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Published on January 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi Sears Mastercard – $150 Sign Up Bonus & Great Ongoing Spend Bonuses + 5%/3% Categories

This isn’t a new offer, but I somehow missed it increasing back to $150 so here’s a friendly reminder.

The Offer

Direct link to offer  (another link)

  • Get a sign up bonus of $150 when you spend $1,500 or more within 30 days from account opening


Card Details

  • Card earns at the following rates until December 31st, 2017:
    • 5% back in points on eligible purchases made at gas stations*
    • 3% back in points on eligible purchases at grocery stores and restaurants*
    • 2% back in points on eligible purchases made at Sears & Kmart
    • 1% back on all other purchases
  • No annual fee

*These categories have a combined limit of $10,000 in spend, after that they will earn 1% back in points

Our Verdict

$2,000 spend in 30 days is quite a lot and I’m surprise that is the requirement for this store card. $150 isn’t the best cash sign up bonus but it isn’t terrible either. The main reason to get this card is they often send out targeted promotions offering 10%/5% back on popular categories with decent caps. For example here are some recent targeted spending bonuses:

That’s why it’s listed as one of the best store credit cards.

The bonus categories aren’t actually that interesting as there are other cards that earn at higher rates:

Some people have had success at getting other versions of this card converted to a Citi ThankYou point earning card (no bonus categories but it means it earns ThankYou points during promotions). It’s also possible to do this with this card via secured message.  You can read our full review of this card here. Before asking any basic questions or applying make sure you read through these things everybody should know about Citi cards.

Hat tip to reader @VM4827

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any idea if the 5%. and 3% category earnings will reset lower after december? its odd that a sears card earns less on sears purchases than other categories, unless its a teaser rate.

huge monthly spend to qualify for the bonus, but if the 5/3% is of interest thats maybe the bonus for some?

Can you PC to this card? I won’t be renewing my prestige and this sounds like a good no AF card.

Is there a foreign transaction fee on this card?

so reading the link to “best store cards” for this, it says “if you get the cash back version or the TY point version”…can you control what version you get? I’d apply for this for cash or TYP, but not SYW points. The verbiage on the online application talks about the SYW program. or as you imply above, do you apply and then do a PC if you don’t get the version you want? I don’t want to waste a hard pull, and i’m not doing this for the bonus (if I manage to pull that off, great, if not, no big deal), so being stuck with a SYW card would be a disappointment.

citi has not bothered me with my ms on the 2x card, but only do 1k monthly on that card thru Most other 5/6% grocery cash back are limited to 6k yearly spend. Some 3% grocery cb cards are also capped at 6K. (consumers credit union) The obc card does have a50k cap. But with this card if one buys 2k in VGC at grocery, you would net 150.00 bonus plus 3% of 2k =60.00. Not bad for 210.00 (minus $24.00 in fees). Just mix in a few cans of tuna with the purchase. The kicker for me is the targeted bonus offers. If I get them, it would be a great card. Can any one know if you will get these offers? I’ll apply this weekend.

Is the card actually CB or SYW points?

I am still confused. Does this SYW version have targeted cash back offer too? If not, why get this card? Obviously, TYP is out of the way because this card earns SYW.

Applied yesterday, went to pending status. When trying to check the status over phone or online, Citi doesn’t seem to find my application. I see a hard inquiry on Equifax though. Does anyone have similar experience?

Has anyone transferred SYW card into TYP card? If so, will the points earned also transfer to TYP? How about the 5321 promotion?

Similar offer showed in shopping cart. $150 for $1500 spend. Promo end date late December.

Hi Doc,

Here’s a better link:

1500 spend. Same bonus. I’ve been heavily involved in SYW Uber rewards recently so glad I can help lol

Yes, this card is much better, although rewards are SYW points only

i used to make a fortune off that, but recently they stopped accruing automatically and i have to email CS. they want to see proof it wasn’t pool bc they’re stupid and think split fare and pool is the same thing. their fine print bans split fare. have you had an issue and do you have any advice for me?

I routinely get Citi 10x TYP Offers but don’t find much value for regular spend and there aren’t any easy MS techniques I am aware of.
Educate me if I am wrong.

Maybe buying GC from S&S?

The $150 bonus is after $1,500 of spend within 90 days, not $2,000 of spend within 30 days.

Yea, it is 1,500 in 90 days from the day you get approved. You can call and they will expedite the card free of charge, so you can start spending right away… But the trick is you actually need to wait three days before they can expediate the card to you…

I applied today, and got approval for $4,500 … score of 750ish, with 14/24

i have this card and am a longtime kmart/syw user. this card is ok…. it somehow “broke” my syw account and had to be linked to a whole new syw account to redeem the points…it was a hassle. syw/sears/kmart’s IT leaves much to be desired. also, when i signed up it had a spend 500, get 100 bonus, so this is a really high spend, just like the doc says for a kind of lame-ish card

I have been looking at this card since a FTU attendee mentioned the TYP targeted offers to me in November. Product changing from other Citi cards has not worked for me, so I will give this one a try and see if I can onward convert to the TYP-earning version.

Confirmed 2/6/2018 that you can convert this card from SYW points to TY points via secure message request. Here is my response I received:

“We will unenroll your account from Shop Your Way and enroll you in the
ThankYou program in then 24-48 hours. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. ”

Don’t bother calling customer service to make this request. I tried that first and was told it wasn’t possible. I did confirm online that my account shows I am now earning TY points. This was a new card for me with no spend on it before I made the request so can’t confirm if points already earned transfer over to TY points but I would assume they would.

I opened this card hoping I will also receive some of the same lucrative 10X bonus ThankYou point promotions that my husband has received in the past. He’s had his Sears Citi card for many years and has received some great bonus offers like earn 10X TY points for gas/groceries/restaurants up to 60K points per month. That was Oct-Dec 2017.

I secure messaged asking to convert to a cash back card. They replied and said they wanted to talk directly to me. Well, what a waste of time. They had no idea what I was asking. I have secure messaged them again to see if I can get any satisfaction.

Do you still earn rewards in TY points after the enrollment? Say, 5% gas.

@farley.. I am curious too about the above. Anybody have an idea? I just got the SYWR Card. Gonna try contacting citi through secure message and change to thank you points. However, I wonder after switching to thank you points, will I still get the 5%,3%,2%,1% promotion.

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