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Published on November 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Southwest Cards 50,000 Points After $2,000 In Spend [Use At Own Risk]

Yesterday we shared that it was now possible to get a bonus of 60,000 points on all four Chase Southwest cards. The difficulty is the spend required on those offers. It has been possible to get 50,000 points after $2,000 in spend on the Southwest Plus personal card ($69 annual fee) and the Southwest Priority personal card ($149 annual fee) when applying during a Southwest flight and at some airports.

We now have confirmation data points that if you apply using these links when you’re not on a Southwest flight or at a participating airport you still get the bonus. Keep in mind there is no landing page for these offers confirming the sign up bonus, so apply at your own risk:

Earning 110,000 Southwest points earns you the Companion Pass. The best way to time your 110,000 miles is to earn the 110,000 threshold at the beginning of the calendar year since Companion Pass continues for the next entire calendar year. For example, if you earn 110,000 Southwest miles during January 2019, you’ll have the Companion Pass for the rest of 2019 and the entire 2020.

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The question is whether the leaked link is actually a referral link?

Any shot at getting a match for a recently applied 40K offer?

Just called! Chase rep says he’ll change the 40K/$1K to 50K/$2K; as soon as I meet the $2K spend requirement, I’ll have to call in for Chase to adjust the bonus amount.

Will, what are the odds that:

1) Chase/Southwest pulls this in-flight offer now that these links are in the wild – or

2) Chase starts denying all apps / doesn’t pay out the bonus on applications from these links arguing that there was no landing page / language that had an offer?

1) Doubtful they would pull the entire offer. Fairly likely they will close the loophole soon now that it is leaked widely.

2) DPs indicate that the offer is attached. Chase would have to clawback the points which they do not have a history of doing.

Seriously! I’m not a fan of this.. it scares me because I was hoping to sign up legitimately in a couple weeks.

Me too. We have a flight early December and was just approved for the biz card a few days ago.

correct me if i am wrong but clawbacks only occur if the points are on the banks end, i.e. Chase UR points, vs those of co-brand, SW points. There is no definitive way that can occur, correct? Chase can’t just tell SW to pull points back…

Applied for the Priority and was instantly approved. I called Chase and they confirmed the sign up bonus offer is 50k points after $2k spend in 3 months. I’m 4/24 and was approved for the Southwest Biz 3 days ago.

so landing page is 50k/$2000?

Any issues in applying for this personal card first and a business card after 30 days? I feel like Chase will pull this off before the morning.

go for the business one first if you’re at 4/25.

Applied for biz and personal card, in that order, same day, and was instant approved for both. YMMV.

Did you get 2 hard pulls or they were combined to 1 pull?

I’m going to the airport in a few weeks and a 50k bonus on a new personal card would compliment my month old SW biz card nicely for the CP. Do I have the timing right? If my statement closes on 11/25, 12/25, and 1/25/19, I can charge $2000 on 12/26/18 and miles from that spend + 50k bonus will be credited to my SW account in 2019 when the statement closes on 1/25/19? Or should I wait until 1/1/19 to be 100% without a doubt clear.

you should change your “due date” so chase will adjust your closing date to sometime around 1/7/19, then charge the $2000 on 1/1/19

Sounds like you should be fine. I wait until the very last day or two of the year just to be certain.

Main thing to be careful about is Chase has a history of being a little “Over Generous” when it comes to the spend requirement. People have reported getting the bonus even though they had made purchase returns that have them under the bonus spend thresh-hold.

Is it possible to get someone (my sister) the 50k deal on a personal card while getting myself the 10k referral bonus? I’m advising her to get the business card for 60K bonus plus a personal card.

Not possible.

Waiting to finish up a mortgage before I apply but wanting to apply for the CP ASAP afterwards, should I apply for business/personal on same day (business first) to avoid two credit pulls?

If I understand correctly, I can apply for both the cards with the links you mentioned and get 50k points on each card after 2k spend on each card?

I am on 3/24 and if this is possible, can I apply for both on the same day or simultaneously adn become eligible for the points?

No. You apply for the Biz card for 60k/4k and then the personal card with this link for 50k/2k.

You cannot because you’re limited to one bonus from the personal SW cards every 24 months. This does not apply to SW Premier Business credit card.

Thanks. I need to figure out how to apply for Business cards . Ayy tips? I do not have any businesses on my name

Hey doc, I’ve been following the blog for a while. Thanks for all you do!! Heads up, it is available in the sw iOS app as well with a direct link accessible. Blessings, Mike

Hey there, sorry first time posting, please change my name to Mikebear, I don’t want my full name out there, thanks!!

Applied last night, had to call recon this morning to get approved, rep confirmed the offer of 50k/2k.

did you apply using the link above?

I used the one from r/churning but I’m assuming it is the same as the above.

Should I apply for the biz card first and then the personal? How many days should I wait between apps? I believe I am at 2/24 with 2 Chase biz cards and 4 personal cards.

The offer above may go dead any day. Best to apply now for the personal card even though the typical advise is applying for biz first. You need to be 0/30 applying for biz cards for Chase though.

Is 0/30 for the biz card mean no applications within 30 days that are either personal or biz?

Got instant approval for the SW Priority card through your link above! Was approved for SW Biz 21 days ago. Called & the rep confirmed 50K for $2K spend in 3 months (actual deadline for me is 3/10/19).

Same for me! I used the Priority link above and was instantly approved — through Chase secure messaging had the 50K/$2K signup bonus confirmed. I got the 60K/$3K SW Business card in late October.

Same here. i applied 1 bus and personal. First got approved 60k w/ 3k spend for bus card after 15 mins applied for the SW Priority using the link above, didn’t get auto approved called recon after 2 mins got approved. Called after 15 mins again verified the offer and it was confirmed by rep offer is 50k w/ 2k spend. I was hit with 2 hard pulls with Experian and for some weird reason, personal card pulled my Transunion and Experian.

I grabbed a couple of screenshots of the ad and the landing page on my flight last night. They show the bonuses at 50k for both the Plus and the Priority card.

As another DP, I applied for the Plus card directly from the link (not while on a flight) and confirmed the 50k bonus with $2k spend with Chase.

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