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Published on September 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite 75,000 Point Sign Up Bonus ($400 AF Not Waived, Lounge Access & $250 Travel Credit)

The Offer

Direct link to offer, keep in mind you cannot apply online and must apply in branch

  • Receive a signup bonus of 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend within 90 days of account opening on the City National Crystal Visa Infinite card.
  • From September 17th until December 17th, 2018 they are offering an additional 25,000 points

Card Details

Our Verdict

This card has gone through a lot of different offers. When this card first launched it had a 100,000 point bonusthen 70,000 points, then it was 50,000 points and no annual fee, then 50,000 points with the annual fee and now finally 75,000 points with the annual fee. This card is still insane value due to the fact that authorized users also get their own airline credit and you can up to three of them. Because of that I will be adding it to our list of the best credit card bonuses, even though this isn’t the highest offer we’ve seen on this card.

Keep in mind it is difficult to get approved.  You need to go in branch to apply branches are in: NY, DE, GA, TN, NV & CA, D.C., MN with the vast majority of branches in California [branch locator here]. They are also a very selective bank looking for high networth/income individuals (although some reports of people getting approved with lower salaries). You should also be able to apply in branch even if you don’t live in a state with branches. If you live near a branch or are planning to be near a branch at any stage I definitely think this card is worth applying for.

Hat tip to reader Chong786


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City National opened a DC branch a few months ago. I am guessing that the offer is valid there, too.

Has anyone tried to go in? On the branch locator it says “by appointment only”

Yes. Went in a few weeks ago to apply in the middle of the week. Took about 30 minutes to complete everything. Bring 2 recent paystubs and W2.

Thanks for the confirmation otherwise I would have skipped on the trip to DC because the branch locator still doesn’t recognize that as a banking center and says:
“Banking services are not available at this location”

If you already have this card, would you be willing to share some details about how the redemptions work? Are the gift cards a penny a point? Are they electronic or physical cards? What about travel redemptions? Is there a travel portal? Are travel redemptions a penny a point, or is there a multiplier? How do you claim the $100 companion fare discount?

gift cards have been devalued worth abiut .8 cents a point. the cards value is with the 3 authorized users that get the $250 annual airline credt and tht e 2 priotity pass memberships, the second memebership must be one of the authorized users and can only be changed one a year. That alone makes it the best value, rarelt use it anymore for anything else since the visa gift cards were devalued last year

There is a travel portal and I used my points (signed up with 70k sign up bonus) to book an all inclusive resort in Cancun. The companion discount is through Visa Infinite, where you have to make a round trip purchase for 2 or more including yourself. I believe it’s for domestic flights only.

City National has a branch in Minneapolis.

I applied online a while back and was declined. Turns out, having a checking account will allow online access thus opens up the credit card application as well. However, if you don’t make $100k+ don’t bother, you will be declined regardless of score!

do they verify income? if so how?

They do verify income. They asked for paystubs and bank statements. I was approved with $75k income and roughly $50k in assets at the DC branch.

Did you make an appointment at the DC branch or just walk in? Thanks

Yes, I have to provide my last two pay periods of salary information/payslips.

Printed copy or email of the same is fine?. I am planning to go tomorrow- wondering what to carry.

A paper copy of W2 is fine.

I would say that $70k+ is around the lower limit from my discussions with the staff at the La Jolla branch. They take into consideration what other assets you have, but also factor in your rent or mortgage payment (they may ask proof of what your payments are if your income is low enough).

So would a loophole to avoid going in branch be to apply for a checking or savings account online and then get access to a link to apply online for the card?

There’s 1 branch in Atlanta called an “entertainment office,” anyone have success there?

Can people share what works for airline credits? It seems that AA gift cards are the only ones that work predominantly. But hate having them since cam only use 5 at a time. What about delta? Anyone I know when united gift registry will reopen? United doesn’t like free money? Why food they close it?

Follow the link under “Card Details” above. That post has a variety of data points.

The airline credit section is in need of refresh with fresh data points. All I see working are AA gift cards.

8 AA GCs can be used per transaction, according to AA GC website.

Anyone have any info on scra or mla benefits for military?

I was just told no waived fees over the phone from a California branch

The given link says: “Contact your local City National banker, or call us at (800) 773-7100. Already a City National client? Click here to log in to City National Online and apply.” So I suppose simply calling them would work? A branch visit is not really required?

When I called, they said that you can apply in branch only.

Does anyone know which credit bureau City National pulls? Is it Experian, Equifax or TransUnion? Thanks!

Experian only. Not inquiry sensitive.

Would you mind sharing your x/24 status when you applied? Thanks.

Approved at 29/24, 20+ inquiries.

Have had the card for a bit under two months. I have received one billing statement. I wonder if they will match the 75K? I received 50K.

My banker was not able to match.

I have had the card for a week or so for 50k. Going to try to get a match!

Reached out to be matched. Was told that that promotion is for current CNB customers…..

I don’t buy it but what can I do!

Any DPs on opening accounts for you and your spouse and adding each other as AUs on eachothers’ account?

If you can, it seems like a couple could rake on this. 2×75,000 points (presumably $1,500 towards travel), 4x$250 travel reimbursements x 2 cards (up to $2,000 in value), first membership year get the reimbursements twice (based on calendar, not cardmember year), so that $2,000 in credits becomes $4,000.

Year one value: $5,100 ($1500+4000-400)
Subsequent years profit $600 per card ($1,000 in reimbursements – $400 AF).

All this without factoring in GoGo, PP, GE, $100 off airline tickets, etc.

Am I missing something??

Yes you can add each other as AUs. Of course you will each need 2 more AUs

Aren’t you only subtracting one annual fee the first year instead of two?

Yeah, he is missing the second annual fee in the first year.

@Points Adventure that’s nuts. I feel like with the SSN, something would pop up for them.

Opened a card a month ago. Anyone know if they’ll match the offer? I’m going to try anyway

Would this card waive the annual fee for active duty military just like Chase and AMEX?

I can confirm that you can actually have 4 authorized users. I didn’t try for 5.

Good reminder. My banker did say more AUs are possible after default 3. Did you have to do anything special to add 4th?

To echo William Charles, are you saying you have one main cardholder, plus 4 AUs (so 5x travel credit/year)? That would be new news!

How were you able to add 4th AU? It looks like I can only add 3 on the application?

I called and asked for it to be added after I had received the card.

Do you think further ones (5, 6, etc) could be added? Or did they yell you that they could only add one more?

I didn’t try so don’t know. Can you try and let us know?

Justin I called twice to add an additional user and in both cases they referred me to my manager. They said they can’t do it over the phone. At best they offered to email my manager for me. Any insight on how you managed to get to number 4 over the phone?

Their call representative also contacted my manager for me (the original one I had signed up with was no longer there).

Justin but my manager says he can’t add more. Wondering how to explain to him that I know that he can.

Managed to get a 4th one added. Want to try for 5 but will give it some time.

Can you explain the process a little more. I’m trying to do this also. Did you finally get your banker to do it or did you get a rep on the customer service line to do it? Thanks

My banker. But he didn’t realize that it was number 4.

Please stop. If people start getting more and more AUs, we will soon all be limited to 1 credit. Be happy with what we have with 3 AUs and a primary all getting the credit. That is plenty generous without abusing it.

Does additional AU show up in credit history bureau?. Do they ask for SSN?.

Not sure about credit history, but the bank does ask for SSN and a copy of ID for each AU.

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