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Published on September 1st, 2016 | by William Charles


What Credit Bureau Does Bank of America Pull?


Find out what credit bureau (formally known as consumer reporting agencies) Bank of America pulls for credit card applications. For the purposes of this post, we only looked at data from 2014 onwards.

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Table Key & Combined Stats

To keep things easy, we will use the following acronyms.

EX = Experian
EQ = Equifax
TU = TransUnion
NI = No information

The number next to the acronym represents the number of data points we have. In total we have 129 data points sourced from the Credit Boards Credit Pull page. Of those applications:

  • 106 or ~82.17% of all applications pulled an Experian credit report
  • 9 or ~6.98%  of all applications pulled an Equifax credit report
  • 14 or ~10.85% of all applications pulled an TransUnion credit report


AbbrevationState NameCredit Bureau Pulled
ALAlabama EX: 2
AKAlaska EX: 1
AZArizona TU: 1 EQ: 1
ARArkansas EX: 2
CACalifornia (CA) EX: 15 TU: 6 EQ: 4
COColorado TU: 3
CTConnecticut TU: 1
DEDelaware EX: 1 TU: 1
FLFlorida EX: 10 TU: 2
GAGeorgia EX: 4 TU: 2
HIHawaii EQ: 1 TU: 1
IDIdaho EX: 2
ILIllinois EX: 11 TU: 2 EQ: 1
INIndiana NI
KSKansas NI
KYKentucky EX: 1 TU: 1
LALouisiana EX: 1 TU: 2 EQ: 1
MEMaine NI
MDMaryland EX: 1 TU: 2
MAMassachusetts EX: 7 TU: 3
MIMichigan EX: 1 TU: 3
MNMinnesota EQ: 1
MSMississippi EX: 1
MOMissouri NI
MTMontana NI
NENebraska NI
NVNevada EX: 1 TU: 1
NHNew Hampshire EX: 1 TU: 1
NJNew Jersey EX: 3 TU: 1
NMNew Mexico NI
NYNew York EX: 5 TU: 3 EQ: 1
NCNorth Carolina EX: 3 TU: 2 EQ: 2
NDNorth Dakota NI
OKOklahoma NI
OROregonEX: 1 TU: 2
PAPennsylvaniaEX: 4 TU: 2
RIRhode IslandEX: 1
SCSouth Carolina EX: 1 TU: 1
SDSouth Dakota NI
TNTennessee NI
TXTexas EX: 13 TU: 8
VTVermont NI
VAVirginia EX: 1
WAWashington EX: 6 TU: 2 EQ: 2
WVWest Virginia NI
WIWisconsin EQ: 1
WYWyoming NI
DCDistrict Of Colombia EX: 1

What Happens If Your Report Is Frozen?

There is mixed reports with Bank of America, some say they will pull another report if yours is frozen and other say they won’t. But the most recent data points suggest that they will.

Our Verdict

Looks like in most states that Experian will be used, although occasionally your TransUnion or Equifax report will be used instead. I hope this is useful to some people.

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BoA personal: EX
BoA business: TU


with a freeze on my EX, applied for CC of alaska & spirit with $100 stmt credit…went pending…called consideration…analyst said no decision b/c of the EX freeze…requested a pull from TU…after few minutes, got approved for both with a CL of 15K & 10K respectively

wife, with the similar high credit score as mine w/o a freeze on EX, applied for both CCs…immediately got denied b/c of multiple other CCs & inquiries of late…spoke with analyst for recon, denied…requested another recon from a supervisor, still denied b/c of multiple inquiries…was told that the appl will stay on file for 90 days for a future recon if choose…after 90 days, need to start new appl


Exactly the same experience as you.

2 Alaska with EX frozen, pending, recon, approved.


Will or anyone, to be recon in future (next 30-60 days) in the wife’s case, any suggestion or tip to get approved? may be open a bank acct with BoA, or anything else? wonder if they offer any bonus for banking presently?


Personal and Business pulls different in NY. IIRC, it was EX for personal and TU and business


I’m in Iowa and have applied for a rather large number of BofA cards over the past few years and they pull Experian consistently. The only exception was a TU pull when I applied for the Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card.


PA Data point
2 personal Card applications EX
1 personal card credit limit increase TU


Here in Delaware it was EX for the card approval itself, TU for a CLI.


for CLI if hard pull = Transunion


TN – Pulled EX for Alaska Airlines personal card


Nevada DP:
1 pull from Experian
1 pull from TransUnion

Both pulls the same day when I applied for Alaska Business and Personal cards. Unfortunately, for this reason, I don’t know which pull originated from which application.

Last year my SO applied for a personal 1,2,3% cash back card and TU was pulled. So, my best guess is that the same happened here for me with these Alaska applications, and that the business app pulled Experian and personal pulled TU, pure speculation on this though.


Just FYI, the State Name for DC is “District of Columbia”, not “Capital”.


I was denied based on INQ through ARS recently from BofA according to denial letter last week.

Guess I’ll need to finally freeze that and sage stream


From my experience and what I’ve seen from data points, BoA pulls EX for personal cards and either EQ or TU for business cards. I live in California and have two BoA cards.

Cash Rewards – EX
Alaska Biz – EQ


Maybe add ARS to the Chart ?


In June BOA pulled EX for my wife’s personal card, and we’re in CO.


In August BOA pulled EX for my AS personal card. We’re in the Denver area.


DP: EX pulled in Colorado for personal last week. Was really hoping it would be TU since my EX has been hit pretty hard.


In FL and another data point supporting Spencer’s post:

Applied BOA Cash Rewards. Pulled EX at time of application. Received currently in review status. Decided to let it sit there for a day or two, 2 days later, pulled TU. FICO08 735 TU 758 EX. Became a denial with TU pull. Waiting for letter to see what the reasons were before going for recon. So, 2 pulls for 1 application. I’ll just freeze TU next time now that I know. No relationship with BOA, but have several 10k+ lines with USAA, Barclay, Fifth-Third, THD/Sears CBNA, etc.

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