Chase Offers/BofA: Save 10% on Verizon, CVS, Stubhub, Old Navy, Instacart, Hannaford, Dunkin Donuts & More

The Offer

Readers sent in numerous Chase Offers showing for them on various Chase cards:

  • Save 10% on Verizon Wireless, up to $25 max.
  • Save 10% at Stubhub, up to $50 max.
  • Save 10% at CVS, up to $4 max.
  • Save 10% at Old Navy, up to $8 max.
  • Save 10% at Instacart, up to $13 max.
  • Save 5% or 10% at Hannaford Supermarkets, up to $7 or $4 max.
  • Save 10% at Petco.
  • Save 10% at Dunkin Donuts.
  • Save 5% at Airbnb.

Some or all of these are probably found with Bank Amerideals and other banks as well; a number of banks use the same back end for these offers, including: Chase, Bank of America, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information.

 Our Verdict

Lots of these are popular retailers which can be useful, check to see what you find. There are also deals at Lowe’s, Staples, Xfinity, Grubhub, and more; all offers we’ve covered can be found here.

If you see these on your Bank of America Bank Amerideals, consider saving it for October 12th when they are doubling all earnings.

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Just curious, is the 10% at Old Navy offer good at GAP as well?


Anyone ever notice whether these offers magically disappear from the card? I thought I signed up for Old Navy but it’s not there, nor expired, nor redeemed.

The other annoying thing is they are targeting offers for my checking debit card. Yeah, that’s not gonna get used.


My sister uses her freedom which is her o my card and spends about $1000 per month and she doesn’t get useful offers. I don’t use mine at all and I don’t get offers. What exactly is the minimum you have to spend on your card to get offers.


0/3 for me..


Only 1% extra (up to $5) at CVS on WF GoFarRewards monthly for me.