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List of American Express Cards by AF & AU/Employee Fee (Useful for Amex Offers)

In the comments of my post about no annual fee credit cards with no foreign transaction fee, reader blue9 was looking for a list of all the American Express cards with free authorized users, in order to maximize access to Amex Offers. This is a comprehensive list of all cards with access to Amex Offers, along with the number of authorized users you can add per card and any fee for doing so. It is organized by type of card, and quasi-ordered within how I saw fit (a combination of AF, name, or program name, depending on the situation).

Note that an offer can only be added to an eligible card once per unique, Facebook, or Twitter account. Most people have no problem circumventing this restriction using a single account by opening new tabs for each card and adding them that way.

Also note that an excessive number of AUs for the purposes of Amex Offers has the possibility to draw unwanted attention from AmEx, per reader Lela.

An archive of all Amex Offers covered by Doctor of Credit is available at this link.

American Express

All American Express consumer cards issued by American Express, business cards from American Express OPEN, or registered American Express Serve or Bluebird Cards are eligible for Amex Offers through an account, through Facebook, and through Twitter.

Personal Charge Cards

You can find details about the different flavors of Platinum cards at this link. According to this comment, your fee for the Ameriprise Gold may be different than displayed in the table.

Card Annual Fee # of AUs… …for $… …and thereafter
Green $95 5 $30 $30 per
Gold $160 5 free $35 per
Ameriprise Gold $160 5 free $35 per
Premier Rewards Gold $195 5 free $35 per
Platinum $550 3 $175 $175 per
Platinum – Gold Card AU $550 5 free free
Ameriprise Platinum $550 3 $175 $175 per
Goldman Sachs Platinum $550 3 $175 $175 per
Mercedes-Benz Platinum $550 3 $175 $175 per
Morgan-Stanley Platinum $550 1 then 3 free then $175 $175 per
Schwab Platinum $550 3 $175 $175 per

Personal Credit Cards

Remember, you can only hold four or five credit cards issued by American Express at one time. Cards suffixed by an asterisk indicate that I could not find mention of the fee for AUs on the American Express website and have made an educated guess. If you have confirmation of the AU fee, please let me know in the comments!

Card Annual Fee # of AUs… …for $… …and thereafter
Blue None 99 free
(Old) Blue Cash None 3, 5, or more 1 2 3 free
Blue Cash Everyday None 99 free
Blue Cash Preferred $95 99 free
Blue Sky None 99 free
Gold Delta SkyMiles $95 99 free
Platinum Delta SkyMiles $195 99 free
Delta Reserve $450 1 $175 $175 per
EveryDay None 99 free
EveryDay Preferred $95 99 free
Hilton HHonors None 99 free
Hilton HHonors Surpass $75 99 free
Mercedes-Benz $95 5 $30 $30 per
Morgan-Stanley* None 99 free
Plenti None 99 free
Schwab Investor* None 99 free
Starwood Preferred Guest $95 99 free

Business Charge Cards

Correction: employee cards are eligible for Amex Offers!

The Membership Rewards earning business charge cards (i.e. excluding the Plum) allow you to add lower tier employee cards. For example, if you had an Enhanced Platinum Business Card, you could add an employee card that was a Business Green Rewards Card for no fee, or an employee Business Gold Rewards card for $45. As a bonus, certain benefits of the Enhanced Platinum Business do carry over, such as reimbursed Global Entry (but not Priority Pass). This table references the cost to add an employee card of the same type.

Card Annual Fee # of employees… …for $… …and thereafter
Business Green Rewards $95 99 free
Business Gold Rewards $175 1 $50 free
Plum $250 99 free
Enhanced Business Platinum $450 1 $300 $300 per

Business Credit Cards

Card Annual Fee # of employees… …for $… …and thereafter
Blue $0 99 free
Gold Delta SkyMiles $95 99 free
Platinum Delta SkyMiles $195 99 free
Delta Reserve  $450 1 $175 $175 per
Lowe’s Business Rewards $0 99 free
SimplyCash Plus $0 99 free
Starwood Preferred Guest $95 99 free

Prepaid Debit Cards

Note that the Target Prepaid REDCard (commonly known as REDbird) is not eligible for Amex Offers. You can find Chuck’s post about the various flavors of Amex Serve at this link.

Card Monthly Fee
Serve $1 (waived with $500 direct deposit)
Serve OneVIP $1 (waived with $500 direct deposit)
Serve FREE Reloads $4.95
Serve Cash Back $5.95
Bluebird  $0


American Express cards issued in the US by a licensed third-party bank licensed to issue American Express-branded cards are only eligible for Amex Offers through Facebook and Twitter.

As noted in Will’s List Of Third Party American Express Credit Cards, authorized users will not have unique numbers for third-party American Express cards, so it is only possible to enroll one card in Amex Offers. As such, I will let Will’s post serve as more comprehensive resource for third-party issuers than it would be reasonable to provide here. If you know of an exception to this rule, please let me know and I will include a table in this post.


Questions? Missing cards? Wrong information? Reply below!

50 Responses to List of American Express Cards by AF & AU/Employee Fee (Useful for Amex Offers)

  1. Credit says:

    I closed my business spg card. No retention offers.

    Reddit mentioned some retention offers

    • Logan Jung says:

      I have tried calling a few times to see if I can downgrade to a no AF card from my Personal SPG. I haven’t had any luck yet. However, they did offer I could “product change” to the AMEX gold and get the bonus if I met the spend. The rep made it clear that i would not be a hard pull

  2. Shaun says:

    can confirm that Delta Platinum Personal has no fee for AU

  3. Dan says:

    The $1 fee on Serve is NOT charged if balance is ZERO, right?

  4. Josh says:

    Employee cards are absolutely eligible for Amex Offers. Give them each their own login and load away.

    My Ameriprise Gold is $125 annual fee for the basic card plus $35 for the first 5 AUs.

    Blue Cash, Delta Gold, and Surpass al have free AUs

  5. Norman says:

    Do employee card spendings count toward minimum spending?

  6. S Nack says:

    The Schwab Platinum and the Schwab Investor cards, do you manage them on Amex website or Schwab site?

  7. kingofkingsforu says:

    will adding u again as an AU count as another card in the credit report

  8. blue9 says:

    Thanks sirtheta! DoC is now even better with you on board.

  9. Ashok says:

    Can someone tell me the difference between blue and blue cash. I believe the one with the 6.5K spend requirement before 5% grocery and drug rewards kick in is the blue cash. For thei card i have been told everytime that max AUs are 5 (no more can be added). Is that accurate ?

    • sirtheta says:

      You have it right; the (old) Blue Cash is 1% on everyday purchases (drugstores, gas, and groceries) and 0.5% on everything else until you hit $6,500; then it is 5% on everyday purchases and 1% on everything else up to $50,000.

      The Blue is 1x points on all purchases. Unlike the other “blue” cards, it earns Membership Rewards points instead of Blue Cash Reward Dollars.

      • DGS says:

        Correct. The standard Blue Card earns MR Express points that can only be redeemed for gift cards and statement credits unless you have another Amex Card that earns full MR points.

  10. Ted says:

    OBC only allows 3 AU. Additional AU request will be denied (I learned it the hard way).

    Blue for biz allows up to 5 AU at application. I am not sure what will happen afterwards.

  11. Nicky says:

    Just wanted to say, I’ve really enjoyed your posts, thank you!

  12. Lela, Frugal Nellie says:

    You might consider a footnote that utilizing larger numbers of AUs for Amex rewards is sometimes believed to result in, or increase one’s chances of an Amex review, and/or possibly attention from the RAT…

    I’d love some remote idea on how much is safe…

  13. Abhi says:

    One can request a green card for the AU on a Business Plat MR charge card. It comes with no annual fee. The downside, no lounge access. But everything else is the same. One more thing the agent told me is that Business plat allows AU to get reimbursed for global entry as well (even green). Haven’t tried it though…

  14. O.Cville says:

    Would someone be so kind and explain what the benefits are of having other authorized users on an account?

    • sirtheta says:

      It depends on the card. In general, more authorized users means you can link more of the same Amex Offer.

      In the case of the Platinum, authorized users get their own lounge access & global entry credit, as well as some other perks. That’s why it costs so much!

  15. prussiablue says:

    You can add Employee Business Green Rewards Cards on Business Plat and BRG for free, up to 99 I believe.

  16. Kill the deals says:

    Each post by you drives one more nail in the coffin.

    DoC has become more circles and arrows than Mr. Bowtie.

  17. H W says:

    If I gave an employee green card to someone with my Biz Plat, does it count toward their Amex limit of having 5 max cards at a time?

    Also, adding an employee card doesn’t affect their 5/24 ability correct?

  18. Lela says:

    This post is great and needs to get filed under credit card reference pages under American Express. I just went to reference it regarding my new Amex Bus Platt to see if AU cards cost anything and saw it not there… Very useful reference material!

  19. anthonyjh21 says:

    Amex Platinum now has the ability to add up to 5 AU Gold cards at no additional cost.

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