Posted by William Charles on January 12, 2017
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Published on January 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Confirmed: Chase Sapphire Reserve In Branch 100,000 Bonus Will End March 12th

As we mentioned yesterday the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 point bonus has decreased to 50,000 online (some links are still showing the 100,000 point offer – but they mention yesterday’s end date so probably not worth the risk). The in branch offer is still at 100,000 points, but we’ve now confirmed that this will end on March 12th (as somewhat expected, this is date when in branch changes are made).


This change also applies to Chase Private Client customers. This means you’ll want to check if you’re pre-approved for this card in branch on or before March 11th (remember that in branch pre-approvals bypass 5/24).

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Are you able to call the Chase reconsideration line 30 days after being denied in branch like you can for an online application? I’ll end up dropping below 5/24 in March which means I won’t be eligible until April.

Me too. Unfortunately I will only be by a Chase bank the final weekend of Feb so even a reconciliation won’t save me. I’ll check anyway in case I am preapproved.

I’m in the same boat, but I had assumed that I could apply, say, March 8th if I dropped from 5/24 to 4/24 on March 7th. Where did you hear about the 30 day thing?

From the 5/24 FAQ on this site it goes by calendar month, so the specific day in March doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t be eligible until April.

The 30 days thing is the time you can call the reconsideration line after being denied.

just left a chase branch at 11:25am 03/11/17, applied, accepted and got the 100k bonus. Today IS the LAST DAY!

Sitting here for an hour. The link was removed from employee intranet and when they called corporate customer service for assistance, they told her to have us apply online and 50k was all we could get and hung up on her. Twice.

The bonus is still live online for anyone still thinking about applying online. According to reddit it has been extended until 10 pm EST tonight!

It’s now at 50,000 bonus after $4,000 spend in first 3 months. 9:19 PM ET Jan.12,2017:( (going through chase homepage).

Ack, Reddit you failed us! Serious bummer! It was still live earlier this morning 🙁

Not worth it at 50K to me since I do not travel.

Do i need to be a Chase checking or savings account holder to be able to apply for the CSR in a branch?

Thank you,

You do not have to be a current Chase customer to apply at a branch. Applying in person could be beneficial since the bankers can call the Reconsideration Line, and they would have an incentive to get a customer approved.

So if I go under 5/24 on 4/9 and apply on 4/10, my understanding is I should still be denied under 5/24. But if I call recon 5/1 I have good odds of being approved since I’ll be below 5/24 (based on above discussion). My question is, would I still be under the 100,000 point offer or would I be dropped to 50,000 since I was approved after the cutoff date?

I mean March, not April. Brain isn’t functioning properly this early.

You may not really have to wait. My husband had 5/24; we miscounted 4 when he applied (in-branch). He initially got rejected after about 4 days through a letter that said the reason was the number of accounts opened in the last 2 years. However, he called recon and they didn’t seem bothered by the number of credit cards opened. Instead, they focused on moving his existing credit lines around. They said he needed to free up $10k which is the min. for the reserve, so he authorized them to move $4k from his Preferred, $4k from Hyatt, and $2k from United. He was then approved and we should have the card in the mail in 2 days. So if you have other Chase cards, applying before the March in-branch deal is up and calling recon if needed might work to get you the 100k points. However, this was just my husband’s case so I am not 100% sure if it’ll work for you. Risk the hard pull with caution!

Got approved in branch today even though I was already at 5/24. The card already shows up on my account. Glad I tried this!

I’m at 5/24 until June. Too scared to try it. Do I just go for the hard pull? Haven’t opened a card in 8 months 🙁

Applied in branch yesterday after previously being declined in September. Was approved without any recon, $33K line of credit. I had a few cards drop off my 24 month cycle and am officially under 5/24. Glad I got in on the 100K bonus before its gone.

Applied three days ago in branch and was approved immediately with $10k credit line and $2k CA limit. You should be presented with a disclosure form confirming the 100k signup bonus before the banker does anything else.

Just curious, were you under 5/24? There are some reports of being approved in branch even though over 5/24:

Trying to find more data points.

Not pre-approved but still under 5/24.

I applied 3/8/2017 for the CSR in a branch and was instantly approved. 100k bonus offer disclosure handed to me as part of my application paperwork the banker printed off. DP: Chase Credit Journey score of 805/850.

Before the CSR, I was 6/24. 4 are my cards and 2 AUs. However, 2 should drop off in April as they were opened 3/6/2015 and 3/26/2015 (usually data points point to next full month, which would be April 1).

Completing the Chase Trifecta to go for Ultimate Rewards gold!!
CSR – Dining / Travel spend only (3x)
CF – Max out bonus categories each quarter only (5x)
CFU – ALL “other non-bonus category” purchases (1.5x)
Redeem for Travel using CSR redemption rate of 1.5x in the UR portal.

Would it be possible to use the 100,000 points for cash?

Is the first year fee waived?

What if you have received a sign up bonus from chase recently? Would you be ineligible to get this?

We dont have chase branch in stl so can i call the nearest branch 200 miles away and apply for the CSR on the phone to get 100k signup bonus by march 12th?

They are playing dumb about the 100,000 when I went into the branch today.

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