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Bypass 5/24: Getting a Chase Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

Chase Pre-Qualified Offers

As we know, Chase doesn’t like to approve those who got five new credit card accounts within the past 24 months. And this week that got extended to many co-branded cards and business cards – previously, it was just for Freedom and Sapphire cards.

Many reports indicate that certain preapproved/prequalified offers from Chase will help you bypass the 5/24 rule and allow you to get approved. This does not mean you are guaranteed to be approved, but that you have a good chance.

Most of the preapprovals I’ve heard about were for the Sapphire Preferred card. Some have been preapproved for the INK card, especially if you have a business relationship with Chase, like a Chase business checking account or possibly if you have other Chase business credit cards. A Reddit member just went into Chase to open a Chase business checking account with a $500 bonus and was told he’s preapproved for an INK card. (That card might have a 70,000 point signup bonus too.)

There are a number of ways of potentially circumventing the 5/24 roadblock:

  • Get a pre-qualified offer in-branch
  • Chase Private Clients seem to have more success getting approved
  • Get a mailer (or an email) with an invitation code
  • Targeted offers might be exempt from the 5/24 rule

Let’s take a look at each of these.

Branch Pre-approval

If you go into a Chase branch, they can check to see if you are prequalified for any credit cards. The idea here is not to simply go in-branch to apply for a card, you have to ask them specifically to find any prequalified offers showing for you.

Many people have gone into a Chase branch for an unrelated reason, and the banker would casually mention that s/he sees that are preapproved for the Sapphire card or a different card. I suspect they make money on approvals so they are always on the lookout to offer these to clients who come in.

In any case, if you get lucky and the banker tells you that you are preapproved for a card, you should be past the 5/24 hurdle and you’ll be able to get approved for the card if everything else checks out.

Be sure to apply in-branch using the pre-qualified offer. Just because you have that offer in-branch, it doesn’t mean that you can simply apply using a regular online application.

Even if you checked the online checker and don’t see any offers, you still might be pre-qualified in-branch. There are different criteria used. (More on the online checker below.)

Private Client

Frequentmiler reports that Chase Private Clients get offers which circumvent the 5/24 rule. (Private Clients tend to get superior offers as well.)

Various data points seem to indicate that Private Clients don’t have the 5/24 limits at all, and they’d be able to get approved even using an ordinary online application (not only in-branch).

Mail Invitation

The other option is to get the elusive invitation-only offer in the mail. Sorry, I can’t tell you how to convince Chase to send you one. 🙂

My friend E* from Demflyers shared with me a picture of what a preapproval looks like. Note the invitation number at the top-right and at the bottom of the letter.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.54.22 PM

This preapproval was from a few months ago, sent to someone she knows. They had applied for the Sapphire Preferred card and got denied. A week later they got this invitation-offer in the mail, applied, and got approved.

Targeted Credit Card Offers

Chase will sometimes offer signup bonus offers targeted for specific people. One example an occasional higher-than-usual United MileagePlus offer which requires a login to your United account to see if the system will give you the offer.

Frequentmiler speculates that these offers may not have the 5/24 limitation. It might also vary based on the offer.

Online Pre-Qualify Checker

You can check for your pre-qualified offers from Chase here. There are also similar pre-qualified checkers, such as CardMatchBut we don’t have any evidence that applying through this link will help you bypass the 5/24 problem.

To learn more about pre-qualified offers with Chase and other banks, see these posts:

Note that when using a pre-qualified offer from any method described in this post, you typically can’t use a friend’s referral link. It may be possible to tell the banker that you were referred to the pre-qualified card by a friend, and they’ll be able to credit the friend with bonus points. Let us know if you have success with that.

Thanks also to uscreditcardguide for some good info on this topic

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Are the mail invitation codes specific to the individual or business or address? Or can they be shared?

Good question! At least you can change the information (such as names) after logging into the invitation webpage. But I don’t know if you apply with invitation for others, can you bypass 5/24?

Looks like it specific to an individual. It ask for your name and zip code when you entered the code.

Applied a month ago and got denied but the kept sending me the invitation. Which kind of pissed me off like why you keep sending me this when you denied my app!! Just applied using one of the code and got approved!! Did have to called in and talk to a rep tho. Thanks!

For what Chase card?

Chase sapphire preferred.

Was there anything different between the mailers?

Looks the same as the one pictured above

So you got 2 mailers, identical in every way? Denied on the 1st one and approved after recon on the 2nd?

First time i didn’t use the mailer, just signed up online. Got denied for having too many new accts. Tried again today with the mailer code and got it.

“Did have to called in and talk to a rep tho.” -_-

I got a pre-approved mailer for the Freedom Unlimited about a week ago, but I know that I’m exactly at 5/24 right now, but one will fall off in July, to get me back under the limit, so I was just going to wait two months. If that mailer means I can bypass the limit now, well, then I guess I know what I should do when I get home! Does anyone else have any data points that confirm the FU mailers work to get around 5/24? Thanks!

Any way to sign up for the Chase offers through the mail?

Any help is appreciated.

I got denied on 5/22 using the mailer for the United card with the invite code and was told it was due to the 5/24 rule so ymmv.

IME, the online checker may show fewer/different options compared to in-branch. I always got no offers online but when I checked prequal in a branch I had a whole bunch of options including CSP (already have) and the Freedom Unlimited (which I then snagged).

Are you suggesting the code in the sample mailing may work for other than the targeted person the mailing was sent to ?? Interesting.

Nobody saying this…

Any idea if the offers that show up on help with this either? I’m always seeing the CSP in there.

James Barrett

Data Point: Wife is at 6/24, went in-branch, prequalified for FU, denied, talked to credit specialist for 2nd consideration, hard denial.

Are they really likely to mail you an invite if you’re over 5/24 though? For reference, a friend of mine was getting constant Freedom mailers and when he had more than 5/24, the mailers rather quickly stopped.

I think people just basically need to accept that for now and until it changes, this is how it is with Chase. Going into a branch can help in some cases but others still get denied.

Has the invited offers from Chase ever been better than the public offers (higher bonus points; lower spend requirement;?)

Sometimes the in branch offers have been better and there is a 75k CSP offer going around as well.

I have to respectfully disagree about bypassing the 5/24 rule with a pre-qualified offer. The thing with those offers is that they are still contingent on your credit being pulled, and once pulled, and they see that you’ve had 5+ credit cards opened in past two years, you’re DOA, even if you have an 850 FICO score. They may assume you have sufficient credit, but once they see the 5/24 exceeded, you’re done, even with a banker in-branch, even with a code, etc.

The only way around it is Chase Private Client. There’s also a special consideration form but even that’s a shot in the dark unless you have a sh*t ton of assets with Chase. My guess is the datapoints about getting approved are incorrect, either because people miscalculate the new credit cards opened, or the credit reports don’t reflect all the new cards for one reason or another. I wish I was wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case.

I got an FU via prequalification in branch despite sitting at 15/24. I am not a private client, in fact I don’t even have a Chase checking account.

Did you get auto-approved? I’m at a 31/24 and was pre-qualified for the FU when opening a checking acct. Decided what the hell, but application went to pending.

Did you get auto-approved? I’m at a 31/24 and was pre-qualified for the FU when opening a checking acct. Decided what the hell, but application went to pending.

Card Match gave me the whole Gambit of UR cards (CSP, FU, Freedom). Well over 5/24, probably 3 times that or more. Applied for CSP via the Card Match link and was denied. Stated reason on letter was 5/24

“Frequentmiler reports that Chase Private Clients get superior offers which also circumvent the 5/24 rule. (Private Clients tend to get superior offer as well.)”

That’s quite redundant, eh?

I have a question. Is Chase disclosing in the terms and conditions of the application details of the 5/24 rule? It would seem to me that it should be since its a ding on your credit if you apply, but if you have more than the 5/24 you wont be approved, right? Ding on the credit that could have been avoided if they stated it up front, like asking if you have had a bankruptcy as a pre-qualifier.

No, not in the fine print and as far as I’m aware they don’t need to disclose it.

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