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Published on June 5th, 2015 | by William Charles


Confirmed: Discover Deals Will Be Doubled (And Referrals)

Discover is currently having an amazing promotion for new and existing Discover it cardholders (including Discover it Chrome & Discover it secured, but excluding Discover it Miles) where all cash back you earn for the next twelve billing cycles (starting your next statement cycle). We’ve discussed this deal in depth in this post and I’d recommend reading that if you haven’t already.

What we weren’t sure about was whether Discover Deals cash back would be doubled, people had heard conflicting answers from customer service representatives (CSR) in the past and I’m always hesitant to rely on front line CSR anyway. I’ve received a response from the Discover media team and they confirm that it will be doubled:

Regarding Discover Deals; cash back earned through the portal is doubled. Whatever cash back a cardmember earns through 12-months (regular purchase, Discover Deals, Refer-A-Friend, 5% rotating categories, etc.) will be doubled.

This is great news and makes this deal even better as the Discover Deals shopping portal usually already has the best rates, if you double them then it’s even better. If you’re not already a Discover cardholder, then I’d recommend signing up for a card. Your best bet would be to use somebody else’s referral link, that way you’ll both earn a $50 bonus (which is doubled to $100). You can refer up to 10 friends per year which means you could earn a total of $1,000 in cash back from referrals alone. To refer somebody, log in here:

Also keep in mind that you can have up to two Discover cards, your first card must have been opened for at least one year for your second. It’s also possible to have two Discover it cards (thus doubling the $1,500 you can spend per quarter in the 5%/10% rotating categories), I’m not sure if it’s possible to refer yourself but it is you’d basically be getting a sign up bonus of $200 which is pretty great when coupled with the 10% categories for the next year. If you’ve had any experience referring yourself, please let us know in the comments.

You can share your referral links in the comments, but if you do so then please try to contribute to the site by answering other peoples questions (on this post and others) and sending me any deals you come across in the future as that way everybody benefits.

As always, big thanks to the Discover media team for answering my query. The reason they didn’t answer earlier is entirely my own fault.

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I was going to wait until the end of the year to sign up for the Discover It because they typically have a $150 signup bonus. What do you think, should I just get it now? I don’t spend that much on my cards (for actual spending) though I do a bit of gift card churning.
It looks to me if I can get an extra $50 from the doubling of cash back, then I should sign up now with a friend’s referral link. Anything I’m missing?

If you sign up before July 31st, you will get a whole year’s doubled cash back. eg. Rotating Category: 1500×10%x2=600 (if you max them out by anyway including MS). It will be far more than the 150 signup bonus


You have until July 31st to sign up for double cash back, so definitely don’t wait until the end of the year!

I agree with beyondthewrap. I don’t think we will see the $150 bonus before July 31. The doubling of cash back of discover deals and 2%/10% make this deal too good to pass up.

if you max out the quarter bonus you’ll earn $150 plus you’ll have $100 sign up bonus. I’d say jump on it now.

Hello everyone,

If anyone is planning on signing up and doesn’t have a referral link yet, you’re more than welcome to use mine. We’d both get $50. It even doubles to 100 for the first year. Thank you!

If anyone needs a referral link to get $50,(doubles!) pretty please use mine 🙂

I just signed up and have plenty of referrals, thank you to anyone who uses mine!

That is really awesome! Thank you!

BTW, I would apreciate it so much if someone would like to use my referral link:

I have a refer a friend link. It is $50 for you and $50 for me (before the doubling). You can email me at and I’ll send asap.

I can refer up to 20 people because my wife has the card as well.

Thanks Will for letting us post our personal referrals! That’s my referral link, in case you didn’t want to email me. Don’t know why it didn’t show up the first time.


I just used your referral for the Discover It card for my wife.

Thanks to DOC also for letting us share referrals.


Here is another referral link:
Thanks to DoC for letting us share!!


I just used your referral for the Discover It card.


can i change my DISCOVER MORE card to discover IT card. without hard pull of course.

Yes. Call then up. They will be happy to change you over. Did it for 2 cards in about 15 minutes.

i just converted my card over chat. it took me 2 min.

I did this but that closed my account, shortening my AoA.

Thanks . I enrolled for double offer after reading your post . I got $100 bonus on my Discover IT this week but i am not sure which promotion got me the bonus .

I have a classic Discover Card that I have had for probably 20 years. Can I change this over to a Discover IT card? Should I? The second question focuses on whether I would lose the length of having that open account on my credit history. Any insight would be helpful?

Thanks for letting us share our referral links

Here’s a referral link for those looking to apply!

As usual thanks DoC!

Here is my referral link:
Thanks a lot for allowing us to share our referral links here.

Here is a referral link ready for use.

Another Link:
Been following this blog for a few months now and it has become my most trusted.

It would be much appreciated if anyone was interested in signing up and used my referral link. You can email me at awchua at gmail dot com


Double discover deal is the best one for me, thank you for sharing. I applied for a Discover it for one of my friends yesterday, pretty easy, she had a thin credit history (6 months) but the was approved instantly for $ 2000 limit. I leave my referral link below.

That’s 50% off Papa Johns and 10% off Apple people…we live in amazing times!

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