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Published on January 13th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Chase $500 Checking and Savings Bonus Now Publicly Available! [In-Branch Only]

This deal has now expired, you can view the best bank bonuses by clicking here.

The $500 checking and savings offers from Chase are typically targeted or available for purchase on eBay.There’s now a banner link that’s working to get this offer for anyone. We don’t know how long it will last. You don’t need to complete the offer right now, but go ahead and click the link and get the coupon now, so you have until March 7 to get to a branch and open the account.

Offer Details

  • Maximum bonus amount: $500 ($300 checking & $200 savings)
  • Availability: Nationwide (must open account in branch)
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum. Click here to view what triggers this bonus.
  • Additional requirements: None for checking; $15,000 balance for savings
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Not available when opening in branch
  • Monthly fees: $12, waivable
  • Early account termination fee: Bonus taken back if closed within six months
  • Expiration date: March 7, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

The link will prompt you to sign into your Chase account and will then generate a unique coupon code. You need to print out the coupon and bring it into your local Chase branch to get this offer.

  • Receive a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase Total checking account with $25 or more and have a direct deposit post to the account within 60 days
  • Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a Chase savings account and deposit $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days and maintain a balance of $15,000 for 90 days

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.34.33 AM

The Fine Print

  • Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, or those who have had accounts closed in the last 90 days (or with a negative balance)
  • You can receive only one new checking and one new savings account opening related bonus per calendar year and only one bonus per account
  • Bonuses are considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT
  • “Direct deposit must be paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government”
  • Must open account in branch
  • Bonuses will appear within 10 business days of meeting the requirements
  • Interest rate on the Chase savings account is 0.01%

Avoiding Fees

Savings Account

The Chase Savings Account comes with a monthly service fee of $5. Monthly fee is waived with any ONE of the following:

  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $300 or more
  • Have at least one repeating automatic transfer from your Chase checking account of $25 or more; one time transfers do not qualify
  • Have a linked Chase Premier Plus Checking, Chase Premier Platinum Checking, or Chase Private Client Checking account

Checking Account

The Chase Total Checking account comes with a monthly service fee of $10-$12 which is waived if complete any of the following:

  • Have monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more
  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more in the checking account
  • Keep an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of qualifying Chase checking, savings and other balances

Early Account Termination Fee

If you close either account within 6 months of account opening, you will forfeit the bonus.

Our Verdict

With these e-mail coupon bonuses, they sometimes run out of coupons fast. If you’re thinking of doing this deal I’d recommend acting quickly to get the coupon. You’ll then have until March 7 to get to a Chase branch and open the account.

Here’s how I’d go about getting this $500 bonus:

  • Bring the coupon to a local Chase branch and open a Savings and Checking account.
  • Deposit $25 into the checking and $15,000 into the Savings.
  • Get a direct deposit to the Chase checking account. See what has counted for direct deposit in the past here.
  • Wait until the Tuesday after completing the requirements for the bonus to post. (Chase tends to always post the bonus on a Tuesday.) If you don’t receive the bonus, use another direct deposit to try and trigger it.
  • Wait 90 days from the date of deposit and transfer over money from savings to checking to bring the balance to $1,500. Then transfer out the remainder of the $15,000 to your regular high-interest savings account, but leave $300 in the Chase savings account. With $1,500 in checking and $300 in savings the account will remain fee-free.
  • Wait until 6 months after the opening date.
  • Withdraw all funds & close the accounts.

You can also choose to just do the checking or just the savings if you prefer not to do both.

Chase bank bonuses are from the best bank bonus around. There is no minimum on the direct deposit requirement, it’s easy to keep the account fee free, and the bonuses are a nice chunk of change. If you’ve never completed a bank bonus before, this is a good one to start with. We’ll be adding this bonus into our list of Best Bank Bonuses.

It’s interesting to note is that the above link is capable of generating multiple unique coupon codes to the same Chase account. So if you want to save a second code for a friend, just reload the page and you’ll see another unique code.

Remember to always check your Chase preapproved credit card offers when visiting a Chase branch; you might even get lucky and end up with a Sapphire Reserve preapproval or an INK preapproval.

Hat tip to merakik on Reddit

160 Responses to [Expired] Chase $500 Checking and Savings Bonus Now Publicly Available! [In-Branch Only]

  1. Moe says:

    If offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, how can you login to get the bonus? Only if you have savings account etc…?

  2. Andre says:

    Will an existing Business Checking with Chase disqualify from getting these bonuses?

  3. Bill M says:

    I guess I am out of luck for the checking bonus since my Mom added me to her checking account years ago.

  4. WorldTraveler says:

    Does Chase match banking account offers? I signed up for the $200 Checking bonus this week.

    • Eli says:

      No. I signed up for the $200 checking bonus and got a mailer for $300 two days later. I went in branch and sent a SM to see if they would match. Denied on both requests.

      They actually expedited the $200 bonus before I met the direct deposit requirements just so they could say the bonus is already deposited in my account and they couldn’t change it. Oh well…

  5. beachfan says:

    Any evidence that having on of these accounts enhance the chances of preapproved CSR offers?

    Thanks as always!

  6. Jan B says:

    Just did mine several days ago with $10K. Also, the checking. Can’t remember what I am getting but it doesn’t matter, I have IRA contribs to make and couldn’t spare another $5K.

    For me Chase is a bit like Walmart when it comes to trying times and beneficial services. In other words, the place you almost love to hate, but yet, hate to love. The bonuses do make it easier, though.

    It’s all about the service in the branch. I was blessed with a WONDERFUL CSR from Private Client that day, though.

  7. cm says:

    This is why it is good to jump on these things. Last year I lollygagged about this same deal (why I don’t know!) and eventually got it. I can only close my own now (well, as of Jan 1st or so) and my wife’s by Mar, so I am still well within the 90 days lock-out window. 🙁 Had I started earlier, I would have been closed earlier and could have done it.

    That said, I might get lucky and they’ll either extend it or run the same promotion later in 2017 and I’ll pick it up then.

    • cm says:

      Ha, I just found out my branch rep told me the wrong dates for when the 6 month “must keep open” period ended. Turns out I could have closed both my and my wife’s by Jan 3, so would have been able to hop on this round of the promotion.

      Then the other in-branch rep was telling me it was 6 months from when the initial deposit or the direct deposit hit. Which is also not true!

      Lesson here: don’t rely on what they tell you. Read the fine print, use the calendar, set a reminder, and only then confirm with a branch manager. I may have just made a $1k mistake! (if they don’t extend or re-offer this promotion again in 2017).

    • Wouldn’t worry too much, you can basically always buy these from ebay for a few dollars even if not public offer is available

  8. Adam says:

    Any restriction on getting these if you have an address in a state without Chase branches (like PA)?

  9. Joe says:

    I went into my local Chase branch today, to open a savings account for the $200 bonus. After the bank official finished with that, she asked if I was interested in a credit card. Now, I have been way over 5/24 for a long time, and have three of the Chase “hotel” cards. I asked which card in particular, and she showed me the computer screen that showed I’d been pre-approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I said sure, she continued the process. While I was still sitting there, the final approval came through. I’ve seen before comments about the advantages of applying in-branch, but had never experienced it before. Thanks, Doctor!

  10. AB says:

    Just as an FYI for those of you considering the savings side. At $200 over 90 days, you are earning an extra 5.33% APR on your $15k. So your total effective rate is 5.34%. If you’re pulling it from a high yield account, that may not be worth the hassle. But the $300 for just a simple DD on $1500 is definitely worth it.

  11. SEFlyer says:

    This is a great bonus but Chase fraud department can get a little over zealous. Finally convinced my spouse to apply for this offer when it was available in December. Had nothing but trouble from Chase since. Account was been frozen twice in first week. Only way to clear is to go into branch again. First suspicious activity my wife deposited a check from her mother to open the saving account. This was done in person at the branch. Second suspicious activity ACH transfer of money from external credit union to bring the saving account to $15,000, required to get bonus. The worst part Chase refused to discuss any issue on the phone, even after verification of identity. She was forced to go in person to the branch to resolve. So if you go for this offer don’t do anything suspicious like depositing the required money to get the bonus, or worse deposit a check from your mother.

  12. Tim says:

    Any info on what triggers the DD requirement? TIA

  13. Vijayv says:

    Like last time around, if anyone wants coupon code you can email me at and I’ll send you code for free your way.

  14. DD says:

    I love Chase. It’s always so direct and easy to process.

  15. a says:

    Dumb question… how do you deposit the $15000 on account open? Do I transfer it there from my regular savings account? Do I do it later on my own?

    • DD says:

      I would do it later, at my convenience, in whatever manner that is convenient for me, on my own.
      This may include a cashier check from a non-Chase or Non-Chase-Affiliate account.
      $15K must be banked within 10 days, and kept there for 90. It could be a simple bank-to-bank transfer, a combination of cash, money orders, and cashiers checks, as far as I can tell.
      I like that I am able to ask a direct, simple question of most Chase employees and get a REAL easy answer.

  16. Washerdreyer says:

    My wife and I both have Chase banking accounts (though don’t get much benefit and should certainly consider closing them to become eligible for these offers). If one were to open Chase Checking & Savings accounts for a minor child, is there any reason they wouldn’t qualify for this bonus? The fine print stating “Both offers are not available to those with fiduciary accounts” doesn’t seem like it would be a problem, but curious if anyone has thoughts or data.

  17. TJ says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this to open up. Thanks a DoC!

  18. Arley says:

    For those that made the EF deposit from Fidelity to Chase and counted as DD, did you push from Fidelity to Chase or pull from Chase? I have Fidelity Roth IRA account and would like to try DD from there.

  19. Schmekel says:

    I went into a local branch yesterday to ask about opening the Savings account (I already unfortunately have a Chase checking account).

    The CSR rep told me that there are $300 bonus coupons/codes out there for the SAVINGS account.
    She said she’d had 2 of them open in recent weeks.

    I’ve searched the web since but can’t find anymore than $200 bonus.


  20. Lynne says:

    So, I have a Wells Fargo account I can use for the direct deposit requirement. I will link it to the new Chase account.

    Should this be a push to Chase from WF or a pull from Chase to get the money sent to them from WF.

    I think a push is most logical, right? sorry if this is a stupid question.

  21. David says:

    What are the possibities of this offer being extended? Closed account around Dec 10th

  22. Serge says:

    Did the $500 combined bonus today in NYC. Thanks for shairng.

  23. Mark says:

    I just went in branch with a $300 coupon code, got turned down. I’ve never had a Chase checking, personal or business. I’ve never been turned down for a checking account, felt very weird. I’ve had 3 new credit card accounts (1 being Chase) in the last 6 months. 4 weeks ago I did do the Wells Fargo checking bonus (got approved online). But that’s a soft pull. Can Chase even see that soft pull on my credit? The branch clerk had no idea why I was denied and seemed mystified. She speculated my identity had been hacked, which is quite a stretch to suggest. I checked my credit report. 817, 3 new accounts in 6 months, no late payments, 3% credit utilization.

    • Rob says:

      This is what concerns me about attempting to obtain the bonus. I’m not going to drive 1.5 hours to a branch just to find out I’m denied a checking account for no valid reason. Although as a contingency, I would cancel my Chase credit cards if that was the case.

  24. Opened Chase Total Checking on January 14
    TopCashback ACH deposit on January 19 (less than $20)
    $300 for New Checking on January 24th

  25. Joe says:

    FWIW – If you are an active US military member or a veteran, then you can get the Premier Plus checking with no fees and no minimum balance requirement.

  26. Jacques says:

    Hi, Great info! My wife and I will be going in this weekend to open our accounts at Chase. I opened an Amex Serve Account to hit the direct deposit threshold. Should I do a transfer from my Serve Account, or “pay a person” from the Serve account in order to trigger the DD bonus?

  27. Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing the link! Just printed out a PDF of the offer code (my only relationship with chase is like 4 credit cards)

    Wondering what people’s thoughts are with the fine print — what I’m asking is that the “big text” at the top of the page says to open a Chase Total Checking + Chase Saving account, but the fine print says:

    1. Eligibility: Personal checking and savings accounts except Chase High School Checking and Chase College Checking

    Wondering if opening a CPC checking/saving account would count too, or must it be a Chase Total Checking?

  28. Cole says:

    I am churning the chase bonus again, when i was in branch. the banker said it had to be 6 months from my previous account closure.. luckily it was 6 months and 2 days… so it didn’t matter…

    i didn’t argue with her about it… but i mentioned that the terms say in this calendar year…. and she said. that no it needs to be 6 months from closing..

    not sure if it was just an uninformed banker. or what..

  29. Richard says:

    Does anyone know if I can get the savings account bonus if I have an existing chase savings account?

  30. RAB says:

    No chase branch near me. Can i open it online?

  31. Ken says:

    Is Chase sensitive to opened bank accounts? It would be very helpful to start compiling a list of banks that are/aren’t Chex/account sensitive so those of us with many open accounts could know which banks to skip and which banks to go for.

  32. Josh says:

    Does anyone know if you can combine the signup bonus for both the personal ($300) and business ($200) checking accounts?

  33. KP says:

    It’s been 90 days since I closed checking but fewer than 90 before I closed savings. Will I qualify for checking only?

    • KP says:

      I went to open checking and savings. It’s been 90 days since I closed checking but only 60 days since I closed Savings. They only allowed to open checking. Will open savings when another offer comes out.

  34. John says:

    I would love to churn the checking bonus but unfortunately changing my direct deposit at work is kind of a hassle. Not to mention I love Chase’s customer service and I’m deep into the UR ecosystem (not that it matters in regards to the checking). Guess what I’m trying to say is I am so satisfied with Chase I don’t feel the need to churn their checking account. Savings I definitely will lol

  35. Lynn says:

    I did a push from my Wells Fargo account to new Chase checking account last week.

    Any data points as to when the bonus might post on my Chase account? thanks

  36. bmanamex says:

    New DP: Vanguard Brokerage worked as Direct Deposit. Bonus posted a week later.

  37. Ira says:

    Be careful with Chase, I opened a checking acct and savings account to get their bonuses and I really regret doing it. So I got the 300 bonus after a week of my direct deposit in to the checking account. Less than two weeks later, I noticed 3 weird payments of $100 each to google wallet from my savings account, I immediately contacted the bank becuase I obviously didn’t make those payments. I submitted a claim, they will let me know, if those charges are going to be return to my savings until they finish an investigation. This is such a bull. I have like 4 bank accounts with different banks for the past 20 years and never had such a problem. To me is obvious that the bank is trying to get its $300 back. I’m closing my accounts and never ever opening one with Chase 🙁

    • Ken says:

      There has to be more to this story. Banks don’t just withdraw your money without your consent. Somebody likely compromised one of your non-Chase accounts.

      • Ira says:

        It was withdrawals from my Chase savings account into a google wallet ( which I’m clueless to how that even works) Now, the amount of these weird withdrawals totals exactly $300 is just too much coincidence.

        • Ken says:

          Have you talked to Google Wallet yet? Wouldn’t they need your account number and routing info to do something like that? I don’t know how the Google Wallet works either.

          • Ira says:

            I’m going to search if there is a way to contact google wallet dept. you got me thinking here here now Ken, thank you!

  38. DD says:

    The Chase bonuses post with blazing speed. I am happy. 😄 I used payroll.

  39. JL says:

    Thanks so much Doc for the great website! Went to Chase opened two checking accounts, one under my name, one under my wife’s name as well as savings for each of us. Opened on February 4th pushed an ACH from Amex Serve (which in NYS has no fees what so ever) on February 7th. $300 each received in our respective checking accounts yesterday! Now to sit back and wait for the savings bonus. The banker was very nice, and I could tell he knew we were not going to keep the accounts as he asked outright, and then tried to up sell us on Private Banking. Actually some pretty neat benefits, so may decide to keep the accounts and move forward as PBC. Since finding your website a month ago have also opened TD Bank, and Wells Fargo. More to follow. Thanks again!

  40. JR says:

    Associated Bank PopMoney coded as DD 2/15, hopefully get the bonus 2/22.

  41. Daniel says:

    Will having a college checking account disqualify me?

  42. Vijay says:

    If someone has $400 Premier Checking Coupon and not planning to use it, Please share with me at

  43. DirtyLilRat says:

    I’d have to drive about an hour one-way to get this…

  44. JohnB says:

    Account opened 2/13/17. $10 Serve ACH on 2/15/17. Bonus posted (as pending) 2/21/17

  45. Sy says:

    Opened Chase Total Checking on February 6
    TopCashback ACH deposit on February 15 (less than $10)
    $300 for New Checking on February 21 (pending)

  46. JR says:

    Received notification on Chase app of DD from Associated Bank Popmoney last Thursday. Bonus did not post today (Tuesday). Should I wait another week to confirm that it did not count as DD?

    • JR says:

      Also got push notification 2/24 from Chase app of DD with small deposits from WF. Still no bonus posted despite two push notifications about DD, one from Associated Bank popmoney and WF. Thoughts?

  47. LW says:

    Opened Chase Total Checking on Jan 31. TopCashback payout on Feb 16 (less than $100, odd number). $300 deposit for new account added today (Feb 22).

  48. Darv says:

    Does anybody know if I am made ineligible for the personal checking account if I open a business checking? My business is sole proprietor so it would be linked to my SSN. Would like to do both but will probably do personal only if made ineligible.

  49. sr_10 says:

    Adding to the long list of Fidelity ACH DPs. Opened Chase Checking and Savings for the $500 bonus. Made a Fidelity ACH on 2/22/17

    ACH credit

    Got the Checking bonus on 2/28/17:

    Pending $300 for New Checking
    Misc. credit

  50. dan says:

    “Like last time around, if anyone wants coupon code you can email me at and I’ll send you code for free your way”

    vj, just sent u my email as I got the error msg (below) from DOC’s link. TIA
    Bonus Code: We’re temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later.

  51. Tey Boy says:

    its nearing the expire date, is this the reason why giving this error?
    Bonus Code: We’re temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later.

  52. Josh says:

    I accidentally got the premiere checking code. But with the link broken I can’t get one for the total checking. Can I use code for premier checking to get bonus on total chckeing?

  53. hexx29 says:

    I just signed up for the checking bonus today. Question – After I recieve the bonus offer all I have to do is leave $72 ($12 monthly fee) in the bank for six months? Or can I just close the account immediately?

  54. Ryan says:

    Probably a silly question. Could I open this account at a JP Morgan (JP Morgan Chase)? My closest Chase branch is 100 miles away.

  55. Adam says:

    Just opened the checking in-branch, I’ll probably close it out after six months. I already have a few Chase credit cards.

    Should I make a new online account for the checking? I know with Citi it’s important to do that, but I’m also aware Chase’s IT isn’t as terrible as Citi’s 🙂

    • Adam says:

      Oh, it seems they added it to my current account automatically! Never mind then…

    • Laura says:

      My checking account showed up in my Chase app with my Chase credit cards while I was still sitting at the bankers desk! Don’t think there’s a way around it with Chase.

  56. Blackpearl says:

    I had opened a Chase checking account during December 2015 and closed it during September 2016.. Planning to open again next week for a 300$ bonus.Will I be eligible for the bonus?

  57. Jerry says:

    Can any one send me a code? Mine shows:
    Bonus Code: We’re temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later.


  58. Ken says:

    ACH from Barclays Savings triggered the bonus.

  59. eclipsor says:

    DP: ACH from Provident CU still working

  60. Bromark says:

    DP: ACH from TD Ameritrade works. Received bonus 3 days later.

  61. Andrew says:

    Don’t know how useful this is, but..

    DP: Coinbase withdrawal works

  62. Christina says:

    Does anyone know when the $200 savings bonus will be posted? I have made a deposit of $15,000 on Feb 22, but have yet received the bonus. Will it post after 90 days?

  63. JP says:

    Topcashback withdrawal via ACH worked for DD @ Chase, it was coded CREDIT:PPD amount was a couple dollars. Posted in a week, on a Tuesday.

    • Ben says:

      What was exact amount? Saw DP that $0.25 failed, I just tried $2 but won’t know own until next Tuesday.

      • JP says:

        $2.22 withdrawal from Topcashback to Chase (whatever I had available to cash out) Key is to look for CREDIT: PPD under the description

  64. Curmudgeon says:

    2/23/17 – opened account with $25
    3/01/17 – payroll DD and ACH from Wells Fargo, both appear to count as DD
    3/07/17 – $300 checking bonus!

    I opened the savings account and am just waiting for the 90 days to pass. Also opened business account so I should clear $700 for this promo.

    The nearest Chase branch is about 4 hours away from me, but I had to visit a supplier that’s about 3 hours away in the same direction. I figured $700 was worth a 2 hour detour. 🙂

    I don’t see myself churning this one. It’s not easy to get to a branch and I’m hoping the banking relationship will help me get some cards I want but can’t get due to 5/24.

    Thanks DoC!

    • Glad you got it Curm, having a deposit account will likely help with pre-approvals so make sure you check your selected offers for you. Sometimes they have $300 Premier bonuses that can be opened online, so that could be an option for you next year.

  65. RTP says:

    DP: Push from Amex Personal Savings did not work for DD bonus for Checking Account.

  66. Bayard says:

    Opened Chase Total Checking on 4/12. TopCashback payout on 4/19 (less than $100).

    Got the bonus on 4/24
    $300 for New Checking
    Misc. credit

  67. tinker25 says:

    Savings has been open, today is 91-day mark, no bonus yet. Anyone got saving’s $200 bonus? if so, how long does it take?

    • Ken says:

      Chase tends to post bonuses on Tuesdays, so give it another week. And I believe it’s 90 days form when your $15k deposit posts too. Usually this is the case in general.

  68. tinker25 says:

    Got the $200 Savings Bonus! However, online, the checking acct disappeared, only saving is visible. Could it be possible that Chase closed the Checking automatically ( might have left it w/ 0 balance).
    Both checking and saving accounts were opened at once in Feb. left saving w/ 15K, Got $300 for checking a while back. Is it a bad thing that Chase closed it?

    • Olivia says:

      It could be very bad. Chase is famous for “exercising its rights to close customer accounts and cease business with you forever”.

  69. Chap says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say it seems Barclays does not work any longer for Chase. I was a previous data point that worked (have done this 4x in the past) and it did not work this time. A normal work DD did work so it was not my account. There seems to be an additional DP in the Chase thread. Just a heads up to the mods.

  70. Unlucky says:

    DP: Alliant, Barclays Savings both did not trigger the Chase checking bonus. Both processed as ACH.

    (I have used the Barclays before to trigger the same bonus last year, so Chase must have changed how they process.)

  71. Olivia says:

    Does the 15000 deposit to savings account need to be in one lump sum? Can I, say, deposit one 10000 atm check, 3000 in cash, 2000 mobile checks?

  72. Eric says:

    Open account on 07/05
    Airbnb payout on 07/11
    Got the $300 bonus pending on 07/18

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