Plus card while still holding the no-fee version?

Answer: No, not with instant approval.

It used to be possible to have multiple Arrival’s at the same time, but that was changed over a year ago. At some point over the past year or so, there was a change in the system whereby the no-fee Arrival and the Arrival Plus are considered the same product, and the system won’t approve you for Arrival Plus if you currently have any version of the Arrival card.

If you currently have any version of the Arrival card, no hard pull will be done for the new application. 

[Some people report that Barclay never hard pulls for a denial, but that’s quite YMMV based on the comments to this post. With regards to applying for a second Arrival, it’s unanimous that no hard pull will be done.]

Manual Approval

While the system will instantly deny the Arrival+ application if you hold any version of the Arrival card, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get approved for the card.

A friend applied for the Arrival+ while holding the no-fee version and was able to get approved for the card by calling in.

It might simply be a bug that the system mistakenly considers both cards to be the same product. Or maybe it’s on purpose. In any case, it is possible to get approved by explaining to the rep that it’s a different card, but it will likely be more difficult to get approved if you currently hold the no-fee version.

Important: While my friend was able to get approved, I don’t know for certain he’ll get the signup bonus. Logically, he should get it, but there is one troubling data point which might indicate that the system won’t automatically apply the bonus is such a scenario.

How long after cancelling the Arrival/Arrival+ can I signup for a new card?

That’s the million dollar question, and I can’t give an exact answer. Traditionally, it’s been said to wait six months to apply again. However, there are indications (1, 2) that as little as two months is fine and can be instantly approved. There’s also one report indicating instant approval after 16 days.

More recently, reports came in with an approval after just four days or even one day, although they needed a recon call to process the application and pull their credit.

We don’t have any information as to how long the 50,000 bonus will be around.


Lots of people like downgrading their Arrival+ to the no-fee version instead of cancelling, either to save the points or for the chip/PIN or due to a 10,000 points downgrade bonus offer Barclay is wont to offer. But keep in mind that you won’t easily be able to get the Arrival Plus at a future date if you do so.

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Downgraded my second Arrival+ in Sep 2014. Applied for third Arrival+ in January 2016 and went to pending and was rejected.. Applied again a few days ago and was instantly approved for the third 50k Arrival+. Unfortunately it seems points cannot be transferred in between the two account and unfortunately redemption start at $100 making this card suitable for only certain purchases (retail airline tickets and retail hotels as rental cars go always to cards with primary). This approval motivated me to go for Miles&More as well but this application went to pending.

Did you close your existing BA+ cards before applying for third one?

“…rental cars go always to cards with primary”

You could hold/authorize an auto rental with a primary coverage card and ask to pay with Arrival+ or other better points earning card at checkout, as long as you don’t anticipate needing the coverage after the fact. I did this recently with a long term rental, held with United MPX and paid with Citi Dividend on Q3 5% car rental bonus.

If you are an authorized user only on a Barclay Arrival and have no other Barclay issued cards can you still get approved for the Barclay Arrival and get the bonus? My husband is an authorized user on my account and I was thinking of having him apply.

Yes, being an authorized has no effect.

I have arrival card since 2014. I applied for “+” yesterday and was not approved automatically. I called them right away and they pulled my credit score. The agent didn’t say anything about the bonus, so I’m looking forward to do the minimum spend and getting my 50K.

I know this is off topic, but is there any definitive answer as to whether non-citizens and non permanent residents can apply? I searched and found a related post, but there wasn’t a final answer either. Thanks Doc!

The application says:
“This offer is available only to applicants who are residents of the United States, with the exception of Iowa, Puerto Rico and the US territories, and may not be available if you already have or have had an account with us.”
Note there is no “permanent”.

Searching for the same sentence and adding permanent before residents shows old versions of different Barclay card terms, but checking the same cards’ current terms looks missing. This tells me that they *removed* this condition.

Yeap. They had some problems with Iowa in the past. They got sued I think.

From personal experience, you do not have to be a citizen or have permanent residency to get instant approval for this card.

thanks! I was just concerned if there will be any undesirable legal consequences for applying.

There was another downgrade option when I PC’d to Arrival no-fee. I could also PC to Barclay rewards card. I chose Arrival no-fee to keep the leftover points (+1000 points). Perhaps it was wiser to PC to Barclay rewards.

DP: Closed Arrival no-fee yesterday, applied for Arriva+ today and was rejected. Called Recon, they suggested applying over the phone with the rep. Did so, and app was rejected again (no HP either time). Called Recon again, and agent was able to manually run the app/pull credit and got approved.

Can one apply for both the Barclay arrival plus card for 50k bonus and Barclay Hawaiian airline miles 50k bonus card on same day to avoid getting 2 different credit report inquiries?

what is condition of multiple card applications for Barclay brand cards?

I have the no fee Barclay card and received a targeted “pre-selected” mail offer for the Arrival + which I applied for and received notice that I would be advised in 30 days if application is approved.

Should I cancel my no fee now for better chance at the Arrival + or is it too late?

Was declined for the Arrival Plus due to having the “maximum allowable number of this product with us. A credit bureau report was not used in making this determination.”

Guess I”ll cancel the no fee and apply at some future date.

I closed Barclay Arrival+ back in June hoping to reopen in Sept for another bonus but got rejected for having too many new accounts open recently. That was my only Barclay product. Is it possible to reopen the closed card and downgrade to a no fee Barclay so I can maintain relationship with the bank? Or do I just wait it out… and reapply for some other Barclay card in the future when the bonus is right?

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