[Expired] Barclays Hawaiian Business Card 60,000 Miles After One Purchase [Highest Ever]

60,000 mile bonus is now only available in flight.

Update 10/27/18: Bonus has been increased to 60,000 miles. Previous offer was 50,000 miles. Offer now requires $1,000 in spend rather than a single purchase. Hat tip to reader Lydsters

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Barclays is offering a bonus of 60,000 Hawaiian miles after a $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days on the Hawaiian Airlines business Mastercard


Card Details

  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived the first year
  • Card earns at the following rate:
    • 3x miles on all Hawaiian Airlines purchase
    • 2x Hawaiiamiles on gas, dining and office supply store purchases
    • 1x miles on all other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • ShareMiles, ability to share miles with friends & family HawaiianAirlines.com
  • Earn up to 40,000 additional miles annually:
    • 20,000 bonus miles after spending $50,000-$99,999 on purchases during your card membership year
    • 40,000 bonus miles after spending $100,000 or more during your card membership year

Our Verdict

A 50,000 mile bonus on the personal card is a common offer, we’ve also seen an offer for 60,000 miles in flight. As far as I know this is the highest bonus we’ve seen on the business version of this card. Barclays has been increasing the sign up bonus across all business cards recently, for example:

The main problem with Barclays is getting approved. The nice thing is that this won’t report to your personal credit report (good for those trying to stay under 5/24). We will be adding this to our list of the best credit card bonuses. As always if you have questions regarding Barclays credit cards, read this post first.

Hat tip to reader HI

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Zamana (@guest_718459)
February 6, 2019 18:30

I see the sign up bonus to be 50k now.

LAG (@guest_720271)
February 11, 2019 00:55

Agreed.  William Charles Any chance there are other links floating around? Otherwise, this needs updated & best bonus list too.


Jon (@guest_728163)
February 27, 2019 18:42

Yes but the page says “direct link to deal” with 60,000 miles noted directly under it. No mention of deal being in-flight only. Page needs updating.

Deal for link is now 50,000 with $1,000 in spend. The information in this regard (re: no spend on the 50k offer) is also outdated.

Rena (@guest_709375)
January 21, 2019 12:24

DP. Applied and got this message:

We’re processing your application and need additional information from you. In order to make this process as seamless as possible, we’ll try to contact you at any of the phone numbers you provided in your application.

But then I went to the check status page which says:

Currently we are unable to offer you a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. Details on why we could not make you a credit offer will be mailed to you.

So I guess an instant denial doesn’t display outright?

Rena (@guest_710580)
January 23, 2019 09:53


Auto-denied for having too much credit already. No HP.

Called recon, said I wanted to move existing credit from another card, got a HP, still was denied for having too many new accounts in the last 24 months and all accounts too young – said it’s the combo of those, no mention of 6/24.

tulikettu (@guest_675980)
November 20, 2018 20:07

Instant approval. $0 biz income. 8/24. No current open Barclays accounts. 4 personal cards from them in the past.

Tried to double up with the B6 biz card as well. “Your application is being reviewed.” We’ll see! If not, no big loss.

tulikettu (@guest_680967)
November 29, 2018 11:19

For my B6 biz app, I received the “Sufficient credit is available on your account issued by Barclays Bank Delaware” denial letter. I called just now and offered to move credit from my recently approved HA card ($14k). They did a ask some questions (why I want so much credit, what business I run), pulled my credit a second time, reviewed my credit, and approved me with a $5k limit without transferring any credit!

Alvin Care
Alvin Care (@guest_667299)
November 3, 2018 18:17

After 5 days of waiting after calling them finally got approved was 6/24

Ro (@guest_664613)
October 29, 2018 17:18

If I want both this BC 60k Hawaiian Biz card and the BC 60k AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard is there any advantage/disadvantage to applying for them both on the same day?

Ro (@guest_664937)
October 30, 2018 10:05

Thanks, you’re probably right. Also, I have 2 BC cards sock-drawered away from years ago: NFL from 2013 and Arrival from 2014…

P (@guest_664065)
October 27, 2018 22:48

Went into pending. Unlike other recent apps they did a credit pull so hoping it’s not an immediate denial

P (@guest_664071)
October 27, 2018 23:11

Well never mind.

Currently we are unable to offer you a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. Details on why we could not make you a credit offer will be mailed to you

Gibunono (@guest_664090)
October 28, 2018 01:23

I think they changed their algorithm starting from Summer 2017, so it is now very hard to churner as to Barclay. Reconsideration is even less possible. The only luck is you are lol/24 but bypass their system, which is usually very slight chance of happening.

Dylan (@guest_664093)
October 28, 2018 01:30

Agreed. Very hard to get. I have 3 Barcaly personal cards, got AA card last month. Against my better judgment I tried for this. Went pending. Called and was told too many recent accounts. 🙁

Becky (@guest_664116)
October 28, 2018 07:37

I was instantly approved a few days ago. Been lying low to get below 5/24 and have only been opening business cards.

Jon (@guest_664028)
October 27, 2018 20:39

Any chance they match the 60k offer if I just signed up for the 50k?

Jon (@guest_664687)
October 29, 2018 18:42

Just wanted to share a DP. I called in and was approved for the match.

Randy (@guest_664026)
October 27, 2018 20:34

Rejected for JBlue Biz version recently for too many cards in the past 24 months with a score of 820. Tread with caution.

Sunny (@guest_663997)
October 27, 2018 19:12

It’s after $1,000 in purchase. Not after one purchase.

Yet Another Redditor
Yet Another Redditor (@guest_664044)
October 27, 2018 21:26

Also in the title please

Yet Another Redditor
Yet Another Redditor (@guest_663936)
October 27, 2018 14:42