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Wyatt (@guest_1748956)
December 1, 2023 08:59

Looking for help…

I was approved 11/18 and forgot to push in $5,000 to hit my account by 12/1 for the 3 month $5,000 average balance requirement. Am I allowed to push in $15,000 and withdraw that after 30 days of holding to complete the requirement?

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek 🔗
Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek 🔗 (@guest_1749340)
December 1, 2023 18:08

Eligibility evaluation period is three (3) full months after account is open.
If the account is opened mid-month, the evaluation period will be begin at the beginning of the next full month.”

November didn’t count because it’s a partial month.

So, you are only a couple of days behind, assuming you are going to ACH in $5,000+ now.

I would just ACH $5,500… and pull the $500 in a couple of weeks. You can easily do a quick spreadsheet to calculate the Average balance. (add up all the daily balances for each day & divide by the number of days in the month) Or, there are some online… none I particularly care for though.

AD (@guest_1748543)
November 30, 2023 16:24

Denied for Chex

AD (@guest_1748659)
November 30, 2023 18:29

Too many to count, which should answer your question. 😛 They showed me the paper and laughed.

Eric (@guest_1748686)
November 30, 2023 19:42

So you applied in-branch then? If so, I wonder if they are more or less Chex-sensitive online.

AD (@guest_1748719)
November 30, 2023 20:52

Online first, got declined. Decided to go into a branch, got declined again. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1748943)
December 1, 2023 08:11

At least they are consistent. Did you get 2 Chex inquiries?

AD (@guest_1749116)
December 1, 2023 13:08

Probably. I’ve started to care less about that. But def gonna let it cool for a bit.

jz (@guest_1744275)
November 24, 2023 16:04

For the bill payment, no minimum amount is required, right?

Bobo (@guest_1743887)
November 24, 2023 10:18

You have to join uChoose with the Hanmi debit card within 30 days of account opening. But when you request the debit card, it says:

Your new card has been requested. Your card will be processed and mailed to you after 30 days of account opening.”


jz (@guest_1744280)
November 24, 2023 16:06

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t debit card is required. I think/hopd the card should be mailed in a week.

jason (@guest_1746417)
November 27, 2023 14:44

Asked CS the same question. CS said they outsourced debit card making and they had no idea how many days it will arrive. WTF is this bank doing? Even the smallest local CU can make debit card

jz (@guest_1742876)
November 22, 2023 20:27

How to Maintain $5,000 3-month average balance? As long as I have 5,000 ending balance every balance, i should be good?

Bockrr (@guest_1742922)
November 22, 2023 21:56

That is generally not how average balance works, no. You need $5000 every day, or more than $5000 on some days to balance out every day with less than $5000. Obviously the easiest method is to just leave it and not touch.

tamago (@guest_1743044)
November 23, 2023 02:48

touch the fishy

jz (@guest_1744273)
November 24, 2023 16:03

Eligibility evaluation period is three (3) full months after account is open.
If the account is opened mid-month, the evaluation period will be begin at the beginning of the next full month.

Just saw this. I think I just need to have $5000 transferred to the account on 12/1, and keep it there for 3 months.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1744662)
November 24, 2023 21:25

Your interpretation is correct but you should really make sure that the funds arrive on 11/29 or 11/30 to be safe.

jz (@guest_1747051)
November 28, 2023 14:14

Thanks. I initiated the transfer. It says Bank Holds. Hopefully they’ll reflect the date when the transfer was initiated instead when it’s available.

JC (@guest_1741103)
November 21, 2023 00:25

So what’s the uChoose rewards redemption rate for cashback? 1pt =.01?

Churnia (@guest_1740409)
November 20, 2023 11:34

Any known chex sensitivity applying online? I see some people were unsucessful in branch.

Matt (@guest_1742600)
November 22, 2023 13:48

I was unsuccessful online. I had a low 600s chexsystems score fwiw

Bobo (@guest_1742653)
November 22, 2023 14:44

I’ve opened 12 accounts in the last 12 months, and I was able to open the account online.

Craig (@guest_1740147)
November 19, 2023 22:06

Problem is committing to 3 months of direct deposits for only $16 bonus/ per direct deposit. what if something better but with short expiration comes out in the next 3 months that conflicts with this

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1740282)
November 20, 2023 08:18

You could always skip that part of the bonus or try using a “fake” DD.

Craig (@guest_1746003)
November 27, 2023 00:36

Yeah, I’m not doing the 3 monthly DDs. Will do some $50/1 DD deals instead (Experian checking, Current/MyPoints), or $10/month on Laurel Road.

767 (@guest_1740025)
November 19, 2023 16:58

On the disclosure form, there is a $50 fee if the account is closed within 90 days of opening.

B (@guest_1739988)
November 19, 2023 15:53

seems like a lot of work for $250 bonus, i will pass, ymmv

BankBonusIsMyReligion (@guest_1740039)
November 19, 2023 17:37

i think it’s worth doing IMO. If it was only a hundred or 150, it’s probably a pass.

Just the bill pay part is annoying. The rest is cake.

B (@guest_1740100)
November 19, 2023 19:59

well yeah, but you also have to consider
a) hassle dealing with hanmi, i did the last round of bonus with them, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired
b) remind yourself bill pay, I have it set to automatic with my paypal, so for this quarter i get chase freedom bonus, and sometimes discover, etc
c) one more hit on chex
d) after taxes what is it worth


Olympia (@guest_1740276)
November 20, 2023 08:06

C and D are not really unique to this bonus.