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Any reason to keep this account open after receiving bonus?


$101 Push from Wise with “Payroll” in the memo now showing as “Income” (it took a few days for the category to show up like this). I’ll post a DP here if this does in fact trigger the bonus but looking good so far.


12/5/2022 – Applied using referral link.
12/8/2022 – Approved.
Pushed monthly $101 deposits from Ally.
Completed 16 $2-debit transactions via CashApp top-offs and 16 $2-debit card payments to AT&T. (overkill)
3/9/2023 – $150 bonus posted (exactly 91 days from account opening).


Thanks! What did Ally post as?

Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel

Approved/02nd Attempt


Any awesome step siblings on here want to help me be eligible for this CU? Shoot me an email eaglesfan4469@gmail.com


When I try to submit an application for P2 it goes to this URL (https://apply.vystarcu.org/security) which shows up as a blank page. I’ve tried multiple browsers, incognito windows, and VPN connection with no luck. If I refresh that page, it will then load this URL (https://apply.vystarcu.org/Error/Security?statusCode=404) which shows up with a generic error message “It seems like we’ve hit a snag. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to complete your membership application online. However, we’d like to work with you more personally to discuss the membership process and share the benefits that VyStar Credit Union offers. Please call us, chat with us online, or visit us at one of our many convenient branch locations. ”

Anyone else had this issue? I have a lot more chex inquiries than P2 and I was approved.

Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com

Guessing this isn’t a same-day signup? Maybe try over cell vs wifi to get a different IP?

Seems very few people trusted this one, so I suspect you are alone.

Their IT is notoriously bad. I personally haven’t had any real big issues, other than the referral emails not having the correct dates. Oh, and they don’t track, so you have to beg for them to post the referral portion.


Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek Correct, not same-day signup. I was approved a week ago and have been trying to open for P2 on and off since then. Do you think their ID verification questions are coming directly from Chex? I also tried pulling P2’s Chex report the other day and kept getting an error saying “Your security quiz limit has been exceeded”.

Possibly something is borked with P2’s Chex ID verification questions and that is why the VyStar application is failing?

Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com

You are only allowed to pull your own Chex 3 times per two-week period, per method. But I don’t believe that applies to banks being able to pull it.

It’s noted on the Chex request form under Delivery Method *.
“You may submit a request using this website up to 3 times per delivery method within a 2-week period.”

I think the Chex security questions actually come from LexisNexis. Sagestream data (now part of LN) being frozen can create problems like this. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/two-credit-bureaus-you-should-freeze-before-you-apply-for-a-u-s-bank-credit-card/#comment-1243806

They are listed on my LexisNexis report.


P2’s last successful Chex report request was on 12/31/2022. They should be well outside the 2-week period by now. I just tried again this morning and got the same “security quiz limit has been exceeded” message. Can Sagestream become frozen without any input? Because neither of us have requested any sort of freezes.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

1. Yeah, the Chex pull limit of 3 times in a two-week period is kind of vague. I had issues with it not resetting even though two weeks have passed. All you can do is wait.

2. I had frozen and then thawed Sagestream a long time ago, and somehow LexisNexis did some sort of soft freeze without my permission. It was not listed on the report as frozen at the time I started having issues. It took a while to figure it out. I have comments on a few pages with more details, but I do think I would have P2 give LN a call. Specifically, ask about SageStream too.

LexisNexis number for lifting a freeze: 1(800) 456-1244

Background info:


Oh man, I have a hard enough time getting P2 to call a bank and you want them to call LexisNexis 😆 I think I’ll just request P2’s consumer disclosure report from them first and go from there.

The only other thing I can think of is that when Chex says “You may submit a request using this website up to 3 times per delivery method within a 2-week period” they literally mean just hitting the submit button…even if the request isn’t successful.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

The problem with requesting the report is mine did not show a freeze. But the phone rep verbally confirmed the system was showing a freeze, which made no sense to me.

Under my Sagestream Report section, it shows…

Security freeze removed 2018­01­05 08:47:17 Pacific
Security freeze placed on file 2016­07­11 08:55:39 Pacific

My DP is from 2021 trying to open Midland States and others….

Anyway, good luck. You could try to have P2 contact VyStar on why the application won’t load, but I have a feeling they would just direct P2 to a branch. And technically, that would fix it. They don’t pull security questions/KBA’s for in-branch apps. They use your ID and look at your face. ID confirmed.


Interesting, not showing a freeze kinda defeats the purpose of the report. At least I have options now, thanks!

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek I received P2’s LexisNexis report last week and there was no freeze listed. However, I did discover about 1,000 entries of telematics data from the past 6 months coming from P2’s car to include info like date, start time, stop time, acceleration/braking events, and distance driven. Apparently you are defaulted into the Chevrolet Smart Driver connected service on newer cars and have to manually opt-out to keep Chevy from selling your driving data. Good to know about.

I tried pulling P2’s Chex report this morning and it worked fine. I guess there was no Sagestream freeze after all? Maybe some sort of technical issue Chex was having?

Hopefully this means the VyStar application will work now.

Edit: spoke too soon, still having the same problem with the VyStar application

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

The proof is in the pudding if the issue is fixed. Being able to pull the Chex report yourself is not proof. Plus, when I was having issues getting approved at certain Chex banks, the LexisNexis report did not say I had a freeze. And, I was able to pull my own Chex report online.

The only “proof” I had was two different banks told me I had a 3rd party freeze in place, after denying me for Chex. They said they got that info from Chex. But Chex said they could not reveal/relay 3rd party information. It wasn’t until then it hit me that Chex reports used to have LexisNexis data on the report, and called them. My assumption is that they have some kind of glitch in their system that will show the Sagestream data as frozen. My Sagestream freeze had been thawed years earlier.

It’s possible this is not your problem, but it’s likely something similar.

It seems these reporting agencies share a lot of data. Recently I noticed a “soft pull” (Inquires Viewed Only By You section) of Chex from Transunion/Credit Karma. So, do all Transunion pulling banks now see all my Chex inquiries, or was this just because the Credit Karma Upgrade Card was a checking account application in 2022 and now they are helping themselves in 2023? I do not believe I had an account application on the date listed. Food for thought.

“Inquirer: TRANSUNION LLC; 555 W ADAMS ST, CHICAGO, IL 60661 Phone Number: 800.916.8800
On Behalf Of: CREDIT KARMA; 1100 BROADWAY SUITE 1800, OAKLAND, CA 94607 Phone Number: 415.692.5722”


Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek tried VyStar application for P2 today and it went through just fine ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

FYI, it’s hard to get a real person on the phone with LexisNexis, but I believe this is the correct number…

If you need to speak to a live LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center representative, please call 1-888-497-0011.

I would specifically ask if they show any freezes on LN, and verify Sagestream as well.


mothman69 Hi, Mothy, are you talking about the very first page/screen of the application – after you click the link – is that where you get a blank page? Or at step “3 – Security” (noting the steps marked across the top of each web page)? I have screenshots from when I applied. Step “3 – Security” in my screenshots is the URL that you show in your comment (https://apply.vystarcu.org/security). That page was titled “Verify your Identity” and had four identity questions. It was the last screen before the acceptance screen “Thank you for being a member, MANGORUNNER!”

I’m guessing you probably took screenshots when you applied for P1. Do your screenshots show the same?


mangorunner Ah, I think your description of step 3 – security is where it’s hanging up. I guess it tries to load P2’s identity verification info but errors out for some reason and the page doesn’t actually load.


William Charles Chuck ,
New Vystar offer received via email (does not appear to be targeted).
Up to $425 cash with a free checking account:
• $25 within one business day of opening account
$250 for every friend you refer who opens an account (10x increase over previous $25 referral bonus)
• $150 for signing up for direct deposit and completing 15 debit transactions.

Screenshot 1 of 2:

Screenshot 2 of 2:

UPDATE: Ugh. Maybe it is targeted. Can’t find a working link on their website.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

It’s a typo. In the fine print, they say it’s $25 per person. Silly Marketing!

Fine print: “and up to $250 for referring 10 friends”


Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek , you always find the “gotcha”! Thanks!


Definitely targeted. I see it now in the first line of the T&C. Sorry for the distraction.

Michelle B.

Pulls Chex – not sensitive. No hard pull. No CC funding – PLAID only.

9/8 Referred by P1 Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek – referral email received mentions the $200 promo
9/8 Applied online using family member as eligibility (OOS)
9/9 Email request received from Vystar Rep – “You listed FAMILY as your source of eligibility. Please give relationship along with their member number or address.” Replied.
9/12 Account approved – able to sign up for online banking, but doesn’t work.
9/13 Online banking working & shows -$10 balance in Savings.
9/14 $25 bonus – “Promo New Checking Opened” (xfer’ed $10 to savings acct to fix negative balance)
9/15 $50 initial funding posts – Vystar pull from Chase via PLAID transfer
9/28, 10/28, 11/29 $100.xx Real DD (non-matching last name military allotment from P1)
9/28 15x $1.xx Verizon debit payments online
9/30 15x $1.xx USAA debit payments online (having OCD)
12/12 $150 “PROMO: New Checking 90d Met” (posts at exactly 90 from account approval email)

The $25 referral bonus never posted for P1 or P2. P1 contacted support and they said to wait until 90 days. Will contact them and see what excuse they find now.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

8/16 Applied (Used Military as eligibility – I’m retired mil, out-of-state)
8/17 Vystar rep requested Utility Bill and ID via email. No upload portal was provided.
8/18 “Welcome to Vystar Credit Union!” email. Includes link to enroll in online banking, as well as Primary Savings Account Number & Member number.
8/18 Online banking sign-up complete, but does not work. You can log in, but only shows “Page not found” error and a spinning circle/loading icon. (Works fine the next biz day.)
08/20 $25 bonus “PROMO: New Checking Opened”
08/23 PLAID funding arrives.
08/30 Real DD $100
09/07 Debit card finally arrives. 15x $1.xx Verizon payments. I went overkill on debits and DD’s while waiting.
09/28 Real DD $100
10/01 15x $1.xx USAA payments (hoping to trigger the bonus early)
10/28 Real DD $100
11/17 $150 bonus “PROMO: New Checking 90d Met”

Technically paid out on day 91. No credit card funding – Plaid only. Some banks would not link via Plaid, even ones I had used in the past. Capital One did not work – showed zero balance. Chase did work though.

Pulls Chex & EWS. No hard pull and I couldn’t find a soft pull either. I applied using the military as my eligibility. I ignored the terms that say “$200 New Checking Account Cash Bonus offer valid for email or mail recipient.” Apparently not enforced.

I referred my P2 as a family member weeks after opening my account. The system-generated referral email does say the new member is eligible for the $200 bonus, however, in typical low-budget credit union fashion, the dates in the email are expired. If someone would like a referral email, just reach out to me. Based on P2’s experience, if you list a FAMILY MEMBER (by name) as your eligibility on the application, they will request you “give the relationship along with their member number or address”. Full disclosure, the $25 referral bonus didn’t post for referring my P2, but I am happy that the bonus worked out. With the bad press and reputation of this credit union, it appears most people did not want to touch it.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Of interest for military OOS! Ostrich Rider Svy Jason_08
JuicyJosh Bite me!

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Something I forgot to mention is, the application says Regular Checking, but not listed as free checking. E-statements say Regular Checking. When you log into online banking, just says “Checking”.

Surprisingly enough, per DepositAccounts.com, this is the 13th-largest credit union in the U.S.

I did choose to contact the credit union via chat after two weeks to verify they ordered the debit card. They seemed to play it off that they just happened to order it two days before I asked. P2’s card did not take that long, so may have been a fluke.


I also chatted with Vystar to confirm that a debit card is on the way. The agent said that there was a place in the application to select whether or not I wanted checks, and/or a debit card. (I went back through my screenshots and do not see where there was an option to request either.) The Chat Agent ordered a debit card for me which I am supposed to receive in 7-10 business days.

Also, interestingly, my statement cycle date is the 10th of every month. My first statement covered the 3-day period of Dec 8-10. That was of interest to me to confirm with the Chat Agent so that I can time my DDs correctly and make sure I have one DD post each statement cycle.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Maybe on the application in the branch, but I don’t believe we had that option.

Likely ordering the debit and or checks is something the new accounts person is supposed to handle.

Pretty sure P1 and P2 both received a box of checks without asking. I am too lazy to go look in my vault of wasted paper.

Ostrich Rider
Ostrich Rider

Thanks for the heads up! I put this one off due to the bad press, but sounds like it worked out for you. I might try after my chex cools off. Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

NP! They don’t seem to be Chex sensitive. I usually average about 1.5 to 2 Chex hits per month. P2 and I had two pulls in about the previous two weeks. It appears they don’t do instant approvals and you have to watch your inbox for docs requests on the next biz day.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

One correction: They don’t pull EWS, but they do report to EWS. (no inquiry was done, but they do list the account on my EWS report)

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Contacted VyStar via chat about my referral bonus for referring P2, and they are saying there were changes in the program and they pay the $25 on day 91, the same day as the $150 bonus. I will know if that is true in 3 weeks. Alternatively, they said I could call and speak to a supervisor about the bonus. I will just wait it out.


Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek , did you ever receive your $25 referral bonus for referring your P2?

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

The 3 weeks I mentioned are not up yet.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Eligibility options on the Vystar Application:

👉 VyStar Credit Union is available to most residents in the state of Florida, southeast Georgia, and their families. The following information will help us determine your eligibility for membership.

👉 Are you related to someone who is a member of VyStar Credit Union or is eligible to join?

👉 Are you a member (or a dependent family member) of the US Armed Forces or a civilian employee?

👉 Are you currently an employee or client of Brightway Insurance?