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Published on May 25th, 2016 | by Chuck


Bypass 5/24: Getting a Chase Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

Chase Pre-Qualified Offers

As we know, Chase doesn’t like to approve those who got five new credit card accounts within the past 24 months. And this week that got extended to many co-branded cards and business cards – previously, it was just for Freedom and Sapphire cards.

Many reports indicate that certain preapproved/prequalified offers from Chase will help you bypass the 5/24 rule and allow you to get approved. This does not mean you are guaranteed to be approved, but that you have a good chance.

Most of the preapprovals I’ve heard about were for the Sapphire Preferred card. Some have been preapproved for the INK card, especially if you have a business relationship with Chase, like a Chase business checking account or possibly if you have other Chase business credit cards. A Reddit member just went into Chase to open a Chase business checking account with a $500 bonus and was told he’s preapproved for an INK card. (That card might have a 70,000 point signup bonus too.)

There are a number of ways of potentially circumventing the 5/24 roadblock:

  • Get a pre-qualified offer in-branch
  • Chase Private Clients seem to have more success getting approved
  • Get a mailer (or an email) with an invitation code
  • Targeted offers might be exempt from the 5/24 rule

Let’s take a look at each of these.

Branch Pre-approval

If you go into a Chase branch, they can check to see if you are prequalified for any credit cards. The idea here is not to simply go in-branch to apply for a card, you have to ask them specifically to find any prequalified offers showing for you.

Many people have gone into a Chase branch for an unrelated reason, and the banker would casually mention that s/he sees that are preapproved for the Sapphire card or a different card. I suspect they make money on approvals so they are always on the lookout to offer these to clients who come in.

In any case, if you get lucky and the banker tells you that you are preapproved for a card, you should be past the 5/24 hurdle and you’ll be able to get approved for the card if everything else checks out.

Be sure to apply in-branch using the pre-qualified offer. Just because you have that offer in-branch, it doesn’t mean that you can simply apply using a regular online application.

Even if you checked the online checker and don’t see any offers, you still might be pre-qualified in-branch. There are different criteria used. (More on the online checker below.)

Private Client

Frequentmiler reports that Chase Private Clients get offers which circumvent the 5/24 rule. (Private Clients tend to get superior offers as well.)

Various data points seem to indicate that Private Clients don’t have the 5/24 limits at all, and they’d be able to get approved even using an ordinary online application (not only in-branch).

Mail Invitation

The other option is to get the elusive invitation-only offer in the mail. Sorry, I can’t tell you how to convince Chase to send you one. 🙂

My friend E* from Demflyers shared with me a picture of what a preapproval looks like. Note the invitation number at the top-right and at the bottom of the letter.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.54.22 PM

This preapproval was from a few months ago, sent to someone she knows. They had applied for the Sapphire Preferred card and got denied. A week later they got this invitation-offer in the mail, applied, and got approved.

Targeted Credit Card Offers

Chase will sometimes offer signup bonus offers targeted for specific people. One example an occasional higher-than-usual United MileagePlus offer which requires a login to your United account to see if the system will give you the offer.

Frequentmiler speculates that these offers may not have the 5/24 limitation. It might also vary based on the offer.

Online Pre-Qualify Checker

You can check for your pre-qualified offers from Chase here. There are also similar pre-qualified checkers, such as CardMatchBut we don’t have any evidence that applying through this link will help you bypass the 5/24 problem.

To learn more about pre-qualified offers with Chase and other banks, see these posts:

Note that when using a pre-qualified offer from any method described in this post, you typically can’t use a friend’s referral link. It may be possible to tell the banker that you were referred to the pre-qualified card by a friend, and they’ll be able to credit the friend with bonus points. Let us know if you have success with that.

Thanks also to uscreditcardguide for some good info on this topic

66 Responses to Bypass 5/24: Getting a Chase Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

  1. Daniel says:

    Are the mail invitation codes specific to the individual or business or address? Or can they be shared?

    • Shilin says:

      Good question! At least you can change the information (such as names) after logging into the invitation webpage. But I don’t know if you apply with invitation for others, can you bypass 5/24?

    • CaptainSave says:

      Looks like it specific to an individual. It ask for your name and zip code when you entered the code.

  2. CaptainSave says:

    Applied a month ago and got denied but the kept sending me the invitation. Which kind of pissed me off like why you keep sending me this when you denied my app!! Just applied using one of the code and got approved!! Did have to called in and talk to a rep tho. Thanks!

  3. Dave P says:

    I got a pre-approved mailer for the Freedom Unlimited about a week ago, but I know that I’m exactly at 5/24 right now, but one will fall off in July, to get me back under the limit, so I was just going to wait two months. If that mailer means I can bypass the limit now, well, then I guess I know what I should do when I get home! Does anyone else have any data points that confirm the FU mailers work to get around 5/24? Thanks!

  4. Ryan says:

    Any way to sign up for the Chase offers through the mail?

    Any help is appreciated.

  5. Joe says:

    I got denied on 5/22 using the mailer for the United card with the invite code and was told it was due to the 5/24 rule so ymmv.

  6. level202 says:

    IME, the online checker may show fewer/different options compared to in-branch. I always got no offers online but when I checked prequal in a branch I had a whole bunch of options including CSP (already have) and the Freedom Unlimited (which I then snagged).

  7. Jeff says:

    Are you suggesting the code in the sample mailing may work for other than the targeted person the mailing was sent to ?? Interesting.

  8. DAVID says:

    Any idea if the offers that show up on help with this either? I’m always seeing the CSP in there.

  9. James Barrett says:

    Data Point: Wife is at 6/24, went in-branch, prequalified for FU, denied, talked to credit specialist for 2nd consideration, hard denial.

  10. Kevin says:

    Are they really likely to mail you an invite if you’re over 5/24 though? For reference, a friend of mine was getting constant Freedom mailers and when he had more than 5/24, the mailers rather quickly stopped.

    I think people just basically need to accept that for now and until it changes, this is how it is with Chase. Going into a branch can help in some cases but others still get denied.

  11. Ian says:

    Has the invited offers from Chase ever been better than the public offers (higher bonus points; lower spend requirement;?)

  12. I have to respectfully disagree about bypassing the 5/24 rule with a pre-qualified offer. The thing with those offers is that they are still contingent on your credit being pulled, and once pulled, and they see that you’ve had 5+ credit cards opened in past two years, you’re DOA, even if you have an 850 FICO score. They may assume you have sufficient credit, but once they see the 5/24 exceeded, you’re done, even with a banker in-branch, even with a code, etc.

    The only way around it is Chase Private Client. There’s also a special consideration form but even that’s a shot in the dark unless you have a sh*t ton of assets with Chase. My guess is the datapoints about getting approved are incorrect, either because people miscalculate the new credit cards opened, or the credit reports don’t reflect all the new cards for one reason or another. I wish I was wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case.

    • level202 says:

      I got an FU via prequalification in branch despite sitting at 15/24. I am not a private client, in fact I don’t even have a Chase checking account.

      • Craig says:

        Did you get auto-approved? I’m at a 31/24 and was pre-qualified for the FU when opening a checking acct. Decided what the hell, but application went to pending.

        • Craig says:

          Did you get auto-approved? I’m at a 31/24 and was pre-qualified for the FU when opening a checking acct. Decided what the hell, but application went to pending.

  13. Wesley says:

    Card Match gave me the whole Gambit of UR cards (CSP, FU, Freedom). Well over 5/24, probably 3 times that or more. Applied for CSP via the Card Match link and was denied. Stated reason on letter was 5/24

  14. Bob says:

    “Frequentmiler reports that Chase Private Clients get superior offers which also circumvent the 5/24 rule. (Private Clients tend to get superior offer as well.)”

    That’s quite redundant, eh?

  15. Aubri says:

    I have a question. Is Chase disclosing in the terms and conditions of the application details of the 5/24 rule? It would seem to me that it should be since its a ding on your credit if you apply, but if you have more than the 5/24 you wont be approved, right? Ding on the credit that could have been avoided if they stated it up front, like asking if you have had a bankruptcy as a pre-qualifier.

  16. bob says:

    I am a Doc, have $400,950 in chase bank accounts……….got preapproved mail offer for CSP card, applied, got denied citing 5/24 rule, went to bank, manager lobbied for me, denied………wrote letters to executive offices/spoke to corporate office, denied…………threatened closure of bank accounts and move money………..still denied…….

    BOTTOMLINE, Those azzholes at chase do not give a shit bout who u r, how much money u have with them……….they are stuck on the 5/24 rule, PERIOD……………NO EXCEPTIONS……

    Finally i am going to branch tomorrow to close my 11 yrs relationship with chase, and move money to another bank…………chase does not value the loyalty of their customers……

    We should openly boycott chase and their bastard products and let them come to earth, as they are the ONLY COMPANY WITH 5/24 RULE…….

    F Chase…………let us show pulbic unity…………..eventually these arrogant azzholes at chase need us as customers………

  17. Rojer says:

    I just got turned down for a SW RR Plus Card of the 5/24 rule

  18. FlyingBoat says:

    Wife received mailer for United 50K offer. It says “This is an invitation-only offer and is valid for the original recipient of this mailing only.”

    I don’t see an offer code on the flyer, though. So the thought on this I take it, that it is not a preapproved offer which would get her by the 5/24 rule, correct? It does ask you to enter your mileageplus #. Though I tried entering mine and it didn’t kick me out.

    (we both just did 2 Chase Bus Cards on 5/12 and she needs to call recon on the 2nd. I was also just approved for one of the cards but got the 2nd approved after recon. These were Marriott/Ink and before the expansion of 5/24. We are both well over 5/24, so it is nice that recon didn’t come into affect for this.)

  19. T says:

    I have 7/24. Applied and approved for United 70+5K + $50 smt credit offer after calling recon (patriot act verification) and had to shift credit limits around.

    I have Chase Private Client on my account.

  20. A says:

    I have 12/24. I had the same experience as the guy on reddit – just recently opened the $500 bonus biz checking account, banker told me I had pre-approved offers for Ink Cash and Ink Plus. I went for the Plus which he told me was 60k with annual fee waived the first year, but when he printed out the offer terms I saw it was actually a 70k offer! Approved 3 business days after opening the account without calling recon.

  21. greg coontz says:

    I am at 17/24 including 3 business cards. Currently have 5 Chase cards, but had recently cancelled my Marriott and Ritz Carlton cards. I applied for a Marriott business card on June 2 since the bonus is 100K. Was given the 30 day decision recording and was looking here on the comments to see the timing of 5/24 denials when I received an email indicating I was approved. Don’t know why but the 5/24 didn’t apply to this card.

  22. Johnk says:

    Went in to Chase 6/23 to get the $500 checking/savings account opening bonus and I was pre-approved for a Freedom Unlimited despite having 5/24. Opened the CSP in December and the Freedom in March. Other 3 accounts opened 7/2014, 1/2015, and 10/2015.

  23. Dominic says:

    Received an invitation code via mail 1 week after changing Checking account type to college checking (started as Total Checking with the $300 bonus).

    Applied and instantly was approved. I have 6 cards in the last 20 months. 6/20. Successfully bypassed 5/24

  24. Miles Hustler says:

    Data point: Pre-approved according to CardMatch (but not Chase website), applied with well over 8 new accounts in 24 and got denied even after multiple reconsideration attempts.

  25. Jim says:

    Could people with Chase Private Client weigh in whether they bypass 5/24 consistently? Read on a blog that CPC only extends 5/24 to 6/24 and then auto denial kicks in. On the blog, someone applied for ink plus with CPC and got denied due to 5/24. The most cited example of CPC success is getting CSP, but that is an invite offer with a code for CPC clients only. Considering this new Sapphire Reserve and interest in Freedom Unlimited, would like to know if CPC is worth it. Thx 😀

  26. BobbyJoe says:

    Does anyone know how Chase determines 5/24? Specifically, does it mean “5 hard inquiries in the last 24 months,” or, is it “5 new accounts as reported in your detailed account history on your credit report”?

    I probably have about 8 new cards in the last 24 months, but my hard pulls are only at 3 on Equifax, mainly because of various bureau pulls and AOR same-day apps. I’m benefiting from the clumping of apps, but wondering if Chase will see it in the detailed account section…

  27. James says:

    Anyone know about email offers and whether they carry the same weight as a mailed offer? Got one with an offer expiration date in early October with the message saying offer intended for “” with my email address listed but no invite code one it. It has the apply now links.

    Hesitant without an offer code. Also checked in branch and didn’t find a corresponding preapproval.

  28. Matt says:

    Bad news. I signed up for Chase Private Client and took all my savings over to Chase. Just applied for Chase Sapphire Reserve and declined because of too many cards opened recently. Called in and the CSR said too many cards. I asked her to reconsider bc of Chase Private Client and she said there’s nothing she can do. Have 10 total cards all of which are opened in past year.

    Any other DPs that show Private Client doesn’t work anymore?

  29. Chu Zen says:

    I got the invitation in the mail but used the invitation code to apply online and got turned down because the 24/5 rule. Wonder if the result would be different if I apply again by mailing in the application?

  30. Brandon13187 says:

    Hey guys I wanted to share my story with you. All those who say you can’t bypass 5/24 rule with targeted offer online. I just successfully bypassed 5/24 I’m at 8/24 9/24 if you count simply cash business. Here’s the thing and listen up. If you are a current chase card member. They will send you targeted offers after six months of being a good customer. I still have one for slate at 13% interest zero for 15 months. But ‘listen closely to this’ IF YOU ARE USING A CELL PHONE YOU MUST LOGIN ON TO CHASE DESKTOP SITE ON GOOGLE. IN THE GOOGLE SETTINGS CHANGE TO OPEN IN DESKTOP MODE.NOW YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE MAIN COMPUTER SITE. IF THE SCREEN LOOKS BLUE LIKE THE MOILBILE VERSION YOU ARE AT THE WRONG SITE. HENSE YOU WILL NOT SEE YOUR OFFERS. OR YOU CAN USE A LAPTOP OR PC. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TRUST ME. IF YOU USE A PHONE IT WILL DIRECT YOU TO MOBILE SITE AND IT DOESN’T HAVE THE OFFERS. HERE IS ONE HUGE TIP THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK IT WORKS I PROMISE YOU. FREEZE WHICH EVER CREDIT BUREAU YOU HAVE THE MOST INQUIRIES. I FROZE EXPERIAN AND THEY PULLED TRANSUNION AND IT WORKED INSTANTLY. I USUALLY DON’T WRITE I READ SO THIS IS 100% THE TRUTH! MY CREDIT SCORE IS 757 MYFICO8 TRANS 743 EXPERIAN 735 EQUIFAX. I HAVE USBANK CASH PLUS 5K , FREEDOM, 7K DISCOVER IT 15K AMEX BC EVERYDAY 6K , venture 1 6K, quicksilver 2250k and bbt 2500 k, citi dc 11k and now a Csp 15K 16% interest or the lowest. Lol bypass that 5/24. Ps all the same rules still apply don’t be getting 3 cards in one week then try this it probably won’t work. My last card was 3 months ago and my credit history is 2 years 6 months average age 1 year.and I have no collections no miss payments. I hope this helps someone. Thanks for reading later

    • Chuck says:

      Brandon, did you targeted Chase offer have an invitation code?

      • Brandon13187 says:

        No these offers are sent to your personal chase credit card account via chase desktop website. Which for some reason people don’t know about.. or I just haven’t read about. Read and follow my directions above. If I could send pics on here I would show you details like my accounts and dates and the offers. But for some reason you can’t .

      • Brandon13187 says:

        There’s no invitation code just an offer that says we have selected this offer for you based on your relationship with chase. And it has the bonus offer info and fixed interest rate info and one space for you to put in your income info. At the bottom it says check here and submit. The reason I knew the offer was current is because chase always offered me a 19% interest for the freedoms 18 for slate and 20 for csp. Always then I was messing around on the site thinking to myself for such a big bank as chase they really have a crappy card act website. Then I realized that it’s that way because they recognize you are on a cell phone and automatically direct you there. Then I found the real desktop site which is where all the offers are. I think that’s a big reason why people don’t really know about it. Let me know how it goes.

  31. Brandon13187 says:

    No man I have one buissness card simplycashplus thats it. Regardless it’s not full proff nothing is but it was 8/24 and csp is now number 9 in less than 2 years. Check out and see if you have any pre approved offers online and if your over 5/24 I bet you money it will go through. Thanks for the tip on the biz cards I know they get reported to a buissness credit report;)

  32. Maaark says:

    Context: Good credit score (755-770), 1.5 years of credit history with 1 credit card (used extensively).

    I applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred and got denied. Immediately, I received an invitations (as shown above) for Freedom Unlimited and I applied and got the card. A week later, I received an invitation for Sapphire Preferred
    1. Should I apply for this card as well?
    2. Can I get it just a week after getting Freedom Unlimited?
    3. If I don’t get it, will my credit score hurt from getting denied twice?

    You might ask why I want Sapphire when I just got Freedom, this is because I travel A LOT (for work and pleasure) and hence the Sapphire card would help me so much better than Freedom.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    • Chuck says:

      More likely is that you won’t be approved since the same rejection reason will apply, but hard to know for sure. A targeted offer might be coded a bit differently on their end so might be easier.

      Did you try calling reconsideration to get an approval on your previous Sapphire application? If you are within a month it’s still possible to call.

      Technically, you can get two Chase cards a week apart or even two on the same day.

      Doesn’t hurt too much to try. Your credit score will take a ding for a few months since you have a light history, but assuming you don’t have plans on applying for any loans or any other credit cards within the next 3-6 months, it won’t hurt you much long term at all.

  33. hersh says:

    when i login to my account i see a 70k offer for the united explorer card. is there any evidence that this will bypass 5/24?

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