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Matt (@guest_1803524)
February 26, 2024 21:00

They got 60 days to payout after 90 days. Ppl gotta be more patient lol.

Tyler (@guest_1803701)
February 27, 2024 09:50

Yea I don’t really understand the complaints either. Sure Cap1 has paid out more quickly in the past but at least the balance is still earning very competitive interest.

Matt (@guest_1803791)
February 27, 2024 12:22

I withdrew my funds after a few days, but I’m not worried. If I need to end up going to the CPFB, I know they will pay out eventually. The complaint takes like 10 minutes to fill out. Done it a few times before, easily will do it again.

Grant (@guest_1801274)
February 21, 2024 22:15

Withdrew my money 5 hours too soon but still after COB on the 90th day… anyone know if i might have luck complaining to CFPB ?

Tyler (@guest_1802055)
February 23, 2024 11:52

Very unlikely as they state the terms up front and if you aren’t in the term you’re out

Mike (@guest_1802994)
February 25, 2024 20:05

If you provide the date you opened the account, I’m sure some people will be posting their data points once their bonus posts. Then you could check if your account open date is in a “batch” of people that got the bonus (seems like in a previous iteration of this, bonuses weren’t received all at once but rather on a rolling basis).

Assuming you meant close of business as in, on that date but before midnight? You may be out of luck, as I would think they calculate your balance at the end of the day (i.e. At or about midnight)

Grant (@guest_1803743)
February 27, 2024 11:06

It was a wire transfer at about 6 pm EST. It would have knocked me from the 750 to the 300 tier . I should have been more careful… but in the terms it doesn’t necessarily make clear if days are business hours or ordinary days meaning a day ends at midnight … I could see it going either way

phrost (@guest_1800912)
February 21, 2024 07:09

on other sites, people are saying no one has gotten their bonus yet. yet on the old SPRING23 thread, most people are saying they got theirs in +/- 90 days

Karim (@guest_1801075)
February 21, 2024 14:42

you need to get screenshots and make sure you complied with the dates. I called them for a checking bonus and they told me I did not qualify. I filed a complait with the cfpb then paid me two weeks after and said there was a system glitch.

Phrost (@guest_1801078)
February 21, 2024 14:51

I’m going to give it some time. It’s only been 100 days since account opening for me anyway. Five more days to go at least

gchope2k6 (@guest_1800542)
February 20, 2024 11:43

Opened the account on 11/3, deposited 100k on 11/14, did not get the bonus yet. Based on my calculations, I should be safe now to withdraw the money, right?

Tyler (@guest_1800577)
February 20, 2024 12:43

Yes but I’d recommend against it. Just be safe! Bonus should be right around the corner.

gchope2k6 (@guest_1800616)
February 20, 2024 13:54

So for how long would you still keep the money in the account? I definitely don’t want to keep it for the full 60 days they have to post the bonus…

Mike (@guest_1800634)
February 20, 2024 14:48

I opened 11/8, so a little behind you. I was going to keep mine in at least a few days after the 105 days are up. Maybe a week or so, but I’ve not decided yet.

I agree the best course may be to keep the funds in until the bonus posts—if you can spare that amount of cash for that amount of time, but that’s not super realistic (and shouldn’t be necessary). Keep us posted if/when your bonus posts!

Tyler (@guest_1800939)
February 21, 2024 09:43

I am on my 4th time doing this bonus. I successfully did it with myself and my wife and then failed with my dad. I can’t remember the exact details but I withdrew too early. So granted I’m a little paranoid with my Mom’s 4th (and last) attempt. Unless you have another way higher tier %APY I just think it’s safe to leave it until it posts. Also, when I successfully did it for myself and my wife I remember it posting around ~115-120 days I believe? So it’s not too far away and didn’t force us to wait the full 60 days.

Alozy (@guest_1803792)
February 27, 2024 12:24

I’m in a similar situation. Opened on 11/4, posted $100k on 11/9, and didn’t receive the bonus yet. I’m going to echo what others said, it’s already earning somewhat competitive interest, so I’m going to keep it until bonus is posted.

seven (@guest_1800923)
February 21, 2024 08:25

11/03 was my account opening also. I’ll wait for the 03/01 statement, then withdraw most of it regardless if the promotion arrived or not.

Rando (@guest_1800378)
February 20, 2024 00:21

Has anyone received their bonus yet? How long did it take from funding to post?

Roman Korol
Roman Korol (@guest_1800318)
February 19, 2024 21:52

Potential impact of Discover buyout?

This is a sweet offer and I am eyeing it for when it’s gonna be available again. Never had anything but a checking account with Capital one. But I do have a discover savings account. With the recent news that capital one is buying it out, I am wondering if I should rush to close Discover savings before it becomes capital one savings and prevents me from getti. G this bonus in the near future?

Churned Autist
Churned Autist (@guest_1798876)
February 16, 2024 19:14

Accidentally withdrew the money 5 hours before my 90 day hold was up. Called CSR and they botched the terms at first and basically still said I was eligible. When I pointed out there was a 15 day initial period which would make me ineligible because the wire posted today and not tomorrow, they went on hold and came back and confirmed I would get $300 instead of the $750 >:( . Might try my luck with CFPB but think I’m screwed

slickdealer (@guest_1796969)
February 12, 2024 22:55

has anyone gotten the bonus yet? i completed the deposit Nov 8, 2023 but i haven’t received anything yet. anyone know what date i should be expecting it?

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1797232)
February 13, 2024 15:54

What date did you open the account? Based on the terms, if you met the requirements, the bonus is supposed to post within 165 (15 + 90 + 60) days of account opening.

For example, if you opened your account on 11.8.23 (doubtful), they have until 4.21.24 to post the bonus.

Slickdealer (@guest_1797376)
February 13, 2024 21:58

I completed the deposit by Nov 8 2023. I’ll keep an eye out for April 21 then. Thanks

Mike (@guest_1797796)
February 14, 2024 19:02

The date you completed the deposit is not really relevant, per the terms (that is, so long as the deposit was completed within the first 15 days of opening the account—the “Initial Funding Period”).

The dates you should be concerned with are:

  • Account Opening Day,
  • 15 days “Initial Funding Period” (includes Account Opening Day, I’d say),
  • Plus 90 days “Holding Period,”
  • Then up to 60 days awaiting the bonus.

You should be fine to remove your balance after 105 days.

slickdealer (@guest_1797911)
February 15, 2024 00:17

ok thanks for the write up

Mike (@guest_1797545)
February 14, 2024 10:48

I opened the account Nov 8, deposited $5,000 on that day. Transferred additional $15,005 by Nov 14. So I’ve been considering Feb 21 to be the end of my holding period (15 + 90 days).

I wish there was a tracker similar to how Marcus & some others do it. I’ll likely keep the full amount in for up to a week or so longer (really just want a couple days buffer), but not the full extra 60 days they have for the bonus to post (I have some other bonuses I’d like to try for).

Matt (@guest_1777750)
January 14, 2024 16:59

Newbie here. Instead of transferring via ACH or wire, can I just issue a personal check from a non-CapOne checking account and deposit it to the CapOne savings account?

Would it still qualify for the bonus as long as threshold amounts are met within the 15-day funding period and maintained within the holding period?

Jay (@guest_1779227)
January 16, 2024 19:20


Atomic (@guest_1775156)
January 10, 2024 15:04

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