Posted by Chuck on February 2, 2017

Published on February 2nd, 2017 | by Chuck


Free $10 in Amazon Gift Cards with Coke Purchase & Freestyle App

The Offer

  • Pour five drinks with the Coke Freestyle app and get a $5 Amazon gift card

Apparently, this promo can be done twice for a total of $10 Amazon with ten pours.

The Fine Print

  • Offer ends 3/31/17

Our Verdict

I’m not 100% clear on what “pouring a drink” means, but I imagine it’s clear to those who use the app. If you buy coke anyway, this can be a bit of free Amazon money.

Hat tip to Fatwallet

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Download Coke Freestyle app, find Coke Freestyle machine, and scan QR code with app.

Don’t drink coke. Drink water instead.

Don’t drink coke. Snort it instead.

Don’t drink Coke. Smelt iron with it in a blast furnace instead.

Basically you can save drink settings on your Coke Freestyle app and load them to a Freestyle machine by scanning a QR code. That’s what counts as a pour.

For a previous promo though it limited the pour credits to like 2 per day.

Limit was one a day. Where I work we have a coke freestyle that’s free do employees and paid for the public so I get free drinks and get credits.

Now we only need QR code uploaded somewhere on the web and do it from the sofa… pajama style 🙂

I never drink coke. How much coke do I need to buy to get $5 amazon credit?

Might as well shoot up some heroin, has the same effect on your body as long assuming you don’t overdose.

This offer is back. 5 pours by 5/31/17 on a Coke Freestyle machine using the CC Freestyle app = a $5 amazon gift card. Promo can be done twice for two $5 gift cards.

This will be my 3rd time doing this promo. It’s a money maker when Wawa does their $.79 drink specials (not going on currently). Otherwise, its just getting paid back for your drinks if you bring your own 16 oz refillable cup.

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