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Published on October 11th, 2016 | by William Charles


What Credit Bureau Does Discover Pull?


Find out what credit bureau (formally known as consumer reporting agencies) Discover pulls for credit card applications. For the purposes of this post, we only looked at data from 2014 onwards. We are also only looking at cards issued by Discover and not cards that run on their payment network.

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Table Key & Combined Stats

To keep things easy, we will use the following acronyms.

EX = Experian
EQ = Equifax
TU = TransUnion
NI = No information

The number next to the acronym represents the number of data points we have. In total we have 448 data points sourced from the Credit Boards Credit Pull page. Of those applications:

  • 112 or ~25% of all applications pulled an Experian credit report
  • 233 or ~52%  of all applications pulled an Equifax credit report
  • 103 or ~23% of all applications pulled an TransUnion credit report
AbbrevationState NameCredit Bureau Pulled
ALAlabama EX: 2 EQ: 3
AKAlaska EX: 1 EQ: 1
AZArizona EX: 1 EQ:4
ARArkansas TU: 2
CACalifornia (CA)  EX: 19 EQ: 44 TU: 17
COColorado EQ: 7
CTConnecticut EX: 1 EQ: 4 TU: 1
DEDelaware EQ: 1 TU: 1
FLFlorida EX: 10 EQ: 21 TU: 12
GAGeorgia EQ: 14 TU: 8
HIHawaii EX: 2 EQ: 1
IDIdaho EX: 2
ILIllinois EX: 16 TU: 5
INIndiana EX: 1 EQ: 4
IAIowa EQ: 1
KSKansas EX: 1 EQ: 2
KYKentucky EQ: 2 TU: 1
LALouisianaEX: 1 EQ: 4
MEMaine EQ: 2
MDMaryland EX: 2 EQ: 4 TU: 1
MAMassachusetts EX: 2 EQ: 8
MIMichigan EX: 2 EQ: 4 TU: 1
MNMinnesota EX: 4 EQ: 6
MSMississippi EX: 1 EQ: 3 TU: 1
MOMissouri EX: 1 EQ: 4 TU: 1
MTMontana EQ: 1 TU: 2
NENebraska EX: 1
NVNevada EQ: 8
NHNew Hampshire EX: 1 EQ: 1
NJNew Jersey EQ: 9 TU: 1
NMNew Mexico EQ: 1 TU: 1
NYNew York EX: 7 EQ: 30 TU: 8
NCNorth Carolina EX: 6 EX: 3 TU: 8
NDNorth Dakota EQ: 1
OHOhio EX: 7 EQ: 11 TU: 2
OKOklahoma N/A
OROregon EX: 1 EQ: 2 TU: 1
PAPennsylvania EX: 3 EQ: 12 TU: 3
RIRhode Island N/A
SCSouth Carolina EX: 2 EQ: 3 TU: 1
SDSouth Dakota EQ: 1
TNTennessee EX: 1 TU: 1
TXTexas EX: 11 EQ: 30 TU: 15
UTUtah EQ: 1
VTVermont TU: 1
VAVirginia EX: 1 EQ: 5 TU: 2
WAWashington EX: 2 EQ: 5 TU: 2
WVWest Virginia EQ: 1 TU: 1
WIWisconsin EX: 3 EQ: 1 TU: 5
WYWyoming N/A
DCDistrict Of Colombia N/A

What Happens If Your Report Is Frozen?

Discover won’t approve you with a frozen report, they also won’t accept a PIN to access a frozen report. Instead you’ll need to unfreeze your report first.

Our Verdict

As you can see Equifax is used more than half the time with the other two bureaus nearly being pulled one quarter of the time each. Discover doesn’t have a lot of cards worth considering, mainly just the Discover it & Discover it Miles (and possibly the Discover it Secured for people with bad credit).

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I was approved for a Discover IT in April of 2014. I am located in IL and they only pulled EQ.


I started out with a $500 secured limit. Now I have $37,000 unsecured!


Hi, Paul, how long did it take?


I applied Discover it a year ago and I was in Georgia. They pulled TU as well as ChexSystem (the only hard pull on my chexsystem report, it said TU on behalf of Discover).


It was EQ in Rhode Island when I applied in 2014

Jeff S.
Jeff S.

DP: VA – June 2016 – EQ


I have had my Experian frozen and received discover credit card mail offer 2 days ago. I’m in New York. So does this suggest they pull EQ & TU for me? I’ve sent back the mail offer that came with invitation code. I’ll advise if I’m still approved for my 7th CC this year.


No, it means that they pull either/or. If you live in NY, chances are, EQ would be the most likely CR to be pulled.


January 18, 2017: NJ – EQ (Discover IT Miles)


I live in Kansas. Had a hard Equifax pull. Instant approval for $12,500 limit. I was sent a preapproved letter in the mail with an application code to enter during the application.

Lamont Collins
Lamont Collins

Trans union best score nothing negative looking for cards that. Primary pull their score


Colorado resident here, applied about a week ago for Discover It and they pulled my report from Equifax.


Just a DP: applied on Dec 22nd, received notice from Credit Karma that they did a Equifax pull… MA resident here.

Eddie B
Eddie B

Equifax pull for me in NC…just applied for Discover It earlier this week.


They pulled Equifax for me. Gave me 8,000.


DP: HI, experian for Chase Freedom


Sorry, double. I’m drunk.


Equifax in MS for 2018.


In Arkansas they pulled Equifax and Trans. Denied due to “too many bankcards on file” (I have 12 open credit cards, for those wondering how many they considered too many)


MA resident, they pulled equifax in December of 2017 for the dicover it card.

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