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Published on September 5th, 2017 | by Chuck


Citi Prestige 75,000 Bonus Thank You Points Now Live

[Update 9/5/17: TPG reports today that this deal will end soon. “We don’t know exactly when the 75,000-point bonus is ending, but we do know that it will expire soon.” Maybe September 9th?]

Update: There’s now a public link 

The Offer

Direct Link 

  • Get 75,000 bonus Thank You points when signing up for a Citi Prestige card and spending $7,500 within three months

[Note, the public signup page is still showing the old 40k offer. The 75k link above is stripped down from TPG’s affiliate link. TPG has an exclusive on this signup bonus until August 1.]

Card Details

Make sure you’re aware of the new Citi application rule: signup bonus ThankYou points are not available if you have had ThankYou Preferred, ThankYou Premier or Citi Prestige cards opened or closed in the past 24 months.

  • Annual fee of $450
  • $50 additional user fee
  • $250 annual air travel credit
  • 4th hotel night free benefit
  • No foreign transaction fees

Card earns the following rates:

  • 3x points per $1 spent on all airlines, hotels and travel agencies
  • 2x points per $1 spent on all spend at restaurants and select entertainment
  • 1x point per $1 spent on all other purchases

See our full review on Citi Prestige here.

Our Verdict

We already knew last week that Citi would be increasing the bonus to 75,000 points. It’s a high spend threshold – but well worth it if you aren’t excluded due to the 24 month rule and can meet the $7,500 in spend. Remember, you can also get two $250 airline credits within the first year which more than offset the first annual fee.

There are also tons of other changes that went into effect for Cit Prestige today, including negative changes (no golf benefit, lower point redemption value to 1.25 CPP, no Admiral’s Club, changes in 4th night hotel benefit) and positive changes (cash redemption of 1 CPP, metal card, and an online booking benefit which you might not want to use).

Citi relationship clients can also get the Prestige card in-branch with the same signup bonus and just a $350 annual fee.

As an alternative to the Prestige card, you can signup for the Citi Premier 50,000 bonus Thank You points signup bonus which just needs $4,000 in spend to get the bonus. It might also be worth seeing if this offer is available in branch as they have been known to offer the lower annual fee of $350 that is usually reserved for Citi Priority Account Package holders. If anybody does go in branch, share your results in the comments.

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You can strip down the link even more and be more sure there’s no residual affiliate info:

I don’t qualify because of Citi’s 24 month rule. I believe Citi sends out AA applications without the 24 month rule — do you recall if Citi ever has Prestige applications without the 24 month language? Thanks!

Have they said when this offer will expire?

Gotta wait and see if they offer $350 AF in branch

That’s a good point, I’ll add to the post.

I would apply for it if they are willing to waive the annual fee for the first year.

How noble of you to be willing to accept 75k and $250 in exchange for nothing!

I don’t think $7500 plus a not so low interest rate is nothing.

Interest rate? You’re doing this wrong. Get out of this game if that’s even remotely a consideration on your part.

Do we know the $250 annual credit is still calendar year and not member year?

Yes they haven’t made any changes to that.

From their website: “This statement credit is an annual benefit available for purchases appearing on your billing statements from December through the following December”

Does Citi consider downgrading same as cancelling for 24 month bonus counting purpose?


Just applied Prestige last month. Would Citi match the offer?

send them a secure message now please, be the DP we all want to see

Unfortunately, it was denied 🙁

I got this prestige 2 years ago, and still have it. Can I apply another one? And it’s metal card now, should I call in to replace card now?

Wish the airline credit would have been a travel credit like the CSR. I see this card, for me, as $750 – $450 fee = $300 bonus. If the credit can buy airline GC then that would increase interest for me.

GC purchases should work as long as they post as from the airline. Payments workshop should have some DP for you:

that Payments workshop is *incredibly* useful. Thanks!

Thanks goes to Chuck for maintaining it and readers for providing the datapoints. Make sure you share it with others 😉

Hey Chuck,

If I prodct change from prestige to a no fee citicard, does that affect chase 5/24 status in any way? CSR says a product change gets a new card number.

Product changing shouldn’t effect your 5/24 status as your card will keep it’s account age.

how long does this promo will last? any cut off date?

Hey doc, what you are providing to this community is great. But , if one company (TPG) is having an exclusivity for the links , then they might have paid something to the BANK and it should stay as it is. What you are doing here is is no different then plagiarism . Reddit is a public forum , but this site is not.

Just for the sake of page hits ( You dont have to) / pacify your readers , dont post links for the sake of it. And there is no shame in sharing his link / article.

It is their business, dont ruin it

Give me a break, TPG is making money hand over fist with his affiliate links and “exclusivity”. How many pics do you see of him dining at 3 star Michelin restaurants and flying first class all the time? His blog preys on the uninformed and does most churners a disservice to benefit his pocketbook and lifestyle.

i especially love the posts that goes like:

I used my CSR (insert affiliate link) to pay for this United Standard Business Class Award 150,000 miles + $45.6 to Europe! I will earn 18 points, which in TPG valuation is $3, I feel like i’m getting a great return! The cash price for this flight is $4000, so i’m getting a 2.6 cpm on my flight, which I’d consider a great deal because it is above TPG’s valuation!

As of there aren’t any other airlines that fly the same route, or even book a cash price roundtrip business and it’ll likely just cost a little more.

Wow. I am going to pretend I didn’t even read this. You must work for TPG. What makes you think this site is somehow stealing? Just because the link is stripped down….. oy

dont worry about it. there will always be stupids around here. i consider myself pretty conservative in various aspects of this game, but that comment also made me laugh so whatever man…

Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock. Doc, you may have to create a downvote mechanism, just for comments like this lol. This comment is appalling considering how loyal you are to your readership Doc. Keep doing what you do, I love your loyalt and judgment. Chuck and Will are the only guys I trust anymore. Thank you guys so much!


Go back to TPG.

I don’t see Will posting pics of him having breakfast at a four star hotel in Dubai every month. I won’t even click or go to TPG anymore.

That was supposed to be a reply to the above poster claiming plagiarism

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