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Current Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

Published on December 15th, 2016 | by sirtheta


Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard – 40,000 Miles

Following American Airlines’s July deal with Citi and Barclays, expectations were that applications for Barclays AAviator cards would be open in January 2017. It looks like Barclays is getting a 2 week head start because the following offer is now public. What is interesting is that Barclaycard are supposed to be advertising this at airports and during flights. I guess they are allowed online application links as well.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up for the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard and receive a sign up bonus of 40,000 AAdvantage miles after you make your first purchase in the first 90 days and pay the $95 annual fee (40,000 points will post on the next statement after you pay the annual fee).
  • If you apply using the application received in flight you get an additional 500 miles.


Card Details

  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Annual fee of $95 is not waived the first year
  • First checked bag free, for the primary cardmember and up to 4 companions on eligible bags when traveling on domestic itineraries operated by American Airlines
  • Group 1 boarding, for the primary cardmember on domestic itineraries operated by American Airlines
  • 10% of your redeemed miles back, up to 10,000 per calendar year
  • 25% inflight savings on food, beverages, and headsets on American Airlines-operated flights1
  • Earn 2x miles on all eligible American Airlines purchases
  • Earn 1x points on all other purchases

Our Verdict

AAdvantage miles are pretty valuable, and you can’t beat 40,000 points with no spending requirement (Citi requires you to spend $3,000 for 50,000 to 60,000 miles on their equivalent card, the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select). Because you need to pay the $95 annual fee, you are essentially buying miles at 0.23¢ a piece.

According to View from the Wing (via GWBlueBlueBlue), you can upgrade from the AAviator Red to the AAviator Silver (which normally has a $195 annual fee) after 90 days and not have to pay the difference in the annual fee for the first year. This is probably the best offer on a card with no minimum spend (or that might go to the Avianca card with a 60,000 point bonus). Read through these things you should know about Barclaycard credit cards before asking any basic questions in the comments.


Hat tip to jpear18 on /r/churning

79 Responses to Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard – 40,000 Miles

  1. Nanu says:

    Small comment – you’re buying miles for 0.23 cents each ($0.0023/each), not $0.23/each.
    Obviously, you’re also “paying” a hard pull and your AAoA will decrease

  2. Dale says:

    There’s 24 month bonus language on this offer, similar to Citibank. Any datapoints as to how/if that’s being enforced?

  3. Bob says:

    If you have had this card before, you need to read the fine print:

    The primary cardmember will earn forty thousand (40,000) AAdvantage® bonus miles after a first purchase is made on the Account within ninety (90) days of Account opening and the annual fee has been paid. This one-time AAdvantage® bonus mileage offer is valid for first-time cardmembers with new accounts only. Existing cardmembers, existing accounts, and previous cardmember with accounts closed in the past 24 months may not be eligible for this offer.

  4. Steve says:

    Mr and Mrs approved with 16K CL each. I had the Us airways card before that was converted and so have to wait n watch if I get the bonus

    • Tri N says:

      Nice Steve… let us know pls… you should probably know relatively soon since its after the first purchase…

    • Dale says:

      Did you cancel the converted card within the last 24 months? I’m in the same boat as you and would love to hear if the bonus posts.

    • Nick says:

      If I remember correctly, you pay the AF and first purchases on the first statement and the points post once your 2nd statement prints about a month later.

      I am tempted to apply but I closed my Aviator card less than 24 months ago.

      Does Barclays generally enforce the 24 month rule? I seem to remember people get to Arrival+ bonuses twice despite that wording.

      • John says:

        same here. I have the old aviator red (converted from US airway). Applied, and got approved instantly with 6k cl. I think they just treat this new aviator red as a different account. That’s why people can get approval whiling still having the same card.

  5. Juan David says:

    I downgraded recently, my Aviator to the Non annual fee version… If I apply for this one, the 40k sign up bonus will be given to me ?

  6. sheila says:

    Is this card same as AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard which was converted from the U.S. Airways. I have been holding Aviator Red for a while now as they are waiving the fee. I read that they are different as their annual fee are different. Also the card I have now doesn’t have the word “Elite”.

  7. DCJoe says:

    DP- approved for a 17K credit line. Have had a string of Barclays cards in the past few years, but right now the only active one is an Arrival+ applied for in September. As discussed in the Barclays FAQ, they pulled TU, which was beneficial as that only has 4 HPs listed (Ex has 20!). 23 new cards in the last 24 months, 14 of which are in the last 12.

    Even though I got the Arrival+ recently, I decided to apply because my spending on that card is recent, and they appear to pay pretty close attention to that and want to see you spending on existing cards. Also have 3 new BofA cards that haven’t shown up on the credit report yet, and wanted to get this application in before those start reporting.

    Closed a US Airways Barclays MC 2 years and 3 days ago, so pretty sure I am clear there.

  8. Andrew says:

    Seemingly, I should be able to get this card and the Citi card and get 90k miles? Any restrictions on having both cards?

  9. chao says:

    why my current one ( convert from US airways card ) is World MC and the current offer is elite MC. could I upgrade? do they consider as the same product!

  10. PedroNY says:

    You should prepay your annual fee during the first cycle before 1st statement closes, so you get your miles after the 1st statement closing date. You can close the card after it, get a check cut for annual fee refund. Enjoy free 40k AA miles.



  11. Steve says:

    I’m sure this won’t affect a lot of us, but the “if you apply in flight” statement should actually be “if you apply using the application received in flight” you’ll get 500 additional miles. Wife was handed an application during her AA flight on 12/15. I didn’t know that until this morning, after applying online last night. Should have waited until she got home. Still a good deal.

    Approved, $17K CL. I have the Barclay NFL card and applied for Arrival Plus 10/23 (and have it too). I’m 12/24.

  12. Erik says:

    Approved for 17K limit. Got arrival plus 3 months ago and currently at 17/24.

  13. Abey says:

    Is it possible to refer a friend?
    I have the Aviator which was once US Airways
    I wanna refer my gf to this one
    Is there a way to refer like they do with the Arrival plus?

  14. Jim says:

    Doc, you mentioned military are no longer granted SCRA AF waivers with Barclaycard. Was this change immediate or to start next year?

  15. Francesco says:

    Just my data point: Application rejected (I got “under review” online and received decision letter in the mail today). My Transunion score is 762.

  16. why1818 says:

    Hi, can I apply both Barclays Miles and More and Barclays Aviator Red on the same day? Thanks!

  17. Dan says:

    I had a Barclays USair mastercard which I closed on 1/15/14. It was never converted to the Aviator. Any idea if I can apply for this Aviator. I know I am only 18 days away but was hoping to apply this weekend.

  18. Abey says:

    This is the 3rd year i have this card
    The first year they waived the annual fee
    This year they offered 15,000 points
    If i swipe $500 each month for 3 months
    And they didnt wanna waive the Annual fee
    But today i called and i said that i love this card but tomorrow is my due date and im a little short and i cant afford the annual fee if she can help me out. She transfered me to a relationship manager and they cut my annual fee from $89 to $44.50 🙂

  19. CarryDJ says:

    Generous credit limit. My first Barclays CC & they doubled what Citi AA gave me on a slightly increased income level.

  20. Daniel says:

    Anyone see the bonus on their first statement?

    • Steve says:

      My statement was supposed to close yesterday but I don’t see the statement in my account yet. So I called customer service and the rep told me that she can see the 40K bonus miles transfer to my AA account is in progress already. I made a small transaction and sent payment for it and annual fee before the statement cutoff date.

  21. Robert says:

    Just applied and didn’t get auto approval. Instead have under review and will need up to 10 business days. Any advice with Barclays to call recon or ride it out? already have 2 cards, a converted USair card and arrival with only one pull on TU report for the arrival card in 2015.


    • Robert says:

      Update: Recon called me to verify income and employment then asked if I was willing to move credit from my Arrival or “other” Aviator card to get the new one open. Said sure and already shows on my profile. Will have to wait to see if I get the bonus when I get the welcome package in 7-10 days.

  22. P says:

    Anyone got their bonus? My statement closed weeks ago, and the statement did not have the bonus nor were they transferred to AA account. Only the miles from spending transferred.

  23. Ryan says:

    I didn’t get my 40k too and my my statement closed a couple of days ago. I still have the old aviator card open. I hope that doesn’t have anything to do with not getting the 40k. I didn’t pay the annual fee off yet.

    • Mark O says:

      You have to pay the annual fee and then the next one you usually get the miles. Let us know if you end up getting them!

  24. Mark O says:

    Has anyone confirmed getting the bonus after being product changed to the card in the past from the US airways card?

    • Adam D says:


      Somebody has to know by now, comeback and share your datapoints.

      • Be the DP you want to see, I don’t really understand the question.

        • Mark O says:

          Will – since it says it is for someone who has never had the card before I am wondering if anyone who was product changed to it from a US Airways card and then closed it later has gotten this card and received the bonus even though they “technically” have had the card before.

        • Adam D says:

          I always come back and contribute my DP’s on new checking acct’s and when I have to be a guinea pig for CC denials/approvals. I was converted from US airways, figured since people already took the plunge it can save myself and subsequently others a HP for nothing if no bonus was issued since a lot of people are in the same boat as far the the US airways auto-conversion to Red aviator.

          • I answered the question above, basically that rule isn’t enforced so you should be OK. I just didn’t understand the question before and I know you do contribute datapoints often :), very much appreciated.

        • Adam D says:

          Happy to do,your blog has made it possible to fly abroad using miles,earn pocket cash from checking acct bonuses, and reside using airbnb redemptions instead of having to teach english.

          I have an unrelated DP that may be useful to some, for those that travel often for extended periods of time abroad, sign-up for checking accounts or credit card applications using a VPN service and have the server set to a US location to avoid possible IP detection problems from the US Banks. I signed up for 3 checking accounts in the past 3 weeks from Asia and no problems so far that way, unlike in the past.

  25. Joey says:

    I applied for this card in flight because the pilot said if you’re already an AAadvantage rewards member then whether you’re approved or not you’ll get the $40,000 bonus miles. Is this not true?

  26. Christopher says:

    I applied for the card back in January and I was approved. Called tonight to convert the Red to the Silver card since it has been 4 months and they said the offer doesn’t exist. Has anybody else been able to convert their card at least 90 days after opening?

  27. Dee says:

    The offer has been upped to 50,000 miles now.


    I’ll be applying tomorrow with a score of 683 (TU), 5 recent accounts opened in March, and 2 Charge-offs that are both 2.5 years old. If anyone has any comments on my chances of approval, I welcome you to share them with me. Else, I’ll just report back on whether I am approved or not tomorrow.

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