Ibotta: Get $50 Cashback with New Blue Apron Signup (Today Only)

Update 6/24/20: Back again (same deal on Swagbucks as well)

Update 9/24/19: Back again

Update 9/17/19: Back again, but might make sense for the Swagbucks offer of $70/$75 to return.

Update 9/3/19: Back again

Update 8/27/19: back again

Update: 8/20 back again

Update 8/14/19: Deal is back, American Express has an offered for 10% back on meal delivery kits as well.

Update 8/6/19: Deal is back, sadly no AmEx offer available anymore.

Update 7/29/19: Deal is back, today only. Seems to be targeted. Possibly made better with the AmEx offer for $25 back when you spend $50+.

[History: Update 7/27/19: Deal is back, possibly made better with the AmEx offer for $25 back when you spend $50+. Update 6/29/19: Deal is back and expires at midnight, sorry for the late notice. Update 6/25/19: Deal is back, today only (expires at midnight). $50 this time, again. Update 6/23/19: Deal is back, today only (expires in a couple of hours). $50 this time, again. Update 5/31/19: Deal is back, today only. $50 this time, again. 4/15/19: Deal is back again, this time for $50. Expires at midnight PT tonight. 3/9/19: Deal is back again. Check if you have a Bank Amerideal (or related banks) for 10% back at Blue Apron. 2/19/19: Deal is back again for today only. 2/5/19: Deal is back again. 1/29/19: Deal is back and valid until end of day. (hat tip to reader Devon) Readers note that many people have a 10% back deal from Chase Offer or Bank Amerideals. 12/30/18: Deal for $47.50 is back. I believe it expires at midnight PT on December 31. 12/4/18: Deal for $47.50 is back. Expires sometime around midnight PT tonight, 12/4. Updated the image below. 11/29/18: Deal is no longer being offered. Update 11/28/18: Deal is back at $47.50. Hat tip to reader @veeRob Update 10/25/18: Offer is back for $47.50 for today only (not as high as the previous $52). Update 8/28/18: Offer is back at $52 for today only. However, it seems they no longer allow the $50-off coupon so it’s at least $43 for your first order (a $9 moneymaker). Update 8/14/18: Showing as $52 again. Expires at 2:59 am on 8/15/18. Should be a $27 moneymaker (up from $17) now. I also see a $5 offer from Ibotta for doing any Offer, so that should stack with this as well. Update 7/31/18: It’s now showing $52 (up from previous $42), valid until August 1 at 2:59am.]

The Offer

  • Ibotta app is offering $50 back when trying out a Blue Apron food subscription.

Blue Apron is a recipe-delivery/food-planning service which delivers fresh ingredients weekly for you to cook and prepare meals yourself.



The Fine Print

  • Cashback may remain pending for up to 45 days
  • May take 24 hours until the cashback tracks
  • Not valid orders places using promo codes, coupons, or discounts
  • First-time Blue Apron customer only

Our Verdict

You’ll also get a pop up to get $50 off your first two orders. Credit seems to be tracking even when using the $50-off coupon. Swagbucks has a similar offer, but just for $35, and they explicitly allow using the $50 code  (basically all Blue Apron signups use some sort of promo offer), so it should work on Ibotta as well, despite the boiler-plate language in the fine print.]

You can order the one-week two-person 3-meal  2-meal  plan which should end up around $23 after discount, and get $42 cash back from Ibotta for a $19 moneymaker. The deal obviously makes the most sense if you value the actual product in case something goes wrong with the cashback. Blue Apron allows you to cancel the plan at any time so there’s no long-term subscription here, just a weekly cost will be charged unless you cancel.

Looks like a good time to try out the Blue Apron if you’ve never tried them before. If you’ve done a prior Blue Apron deal you won’t be eligible.

If you’re new to Ibotta, appreciate if you use my Ibotta referral link or Will’s Ibotta referral link; you’ll get a $5 or $10 signup bonus.

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Kyle ❤️

MP has this offer at 10000 MP valued at $62.9. I had already done the offer before and was able to do it again last night. I needed to create a new account with blue apron and had to create a new email address to do so. The email my MP account is under is different than the email I used to sign up for Blue Apron. I had done the Blue Apron offer through other portal sites and some through revenue universe as well and had always sent the food to my mother in MO. There had never been a problem sending it to her address but this time it said that address has already been used. I had sent her food under two different accounts in the last month or two. I did have to put in my own address to solve the issue. Total cost was $27.95. Skipped the following orders after the first one and will cancel after 30 days has passed. Today I had the email that the points were pending. I plan on doing this offer as many times as possible just like VUSE as there are no one per person terms. Will require friends and family that don’t mind free food though. Good thing everyone likes food because I like free money. Chuck


The $50 from the June offer posted to my Ibotta account today. Blue Apron canceled my first order, perhaps too busy and I had already skipped week 2. We got our first box week 3 (last week), skipped this week, and are going ahead with another box next week as we’ve been impressed with the meals.

Thylane Blondeau
Thylane Blondeau

I need some help..

How would I know if my Blue Apron sign-up and subscription tracked properly in Swagbucks? I clicked through on Swagbucks, and signed up for a Blue Apron subscription. I am not seeing any tracking or anything pending in Swagbucks neither under Activity nor Shop Activity. I also did not get any kind of e-mail from Swagbucks. Is this normal or does it mean I should contact Swagbucks and open a ticket? Chuck



The Ibotta app offered me $50 cashback. Blue Apron offered me $60 off over my first three boxes ($20 off each).


Am I missing something? I downloaded the Ibotta app but don’t see the blue apron offer anywhere?


How do you make $19. Plan cost around 49 and cash back is 50. Please explain

Thylane Blondeau
Thylane Blondeau

I have a question.. I’ve never used HelloFresh before so don’t know how this works. The earliest that I would be able to receive food would be in mid-July. Could I sign up now for the Swagbucks, but set delivery for first order for mid-July?


Bought on 2/26 and it still says “earnings_processing” on Ibotta.
Is this typical? Thank you


Ibotta pushed the $50 deal to me today. Expire tomorrow.


Deal is back. Ends today

William Charles