Posted by William Charles on May 24, 2016
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Published on May 24th, 2016 | by William Charles


Chase 5/24 Rule Now In Effect For Most Credit Cards

Update: Ritz-Carlton isn’t affected.

Unfortunately it seems that the dreaded 5/24 rule is now in effect for most Chase credit cards. For those not familiar with Chase 5/24 rule, here it is:

  • If you have five or more new credit card accounts (and this includes all credit cards, not just those issued by Chase) you will be denied. Authorized user cards are also included in this if they appear on your credit report.

When Did This New Policy Go Into Effect?

According to my source at Chase, this new rule will be applied to all cards that were applied for on or after May 22nd (possibly May 23rd), 2016. If you applied for cards before this date, the rule will not be applied.

What Cards Are Affected?

According to my source at Chase, the new rule applies to the following cards (I’m now only including DPs that are a hard denial rather than a pending message – even though they will most likely be denials):

  • Chase Business Ink Plus/Cash: 1
  • All Chase Marriott Personal Cards (I assume Ritz-Carlton is included in this as well): 1 (one DP against this, although they are at 6/24 and three are business cards so might not be above 5/24: 1 & another 2)
  • All Chase Southwest Cards: 1 (one DP against this: 1)
  • All Chase United Cards: 1, 2, 3 (one DP against this: 1)

Of course all Chase branded personal cards are already under this rule as well.

What Cards Aren’t Affected?

Everything not listed above (and Chase personal branded cards that were already affected) should still be OK (no promises here, I’ve included data points on people that were approved below). This includes the following:

  • Chase IHG: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Chase Hyatt: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Chase British Airways: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (via e-mail), 6, 7
  • Chase Disney:
  • Chase Fairmont: 1, 2-4, 5
  • Chase Marriott Business:
  • Chase Ritz-Carlton: 1, 2, 3, 4 (all via e-mail)
  • Chase Amazon:
  • Chase AARP:

So there is some silver lining to this change. I assume these cards aren’t currently included due to existing contracts with Chase, or the co-branded partners not wanting this new rule applied to their cards. This could also somewhat explain why the change took longer than we first expected.

What Should You Do?

If you’ve applied for any Chase card, do not call Chase reconsideration. If you applied before the 22nd then you’re application should process naturally and 5/24 shouldn’t be applied to you. If you call, they might apply it to you. It might be worth applying for the cards that we don’t think are affected, but that is up to you.

Keep in mind nothing is confirmed 100% yet, I’m just sharing the data we have.

How Can You Get Around This New Rule?

Chuck has posted a dedicated thread to getting around this new rule, found here.

Our Verdict

This obviously isn’t good news at all, hopefully the co-branded partners that haven’t opted in for this new rule stay that way. If you have any data points, please share them in the comments and I’ll add them. Fingers crossed my source has this information wrong and the datapoints we’ve seen so far are also wrong.

If you do share any data points, please include the date you applied, what the card was and whether you were approved/denied.

Also two pieces of interesting information:

This isn’t the case for any of the cards where the 5/24 rules don’t apply currently. This leads me to believe they have a different contract/set up with Chase.

See also Bypass 5/24: Getting a Chase Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer for some potential ways around the 5/24 rule with pre-qualified or targeted offers.

166 Responses to Chase 5/24 Rule Now In Effect For Most Credit Cards

  1. savemesf says:

    Wow, guess I was lucky. Applied for Southwest Plus with 50K offer on 5/20 and instantly approved. Definitely over 5/24, although not absurdly. Was thinking I better grab it to get the Companion Pass while the window was still open (got the Premier a few months ago).

    Thank you Chase! I will take good care of my Ink Plus and Freedom 🙂

  2. Brenton says:

    I applied for the business Marriott yesterday and it went pending… I’m following advice of several blogs and waiting rather than calling reconsideration. I probably have 22-25 hard pulls over the last 2 years.

    • Brenton says:

      It doesn’t show up yet in my account, but I got an email saying my card is on the way and listing the last 4 of the account. Even with combined inquiries, I had to be over 16 hard pulls in the past 24 months.

  3. Levi says:

    Applied late Saturday night (Sunday morning) for Marriott biz. Went pending and got approval today. Way over 5/24 rule

  4. Jordan says:

    Lol. Of course I apply for the southwest card 2hrs before this post (denied for 5/24 obv)

    • Chuck says:

      Jordan, was it Instantly denied?

      • Jordan says:

        No, went to pending. I called figuring they needed me to move some credit, as I have a lot of credit w/ chase. He came back and said I was denied for inquiries and recent accounts and that it was not overturn-able

  5. Raymond says:

    App’d for SWA Plus Personal today. Pending. Called Recond. Denied specifically for “Too many new accounts in the last 24 months”. Escalated and was transferred to Resolution Specialist. Cited the same reason “too many new accounts in 24 months” and said that there was no option to move CL around or anything due to the reasoning for the denial. Sucks, was hoping to grab the CP.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Alas. I will have to seriously consider taking a long hiatus from churning so I can get the Southwest cards and CP again. Maybe I could focus on MS in the meantime.

  7. Gavinar says:

    Was approved this past weekend for 1 business ink plus and 2 SW personal cards.

  8. Dima says:

    This is bad news. Fortunately was able to get two SW cards over the past couple of month and pretty close to getting CP. Bad news is that I was hoping to get the United card sometime in Oct (24 month since last one), but that’ll not be happening any time soon. Already have IHG card, might consider BA or Hyatt if things will really dry up. Bad year for churning :/

  9. Kris says:

    Glad I got my INK Plus on May 16!

  10. Wyle says:

    Applied for Southwest Plus on April 28. Pending since then with no news from Chase. First time ever for something to be pending more than a day or two. Was expecting 30 day denial, but got email announcing new account yesterday (5/23). Whew. I’m more like 14/24, including Freedom, AARP (don’t judge me), Ink+. Now I’m wondering if SW+ app got caught up in the new rule rolling out.

  11. Rusty says:

    They should have implemented the 5/24 rule on 5/24/16 instead of 5/22/16. As much as it sucks I would have at least chuckled if they did that.

  12. Han says:

    Any DP for hyatt card?

  13. Jon says:

    Whew…I just got approved for Ink Plus late last week after my third attempt. 70k offer in-branch! BOOM.

  14. sam says:

    If my fifth card in 24 months is the chase ink card, will that “count”. I mean, clearly Chase knows somewhere, but as far as cards on the report it still looks like 4. Anyone know? Thanks!

    • Chuck says:

      Most likely it will count, at least under manual review, but hard to know for certain.

      It is possible that the automated system will only count accounts shown on the credit report, but we don’t know that for certain.

      • sam says:

        Well, I have definitely opened 4 cards in the last 24 months. In addition to that, I had just opened ink plus, that would have made 5. I did just get approved for the personal southwest card. So, the ink didn’t count against me. I would think had I gotten the southwest first, then the ink (since the ink counts now), it wouldn’t have worked.

  15. Dan says:

    Does this mean if you have 5 OPEN credit cards account that were open in last 24 months OR that you have OPENED 5 CC in last 24 months (regardless whether they are CURRENTLY open or not)?

    • Tim says:

      Closing accounts does nothing to help.

      This is ANY new credit card accounts showing on your credit report in the previous 24 months.

  16. ZZ says:

    Applied for UA and CFU(with invitation code) on the night of 5/20 (Friday). CFU got approved after verifying address on Sat., UA got approved on Monday (didn’t call recon). Was 8/24 before these two cards.

  17. Simon says:

    just applied for the IHG around 11:30am ET today (5/24/16) and got pending. I was way over 5/24. didn’t read carefully before calling recon, and was told the app needed additional review and they couldn’t give me any decision at the time. fingers crossed. will report back soon

    • Simon says:

      Update 6/6/16: Without contacting Chase, I got an email saying that my IHG card is on its way. I logged in my account and saw it showing up there already. It took about two weeks for Chase to approve me but I wouldn’t complain about it.

  18. Mark says:

    Any word on if you have a personal custom invite code (from a mailing received) for say a Chase Ink whether you’ll be exempted from 5/24?

    • Rob says:

      Would love if that was the case. I still have 2 targeted United offers that I might take up if that was a viable workaround.

  19. Raul says:

    Not surprised to see Southwest on the list since it comes with the ability to get companion pass, the Ink was a give in with the 5% . Not too surprised by British air not making the list since the. And was being pushed hard even adding ability to earn 100,000 avios. Very surprised Hyatt didn’t make the list and a lil surprised IHG didn’t make list

  20. Aram says:

    Got United 50K personal mailer a week ago (no unique code / apply at UnitedExplorerCard/BAP5 by June 30, 2016)
    Does it apply to me? I’m way way over 5 CC

  21. Chelsea says:

    DP: Just got an instant approval yesterday (5/23) for the Hyatt card for my husband. He has opened (and are still open) 4 new Chase credit cards since end of October (Hyatt is 5th) and well over 5/24 including all other cards.
    I’m pretty surprised he got instant approval. The previous app he did was for the IHG card on 4/5 and was pending for 6 days before approval. I think it may be because we’ve been putting a lot of spend on his British Airways card and CSP card the last 2 months as compared to me – I’ve put maybe $1,000 total for all of my Chase cards these last couple months.

    I just applied for the Chase Fairmont card and got pending (5/24). It will be my 7th Chase card if approved. I’m way over 5/24 rule.

    • Chelsea says:

      Follow up – Chase approved my pending app for the Fairmont card today, 5/25.

      I want to get the BA card still – should I wait a couple days/weeks or pull the trigger now that the Fairmont card was approved? BA card will be my 2nd app within 30 days (just barely! lol)

      • Added DP. Up to you in terms of BA, if you’re under 2/30 it should be OK. Lots of people apply same day so they can combine the inquiries.

        • Chelsea says:

          Another update:
          Husband applied today for Fairmont card and instead of pending it says to call them. Yikes!

          I applied today for the BA card and got the pending message

  22. Shirley says:

    Business and personal cards are all counted to 5/24 or counted separately? I mean if I have 3 business cards and 3 personal cards opened in 24months. what will happen? Thanks.

  23. Chris says:

    My understanding it that if they are Chase business cards, Chase will see and count them. If they are not, then they do not show up on your credit report, so they shouldn’t count against the 5/24.

    • The Man says:

      Correct. I believe also do a credit search on the EIN to see what other CCs are opened under that EIN. Unless you just use your SSN for EIN.

  24. Dan says:

    Hi Chuck, would it be a good idea to keep my Chase United MileagePlus Business card? I already have Star Alliance Gold with non-U.S. carrier, so I already have priority baggage and priority boarding with Star Alliance. I would only keep the Chase United Mileage Plus Business for the benefit of having better award ticket availability. is it worth keeping the chase MileagePlus card now that the 5/24 is instituted?

  25. Luffy says:

    I just applied IHG. Chase did not approve it instantly and let me call them ASAP. Should I call them tomorrow or should I just wait? Any suggestions?

  26. Dev says:

    Had received a mailer for MPE 50k last week. Held onto it as my 90 day AOR was end on 05/31.
    Decided to give it a shot after reading this. Applied 30m back and it went into Pending status.
    Since this would have resulted in a hard pull, decided to apply one of the unaffected ones-IHG. Instant approval.
    Will wait it out on MPE and not call in. Hope this helps someone.

  27. Patrick says:

    I had 4/24 but still approved for IHG, freedom and CSP within last 14 days. I applied before 5/22 I guess if you can still try to apply chase credit cards if you just got approved a new chase card as long as long they haven’t post the new account to your credit report.

  28. tangen says:

    How about the UA targeted offer? I could still get 50K targeted offer after I log in. But no special code found. Thanks.

  29. Kris says:

    I guess I’m missing something. Why is this bad news? Why would someone need, or want, more than five credit cards?

  30. Rome says:

    Damn I woke up today, first thing I checked is doc, this is what I called waking up bad news. Good thing I applied for the ink plus on May 8 and got approved. Not so good news, I was going to go for 2 SW cards but looks like that’s not gonna happen.

    • sam says:

      Hey, read what I wrote above. If that ink was your “5th” card and you havent gotten anymore since, I would think you still can.

  31. David says:

    There will be a gigantic tsunami of Chase denials from this point forward. I hope it dramatically hurts them and they soon revert back to their “old” way.

  32. Jake M says:

    This may be a silly question, but would charge cards count? I’m assuming so since they probably look at opened accounts. I’m currently at 4/24, but that include two Amex charge cards. Was waiting to do the SW companion pass thus needing to open both SW cards still. I’ll try to do both in one day and see what happens.

  33. holytiger337 says:

    Doc, any word yet on targeted offers?? I am well over 5/24 and i received a targeted CSP mailer last week that i had not yet taken advantage of.

  34. Alex says:

    My contribution:

    Currently 21/24
    Applied 5/24:
    United Explorer: 7-10 days – Denied
    British Airways – Call in to verify info – Approved 8k

    • Chelsea says:

      Hi Alex,
      Did you actually call in? Or did you wait it out to get the BA approval? I’m in the same boat with the Fairmont app.

  35. jnrfalcon says:

    Fresh DP from my chatting group. Applied for UA and SW cards this morning while way pass 5/24 mark. Both got Call in ASAP and both got approved after calling in. Have absolutely no idea why this happened… What I assume is if you are able to get instant approval, co-brands are still available and showing Call in ASAP means you got approved but chase want to verify something…

  36. wise2u says:

    Is this the same source you quoted saying co-branded cards would be 5/24 the beginning of April?!? this is not reporting, it is not news, it is more rumor…substantiated by a few data points, with no actual proof that 5/24 applies to any cobranded cards….you and your “source” need to shut up until you know what you are talking about……how many CC referral $$$ did you earn from the last rumor you and your source created? That would be a more interesting story.

    • Chuck says:

      It’s a separate source.

      We don’t have credit card affiliate links so we didn’t earn anything CC referrals from the last rumor.

    • Eric says:

      Why are you here if you don’t like the content?

    • We earned zero from credit card referrals, because we don’t use those links to avoid conflict of interests like you mentioned (source:

      We originally posted the rumor about 5/24 going into effect to give people the opportunity to sign up for cards that they might not be eligible for again. Sure, we got the deadlines wrong but we based it on two different sources we had. It’s extremely likely that Chase missed their own internal deadlines, something that happens a lot in business.

      We posted this because I received word from my source (I received it the day of the change). I waited a few days to see if the datapoints backed up what they were saying and they did, so I posted.

      This has helped us collect more data points. I think the data points show which way the wind is blowing and proves our source right.

      I’m sorry you don’t agree with our decision to post. It also saddens me that you think we did this to drive credit card commissions when we have absolutely no horse in that race at all. We write this blog to help people, we could easily make A LOT more money by adding links but we feel that would take away from what we’ve built.

    • Vic says:

      DoC doesn’t use referral or affiliated links.
      End of your theory.

    • savemesf says:

      Have to say it was good timing by MMS to sell before this lol. The bright side is maybe there will be less posts by Lucky.

  37. Andrew says:

    I am a little confused about the authorized user limitation. If I took out three credit cards a couple months ago, and I am an authorized user on two credit cards that I took out for my wife (5 total), then I will have a problem? Can I just take myself off as an authorized user? Please advise.

    • Eric says:

      I’m an authorized user on my wife’s fidelity amex, and that does not appear on my credit report. She’s an authorized user on my Barclaycard, and that appears on her credit report.

      So, it depends on the bank. Check your credit report to see what is being reported.

  38. Eric says:

    Applied for CSP yesterday, 5/25/16, pending(30 days) approved today (5/25) after verification call.

    6 cards in last 24 mos, including one AU that doesn’t appear on TU credit report. So, I was effectively at 5/24.

  39. KidPooh says:

    Another (uninteresting although) point is that for Marriott/UA/CSP/etc. there hadn’t been an APR range before, but there has been one since this February/March.

    For Hyatt/IHG/etc. the APR is still fixed.

    Two discrepancies are BA and Amazon, but Amazon has had an APR range all along, although I don’t know much about BA.

  40. mjs says:

    a few confirming data points, at least additive for Fairmont.

    3 people WAY over 5/24, including about 4 Chase cards this year.

    Person 1- applied for Ink on 5/22. immediately went to 7-10 message. applied for Fairmont last night. App status on phone said 2 weeks. approved this morning.

    Person 2- applied for Fairmont this morning. Received message to call in to complete. didn’t call. Approved this evening.

    Person 3- applied for Hyatt last night. App status said application not received yet. This morning, approved.


    I would argue the Fairmont is good to add now, as they are in the process of a merger, and between that and potentially their Chase contract coming “up”, this could go away. Apply now, wait until fulfilling the spend, and you can delay your year to include through summer next year.

    IHG and Hyatt likewise may be good to grab, as their free nights do seem worth the annual fee– especially if you can pair with an SO, so you have a weekend at minimum when combining.

    I just don’t see Chase long-term going with a two-tiered system on what cards can be churned, since Amex and Citi are pretty universal with their cards. My guess is they’re phasing it in from an IT perspective or contracts haven’t come up yet.

  41. Nancy says:

    I’m 8/24 not counting authorized users. Just applied for the Southwest Plus and got pending/30 days. Then I applied for BA and was instantly approved.

  42. cheryl says:

    Over 5/24; excellent credit, have never been denied before -applied for Fairmont, got pending 7-10 days.

  43. dan says:

    do some folks freeze the experian report before applying? would that help? tia!

    • Lantean says:

      i tried this about 3 years ago… and had to call in, agent said i had to either unfreeze or provide PIN, they were not willing to look at other reports.
      this may have changed tho.

  44. MJ says:

    FYI, read this post this morning around 645am and went into panic mode. Was planning to close a different chase card at 1 yr once an annual night posted and then apply for Hyatt next week once I was at 91 days. Jumped off the toilet and applied for Hyatt and was approved immediately with 32k CL. Was at 16/24…now am at 17/24.

  45. Jazz says:

    Over 5/24; credit score 800+, have never been denied before -applied for United on 5/25, got we will let you know in 7-10 days in writing message. 🙁

  46. Shawn says:

    Would it be a bad idea to completely stop applying for new credit cards in order to make room for Chase cards under the 5/24 rule? If I had no new accounts until Sept 2017 I’d have space for 3 new Chase accounts. After maxing out the 5/24 rule with Chase I could then apply for as many cards as I felt like for the rest of 2017 and then take another almost 2 year break to do Chase cards again. Would I be missing out on too many good offers from other banks if I did this?

    • Chuck says:

      It’s an option, especially for someone with a SO. One of them can apply for cards and the other can stay clean for Chase. They can also rotate, etc.

      One thing to keep in mind is that it’s always possible there will be some change or a partial change.

  47. Vic says:


    I know this isn’t exciting and not even news, but anyway

    5/26/16, way passed 5/24, EX 755, 4 existing Chase cards.

    British Airways – Approved after Patriot Act verification. $5k CL
    Fairmont – Pending 7-10, approved after recon call. $5k CL

  48. mjs says:

    Well, based on the application timing (5/23) had bad luck, but the only good side is just got the Chase Ink rejection letter in the mail, so perhaps this is sad but new verification…

    Reason given for rejection? Just one: “Too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years”.

    Next day applied for a Fairmont (already noted above, so don’t double-count), and approved.

    But, the date and the sole reason back up Doc’s source, at least as far as the INK is concerned– it’ll be interesting to see if rejections for other cards show the exact same reason.

  49. james f says:

    My Sapphire annual fee came due. I had traveled a lot internationally in 2015 and used the card. Redeemed the 50k bonus, plus what I accrued in UR a few months back. I’m older don’t really need the credit score ranking having a card might give me as much as some folks. So I called to cancel (or have fee waived) just now. He offered me 10k in UR points (worth $100.00) No Annual Fee waiving going on here. No Interest rate adjustment although I never carried a balance..
    Canceling was easy.

    Just passing along my recent experience.

  50. Cindi says:

    What is DP, and what are the numbers you have shown in your list? 1,2,3,4, etc? Please remember not everyone spends every minute of their life on this stuff.

  51. TJ says:

    I was declined for a Freedom Unlimited. After I received the denial, I called reconsideration and the rep said there was nothing they could do and it was due to too many open accounts. It was going to be about a year before my history cleared up, so I went ahead and got a different card that I had been wanting, a Barclay Arrival. All unbonused spending now goes on that. It will only delay me a couple months on clearing the 5/24 rule and I’ll get far more of a return using that for the forseeable future than I would have not getting it and then getting a Freedom Unltd in a year. I was looking forward to using a Freedom Unltd at Costco, but thankfully their new Citi Card will at least give me a 2% return, so I’ll still do allright. Not that my relatively low spending makes any impression on their bottom line, but ultimately all it doing is costing them business that could’ve been theirs. I’m still getting a good return from other companies.

  52. T S says:

    Applied April 21 for Chase Freedom Unlimited. Was denied based on 5/24.

  53. Alex says:

    I was in-branch opening my biz checking acct ($500 bonus) – the banker offered me chase ink at 70k bonus, she insisted that I would be approved despite already having the card. I called today to fu, we did a 3-way with the underwriter, they FIRMLY denied based on 5/24, per the underwriter. Credit score 780.
    So I guess pre approved in branch doesnt guarantee!

  54. Alex says:

    Just was approved for Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card – 100,000k points.
    Openned about 35 cards over past 1.5 years.

    5/24 rule does not apply here for sure.

  55. SUDHAKAR says:

    applied United 70000miles offer, got denial letter in mail.
    Applied 5 cards in last 24 months (1 was add on card)

  56. DJ says:

    DP – Got an Ink Plus instantly approved today (June 7) in the branch. I am 6/24 on the personal cards (including 1 as authorized user – 2 from Chase, 2 from Citi, 1 from Barclays, 1 from Discover – 1 Citi and 1 Chase cards were closed earlier this year).

    I was pre-approved for Ink Plus (and Cash) when I stopped by a branch to open the Chase business checking account.

    My business is new – starting as of today – for a rental property, as a sole proprietor.

    • DJ says:

      Applied for the Chase IHG card and got approved. Applied on the same day to use the “combine inquiries” possibility. Not sure yet if the inquiries will be combined, but another data point to say IHG card is not yet included in the 5/24 rule

  57. J says:

    I applied for the Ink Plus on 5/18 (may have been after midnight EST so 5/19 at latest), got the 30 day status message for 6 days, call from verifications said everything on the app looked great and I should have the card within 3-5 days as long as they don’t need to verify anything else. 2 days later the status message changed to 7-10 days.

    Next day, received denial letter citing only “too many new accounts in the last 24 months”. Called recon, was hung up on, called back, lady told me she could overturn 5/24 since my application was in prior to the policy change but after 45+ minutes of drilling with questions, lots of holding, she came back saying that she was going to uphold the denial due to too many inquiries and not enough business history.

    For clarification – on the EX report they pulled for me, they were seeing 9 new accounts in the last 24 months (all within the last 10 months technically). Perfect history, 747 FICO 8 score.

    I may try to call back because I seem to only get the most grumpy women at Chase, whereas the men I’ve had to talk with in the past seemed much more willing to work with me.

  58. Colin says:

    Also applied for Chase Marriott Biz…went pending, called right away and got approved. Barely over 5/24, but definitely was over 5/24 because my Sapphire app was declined a couple weeks ago for that very reason. Get it while it lasts…

  59. AnonCHI says:

    Adding another Data Point that Chase Hyatt Visa does not fall into 5/24 yet. I am had applied for 28 new cards in trailing 24 months, approved for 26 of those, all scores 750+, had to call in and move CL around from other Chase cards but approved without any real hassle. Called in same day (6/9/16).

    Thanks for your site DoC.

  60. Mike Sanders says:

    I have 24 in the past 24 months, 740-760 scores, approved today for Chase Amazon.

    Really appreciate your site – thank you!

  61. Good Bye Chase says:

    Once my statement closes on my Hyatt Visa and whatever outstanding points I receive from it, I’m closing my account. The 5/24 rule broke this camel’s back, along with Chase’s refusal to switch it to a non-fee Freedom or Freedom Unlimited (loyalty is a one way street I guess).

    Since I don’t carry balances and pay interest, maybe I haven’t been a profitable consumer for them going back 16 years of churning, and moving lines through all their co-brands (except their Disney one) and own branded vards (except CSP, which I was recently denied due to the instituted 5/24 rule, despite a score in the 800s). Nevertheless, I’m sure they earned a good amount of money from me in swipe fees. Besides, I don’t see Chase issuing an interest rate cut or break to those caught in the unfortunate position of carrying balances, while they hit us with this 5/24 rule.

    Their real reason in enticing us with their offers is to try to trap us into getting in over our heads. Those of us smart enough to manage our finances shouldn’t be punished, but rather a necessary cost-leader in the issuer’s point of view to get X number of more people who end up overspending.

    Solely Fidelity AmEx and Citi Double Cash for me henceforth.

    Looks like I had a good run and earned plenty through Chase along with AmEX (who I’m also done with now that over 16 years I’ve also churned and burned through all their cards and sign up bonuses). I don’t feel bad though- we owe nothing to them. They’re profit maximizing. We’re utility maximizing.

    • Kevin says:

      The 5/24 is designed to lock out people who sign up for a lot of cards (and who probably won’t keep the card long term, or else will just sockdrawer it and barely use it). You don’t have to like it, but it’s not like the general consumer is really impacted by 5/24.

      Being smart enough to manage your finances doesn’t mean you’re being punished by Chase at all. It simply means they don’t want customers who sign up for a lot of cards, because it either means the person is desperate for credit (not good in their eyes) or “maximizing” rewards (not good in their eyes, no profit in it for them).

      It is what it is, and I think we will see more companies crack down over time. To the extent of 5/24? Probably not, but in general the CC industry has been cracking down on abuse of rewards.

  62. Jacke says:

    DP: Applied UA explorer on June 18th (last Saturday), pending and automatic system said “2 weeks”. Got approved on Monday morning. More than 5 new accounts as well as more than 5 authorized user account in last 24, but I got CPC.

  63. Nick says:

    Does anyone know if COMENITY Store branded CHARGE cards (that DO appear on my CreditKarma TU / EF file) count towards 5/24?

    Before I became responsible with credit I had a Motorola line of credit for $3k with 0% that I used to purchase a phone. This was from 12/2014.

    In CreditKarma, the account type lists as CHARGE, not CREDIT.

  64. Andre says:

    7/24. Got targeted United 70k and applied. Got the “we’ll get back to you” notification. Called reconsideration line and was told the card was denied because of too many applications in last two years. The lady was polite but firm, saying that in this particular situation there was nothing she could do. She said targeted marketing offers have nothing to do with the cc approval process. Bummer.

    • sam says:

      So, basically, the offers are based on score alone? Is it too expensive to screen for recent accounts as well? I’d ask them to remove the inquiry…

  65. James says:

    Just to add a contribution. I got the British Airways a couple weeks ago at 11/24.

  66. asar says:

    Has the rule changed? I was denied today because I had too many credit cards: 7 card applications in 3 years! They were not counting credit card inquiries; but accounts opened. I had gotten 3 BoA cards in one day that had consolidated into one inquiry; they counted it as 3!

    • Kevin says:

      Of course they counted it as three — the inquiries are irrelevant. What matters is number of accounts opened.

  67. Chris Jones says:

    Data point. Approved for Marriott Biz. Well over 5/24. See full description of my situation here:

  68. jcb says:

    DP: approved for Chase BA on 5/25. I’m 10/24

  69. Steve says:

    Datapoint for Chase Disney. I am way over 5/24 new credit cards for the past two years and was instantly approved for it in late June.

  70. Srikrishna says:

    Currently at 12/24. Received Marriott Rewards Invitation with a Specific Invitation Code. Declined today because of too many accounts in last 24 Months. Over 780+, Called Recon. They just told me, cannot be reconsidered even if you have an invite code. So looks like having a targeted invite code does not bypass 5/24

  71. sam says:

    Over 5/24 (for sure now- perhaps southwest hasn’t posted on the report yet) and got British Airways. I don’t think its supposed to count for the rule yet.

  72. skimoore55 says:

    Just past 5/24 (applied and received 5 cards in last year) and applied for both Marriott business and Southwest Premier on same day. I knew both were a long shot but thought if I got anything it would be Marriott biz. Lo and behold I find out today I was denied for Marriott but approved for Southwest! I’m actually happier as I will get much better use out of SW points vs Marriott! I don’t think there are many data points like this so wanted to put it out there.

  73. jp says:

    Was targeted for Hyatt and applied on 7/8. Got the “we’ll get back to you” notification.
    Called to check on status today (7/22), she said Pending, but “let me review and process it”, came back to say the application was denied because of too many applications in last two years (the term “too aggressive” was used). The lady was polite but firm, saying that in this particular situation there was nothing she could do. She also said targeted marketing offers have nothing to do with the cc approval process. Disappointed…..

  74. Name Last says:

    I got csp, freedom and slate with 21/5.

  75. Jonathan says:

    Hey sir, I am using this page as a reference. Just so I know, are you keeping this page up to date with the latest rules, or are you just planning to do new blog entries as 5/24 changes?

  76. DP says:

    had 3 credit cards before Apr 2016
    applied Chase unlimited 13 K limit and Chase sapphire Preferred 15K Limit and got approved with Credit Score of 740
    on June 13 , 2016 attempted to try on more no chase card – Chase IHG got pending status and after 3 weeks on sorting an address issue got approved for 6K of IHG

    so looks like not really 5/24 and now I have total 6 and wait for 3 months to apply another card Chase Marriott Hotel card

    stay tuned

  77. robertw says:

    Stay away from the Ritz product. It is a dog for sure. Beware of any free nights with Ritz Carlton. First they eliminate cat 5s which are their best properties. See what happens when you try to book the free nights at the participating hotels. I have plenty of experience with RItz Carlton in the past. They give bait and switch a bad name. I used Ritz as part of of a special program with Merrill Lynch and with Chase earlier. Merrill had so many complaints they pulled them out completely. So this is the sort of thing you should expect when you call them to redeem. How does Cleveland Ohio sound in the winter? Plenty of space there. What about Atlanta Buckhead. we have wed night In feb for one night, for the promotion. When in the next day free? How does January 2 for one night sound? Would you like to spend the weekend in Cleveland in January? Let me book that for you. Oops sorry we only have 2 nights available and you want 3. Can I book you that two nights? Expect to check on Hawaii for every single night across an entire year. Dont be surprised to find not one single room night across the 365. That is why any program like this sucks. In fact to me based on my past history with them it really appears to me as a misrepresentation of the reality of the benefit.

  78. Jayesh says:

    Store credit cards are not counted towards 5/24 rule.

  79. Chris says:

    Any data points if 5/24 on a rolling basis to the day? I have 5 new accounts in the past 24 months with the oldest being the fidelity axex opened on 8/6/14. If I am at 5/24, does that put me over? Maybe I should wait until Sept to try for Chase Reserve

  80. C J says:

    I am WAY over 5/24. Approved for Chase Disney Visa (no AF) using a referral link. $200 reward for $500 spend.

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