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Published on November 14th, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Rolls Out ‘Chase Offers’ on the Marriott & Slate Cards (Similar to Amex Offers)

Update: Now available for Hyatt cardholders.

Chase has rolled out a special discount program whereby you shop with a registered card at participating merchants and get a statement credit for a percentage of the purchase. It’s called Chase Offers. Currently, only the Marriott and Slate cards are eligible for this program.

Link for Marriott card /  Link for Slate card

Most of us are familiar with Amex Offers which give us a statement credit or bonus points for shopping at specific merchants. Bank of America also has a similar statement credit program called Bank Amerideals, and many other banks are on that program too, such as PNC, Regions, BBVA and more. Looks like Chase is joining the foray now and lots of the Chase Offers look useful.

People are seeing various offers currently, here’s a sampling:

  • Whole Foods: $10 back on $25+ purchase
  • Lowe’s: $10 back on $50+ purchase
  • Staples: 10% back (max $20)
  • Nordstrom: 20% back (max $30)
  • Neiman Marcus: 10% back (max $30)
  • Regal Cinemas: 10% back (max $50)
  • Ebags: $20 back on $100+
  • Gamefly: $10 statement credit for new subscribers (it’ll be interesting to see if they can actually track who is a new subscriber – that would be a different kind of tracking the typical Amex Offer tracking we’re used to)
  • Hulu: $20 statement credit with Live TV subscription

These offers will change over time. The terms specify with each offer what the expiration date is and whether it’s available online, in-store, or both. You need to save the offer to the card before using. Each offer can be used once.

Aside from ordinary use, some of these offers can even work for buying gift cards, like Staples and Whole Foods. The terms do exclude gift cards, we’ll have to see if it works in practice. Hopefully, Chase will roll out this program to other cards too.

It’s worth noting that the URL is which is Visa’s website, so we won’t see this on Mastercard cards. It might be using Visa Trial Pay, and I wonder if it’ll stack with Uber Offers which also uses that platform.



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T&C for Staples state, Not valid on gift card purchases. If staples shares L3 data, not sure if it will work on GC purchases.

It is not rolled out by Chase. Its rolled out by Visa and supported by trialpay for Marriot Card users.

Should we expect this to be rolled out for all Chase cards?

Won’t let me register with ritz card.

I tried Marriott Rewards, Chase login, Visa Checkout logins and they didn’t work. It looks like it’s another login and password we have to manage.

Chase Slate also gets these offers.

does this work on Marriott business cards also?

It seemed to accept my registration so I’d say yes.

Signed up and signed in and I get never-ending loading wheel of death, so I can’t see any offers yet. Very exciting tho! Thanks for sharing!

Same here^…u have to input your email first when signing up…then Chase emails link for u to input psswd…the annoying wheel of infinity appeared on the signup, email input, and psswd input pages…but after I reloaded the page (for each page) it finally took me to the “Chase Offers” page…useful stuff, hopefully there’s no L3 data for tracking GCs since they’re supposedly excluded…the page load time was def annoying tho

Hmm well at least I’m not alone. Yea I put in my email, then clicked the emailed link, then input my pw. Then after I logged in I get the spin. And I get the spin on every tab (My Offers, Help, My Account, etc). New system bugs or high demand i’m guessing. Clicking Refresh on the Help and My Account page got them to load, but that’s all so far for me

Any DPs whether WFM GCs will get the $10 credit?

I just purchased $25 amazon and got notification. For what it’s worth.

this work with a chase debit?

It’s only on Marriott/Slate so I don’t see how that would work.

You can temporarily change your location and see other offers. It seems some of the offers are regional. For example, 10% off at Einstein Bros. Bagels shows up under Miami but not New Orleans. I checked a bunch of cities but didn’t see much else.

My PNC offers are pretty bad. It’s like $50 back when you sign up for some scammy ADT dealer and 10% back on a VUDU signup. Hopefully Chase rolls this out to the rest of their cards and the offers are similar to that’s listed in the post.

“Once you have successfully registered with one card and signed in, you can add up to 4 more eligible Chase Marriott Rewards Visa credit cards by following the instructions under ‘Add Card’ in ‘My Account’. An eligible Chase Marriott Rewards Visa credit card account number may be registered in the Chase Offers accounts of more than one authorized user of that card but an individual offer may be activated only once per card across all authorized users’ Chase Offers accounts. You may remove a Registered Card from your account at any time, however once you remove a Registered Card, purchases made on that card will not be considered Qualifying Purchases and you will not be able to redeem offers with that card. There must be at least one Registered Card on the account at all times.”

Does this mean the authorized user on a Marriott biz card with a unique card number cannot get an offer in addition to the primary card member’s?

Was able to register my Marriott Biz

If I have three cards registered – can I utilize the promotion 3x (once on each of the cards)? Or are you limited to one promo per login?



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