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Southwest Cards 60,000 Points Signup Bonus on All Personal Card Versions ($12k Spend Needed)

The Offer

Chase has increased the signup bonus offer on all three versions of the Southwest personal card:


Card Details

  • Chase 5/24 rule does apply to this card
  • Annual fees are not waived the first year
  • The Premier personal card earns a 6,000 points anniversary bonus; the Plus earns 3,000 points anniversary bonus; the Priority earns 7,500 anniversary bonus.

Our Verdict

The Companion Pass timing on this might work out if these offers are still up in a month, but honestly these aren’t really great offers due to the $12,000 required spend. Most recently, these cards were all at 40,000 points. Back in June, they were at 60,000 on $2,000 spend.

Other signup options include have a friend refer you in which case you’ll get 40,000 points after $1,000 spend, plus your friend will get 10,000 points (just keep in mind the tax implications). Or do the 50,000 in-flight offer after $2,000 spend.

There are two business Southwest cards to consider as well:

Best option is probably to wait until October and signup for the Performance card, plus the referral offer or in-flight offer on the personal card. That will get you above the magical 110,00 points needed to earn Southwest Companion Pass.

Just be sure NOT to do the spend on the card until January or close to it: you need to time it so that the statement close which has the signup bonus points closes in January, but you also need to make sure to meet the full spend within 3 months of signup. There’s little room for maneuverability there; or just wait until later and hope these offers are still around.

Many of us are not eligible for any of the Southwest cards at all due to the 5/24 rule, or because you’re a current Southwest cardholder of any version or because you got a bonus within the past 24 months. Check out these Things to Know about Chase Credit Cards before applying.

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Chris H
Chris H

I was targeted for the Southwest Plus 60K bonus DURING 6K spend.

My mother, myself and P2 all are southwest rewards members. Myself and mother both received invitation. P2 did not. Mother has never had a SW card. I cancelled mine a year or two ago. P2 cancelled their SW card within the last year.

Targeted Offer
Offer is 10X points per dollar for first $6K in spend. – My timing for companion pass is a major consideration for either offer. Neither offer stands out in that respect as either one I would be doing most of the spend in January.

My target offer is definitely the better offer for myself and most other people not planning to heavily use the card. The public offer is certainly better for someone planning $12K spend anyways, as the offer calculation is actually slightly better for it.

If I spent $12,000 with my offer I would receive 60K + 6K Points.

If I spent $12,000 with the public offer I would receive 60K + 12K points.

**** Yes my offer is only for $6,000 spend. Showing calculation for $12,000 to show apple to apples that the public offer is better for someone planning on making the spend anyways.
– Bottom line: The targeted offer INCLUDES the rewards earned on the $6K spend as part of their bonus calculation. The public offer is typical and the rewards earned on all spend is in addition the the bonus(es).

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