[Expired] Dollar General: Save 20% On Uber, Taco Bell & More Giftcards (11/19 – 11/25)

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The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Dollar General is offering a discount of 20% on the following gift cards:
    • Uber
    • Taco Bell
    • Jersey Mike’s
    • Coldstone Creamery
    • Cracker Barrel

The Fine Print

  • Valid from 11/23 – 11/25
  • Must present coupon to cashier

Our Verdict

Nice 20% discount. You can’t use a credit card at most dollar general stores.


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Vince (@guest_1740988)
November 20, 2023 22:25

No coupon required for Jersey Mike’s or Taco Bell. I personally bought both today (at two different Dollar General stores) and without any coupon (either physical or digital) and the discount rang up at the register. I would expect that Uber, Cold Stone Creamery and Cracker Barrel would be the same.

See Dollar General Black Friday Gift Card Deals (Nov 24-25: DoorDash, PlayStation, Xbox, Burlington & More) – Gift Cards Galore for additional information (including screenshots of the relevant parts of the Dollar General weekly sales flyer) and deals (some of which do require a coupon). When buying gift cards on sale at Dollar General, always check the sales flyer and match the gift cards you buy exactly to the ones shown in the sales flyer.

Steve (@guest_1740249)
November 20, 2023 06:34

SIMPLY UNTRUE: “You can’t use a credit card at most dollar general stores.”

bob (@guest_1740333)
November 20, 2023 09:59

It’s entirely YMMV. I’ve been to plenty of DG that won’t let you buy GC with CC. Some are cash only and some allow debit card purchases. It’s normally based on how much fraud a store or district has experienced.

Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa (@guest_1740088)
November 19, 2023 19:23

The link may not show these exact gift cards but they ARE on sale. I had to ask my cashier because there wasn’t any signage, but they rang up with the 20% off. FWIW my DG only accepts cash for gift cards, so yours may do the same.

Lily (@guest_1740151)
November 19, 2023 22:14

Same thing at the store I went to in Arkansas. No signage, but the 20% was taken off the Uber gift card after the cashier input the value I wanted to buy. Great deal.

Lily (@guest_1740152)
November 19, 2023 22:15

I was able to use a Visa gift card to pay for my Uber gift card.

Blake S
Blake S (@guest_1740031)
November 19, 2023 17:26

Link doesn’t take me to anywhere where I can find this offer. I do see other gift cards on sale, though.

Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa (@guest_1740066)
November 19, 2023 18:34

Same for me, but I just went to my local store and these gift cards are indeed on sale as advertised. (My store only accepts cash for gift cards.)

B (@guest_1740329)
November 20, 2023 09:53

I see it via the ad… are you sure you didn’t see?

John Anders
John Anders (@guest_1739973)
November 19, 2023 15:18

Stack with Taco Bell Nacho Fries Pass.

Ben (@guest_1739964)
November 19, 2023 14:55

Stack with cash app boost