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Fuel Points

Published on June 8th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s: 4x Fuel Points or $15 Savings on All Merchant Gift Cards + Gift Card Deals (Airbnb, Uber, Bass Pro)

This deal has expired, view more Giant deals here.

The Offer

Stop&ShopGiantMartin’s (ad page 9)

There are two gift card offers found this week on all merchant gift cards at Giant, Stop&Shop, and Martins, check your local circular to see which of these offers is running in your area:

  • Get 4x fuel points on all merchant gift cards from June 8th through June 18th.
  • Get $15 off your next shopping trip when you purchase $100 in merchant gift cards from June 8th through June 18th.

The Fine Print

  • Offer excludes Visa, Mastercard, American Express gift cards, as well as store gift cards
  • Valid 6/8/18 – 6/18/18
  • Must use store card to get and use the points
  • It’s worth double checking that your local store is running this offer before making the trip as these offers occasionally vary by store

Gas Points Details

Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 20 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. If you have 1500 points, you’ll get $1.50 off per gallon. 

  • Max discount in some areas is $1.50. In other areas, there might not be any max.
  • You have 30 days to use the points. The day of purchase is Day #1. (Giant PA and Martins might expire at the end of the following month.)
  • Points can only be used at partner Shell stations. You can redeem the points in a different area from where you got the points, but only if that Shell station is a partner. Check out the gas locator for Stop & Shop and for Giant for exact listings of which Shell stations are included. (Giant PA and Martins might only be valid at their own gas stations.)
  • See the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.
  • Points usually are available immediately, but I’ve had on occasion where it took a day until they showed up and were usable.
  • Pro tip: Use a Shell gift card and you’ll usually get the cash price; it’s especially worthwhile to get the lower cash price when using fuel points.

Gift Card Deals

There are also a few gift card deals showing in the weekly circular which should stack beautifully with the discount/points offer:

  • Save $10 when you buy $50 in Airbnb gift cards
  • Save $5 when you buy $25 in Uber gift cards
  • Save $15 when you buy $75 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards

These are limited to one per shopping card.

Our Verdict

Giant/SS/Martin’s are on fire with fuel points deals for a fourth week straight with this upcoming deal. The past few weeks there have been Visa/Mastercard deals, and we now begin this new deal for the next week and half.

Lots of popular options available including Best Buy, Lowes, Nike and many more. Not sure if they have Amazon and eBay too, but I’m guessing they do. The fuel points can amount to an 8% discount on the gift card if maxed up, though most people won’t be able to maximize it fully (e.g. if you have a small tank or if your local Shell is a more expensive).

Use Freedom or Discover to max out the quarterly categories, or use any other card that earns bonus rewards at the grocery. 

While the $15 deal sounds better on the surface, the fuel points deal is better in a way since you can buy thousands in one transaction, versus the $15 coupon deal which requires checking out $100 worth separately in each transaction, and then probably using up the coupons in separate transactions too. Another note, reader Audrey tells us that each household is limited to getting ten $15 coupons.

We are limited to getting $1.50 discount from grocery fuel points, but you can bring down the  cost further by utilizing the Fuel Rewards program (assuming you have the accounts linked). You can get at least $.05 additional discount, plus so many other deals like card-link deal at the grocery (though reports are this hasn’t been working lately), and this Chase Pay deal.

Hat tip to my friend Jay

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Fuel rewards also has a card link deal at home improvement stores.


Thanks for the reminder for Freedom card.
I still haven’t used it.


There are some digital coupons for free groceries when buying various gift cards. I saw Uber, Airbnb, and Bass Pro Shops.


so buy $375 on a card will give 375 x 4=1500 points, where you can fill up to 20 gallons and save $1.5/gallon, that’s $30. $375 gift card = $30 saving in cash, that being said the gift card discount rate is 30/375= 8%. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Well it’s 8% you’re correct, if you use a 2% card then it’s 10%, if you use chase freedom or discover it, which is 5% at grocery stores it’s 13% off. It’s a decent deal if you plan to go to the movies, get some shoes, have a meal, get home safe after a fun night, etc.


So if the gift card can be purchased elsewhere with discount rate greater than 8%, then there’s no point to buy those for fuel points, right? I know this is always YMMV. But it makes more sense to buy a gift card with 8% discount directly other than buy it at face value solely for gas points. And I don’t think everyone can always fill up 20 gallons as 2 cars not allowed at the same time in most cases.


My Stop and Shop circular has a different deal: buy $100 in gift cards, get a coupon for $15 off next grocery order. Coupon expires 6/25.


So, at 4X, one only needs to buy just under $400 of face value in cards in order to get at least 1500 points = $1.50 discount?


For the Gift Card deals, you need to login to your account and add the offers to your card.


Chuck – I think you should update your post. Only one deal is available within your local store – either the 4x points OR $15 off, not both. My local Stop & Shops only have the $15 off. I was under the wrong impression that both were available. However, the $5 off grocery purchase when buying certain GC’s was also available separate than this. Thanks

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