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Dan (@guest_1536989)
January 18, 2023 16:44

This appears to be expired now, no longer showing on the homepage

Dustin (@guest_1498970)
November 30, 2022 17:35


Offer no longer showing up via link or anywhere on their website that I can find.

Mary (@guest_1465174)
October 14, 2022 09:51

For people that got the bonus, how long did it take to post?

I have not seen anything in my account yet. I looked at my Sept statement and I met the requirements for the Big Deal interest rate, which, as far as I can tell, are the same as the bonus. Getting worried as I opened the account in middle of August so, my 60 days are up now. I only had one statement month (Sept) to meet the requirements.

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1448215)
September 19, 2022 16:57

What the heck is an “automatic payment”?? Push bill pay? Pull bill pay? Something else? Need to figure this out by end of next week.

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1449648)
September 21, 2022 14:49

Also, I keep getting logged out and then I can’t log back in. I have to use a different browser. “For security reasons, your session has ended. Log in again.”

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1449717)
September 21, 2022 16:28

I tried to make a card payment by pulling from Citi. Kept failing on the Plaid connection after selecting the account to link. I did enroll in bill pay on the Frontier side. Setup a payment from the Frontier side. Hopefully that counts as an “automatic payment.”

Jack (@guest_1425887)
August 16, 2022 02:51

Has this expired? Not seeing it on the bank web page

The Storm
The Storm (@guest_1432707)
August 26, 2022 16:17

I’m not seeing it either. Assuming expired but that was particularly fast for “No end date listed”

Joe (@guest_1421037)
August 6, 2022 13:27

What does “automatic payment” mean?
Whether ACH withdraw money from other bank will count?
Many thanks!

Ryan (@guest_1417545)
July 31, 2022 11:34

Keep the records of all the qualifications you’ve met. I had these guys last winter and they failed to answer emails and give me the bonus. I kept all records and they said they never offered the deal. I failed to keep a screenshot of their name w the offer snd I just decided it wasn’t worth a fight and closed the account. Debating on if I should do this again or if I’m able.

ilikelogic (@guest_1417294)
July 30, 2022 17:29

Received pending/review status on submission (MN)

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1417307)
July 30, 2022 18:16

Same. Also MN.

“Your application is being reviewed.”

ktn 💸
ktn 💸 (@guest_1417529)
July 31, 2022 10:38

Same here.

WunibaldTax (@guest_1417537)
July 31, 2022 11:11

Did they pulled chex?

Jesse (@guest_1417931)
August 1, 2022 10:03

I got the same, then just received letter this morning saying they cannot approve the application and I will get a letter. I have to imagine it is due to # of recent account openings.

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1419533)
August 3, 2022 18:44

How long between application and notice? Was the initial letter email or snail mail?

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1419532)
August 3, 2022 18:43

Any updates? No email or anything for me.

t (@guest_1310273)
January 6, 2022 14:54


Kyle (@guest_1274486)
October 28, 2021 20:27

This appears to be expired.