Posted by William Charles on February 28, 2017

Published on February 28th, 2017 | by William Charles


Double Dipping With Amazon Might Be Over Starting Tomorrow

Yesterday Frequent Miler had a good post on double dipping and stacking rewards with Amazon. One of the easiest ways to double dip currently is to:

  • Purchase an Amazon gift card through the JetBlue portal (this will earn 3x JetBlue points + whatever your card earns on Amazon purchases – view the best cards for Amazon purchases here)
  • Use the Amazon gift card to purchase whatever you want to purchase, again going through the JetBlue portal (this will earn you another 3x JetBlue points)

Starting March 1st, Amazon are making some changes to their affiliate program (and before you start blaming FM for this change, this has been in the pipeline for months). The changes will most likely hurt most people that use Amazon affiliate links (lower payouts in most categories), but the biggest change that might affect you is the fact that they will no longer be paying out on gift card purchases.

amazon associates

Now I have no idea if the JetBlue shopping portal will stop paying out on Amazon gift cards (and wine) or not. They currently offering 3x points on ALL purchases, rather than a tiered system like other shopping portals so it’s entirely possible that they won’t change anything. It might be worth stocking up on some Amazon gift cards using this method. You can always use our link as well (just remember you won’t get the 3x JetBlue points), basically your last chance to support the site in this way.

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I’m happy the change removes payout on amazon gift card purchases and not redemption.

Still plenty of ways to get 3% back or more on Amazon gift card purchases and then pay with them on Amazon using TrueBlue 3% back.

Would have sucked if they had instead stopped paying out when using an Amazon gift card to make the purchase.


Okay, grabbed a couple hundred on your link. Thanks for all you do!


Definitely should blame FM on that. He posted about opening 9 – 10 accounts with BOA during the jan start . After few days BOA closed the accounts left and right .

Now Amazon. He is the new MMS.


Hey, the Amazon thing was probably announced or writtenup before his post.

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