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Matty (@guest_1778581)
January 15, 2024 23:00

Anyone have any recent timelines for bonus postings? I’m coming up on the deadline and still nothing (all terms met, with confidence).

Matty (@guest_1781354)
January 19, 2024 13:47

OK, bonus hit. This was a very easy one.

-Opened Business Community Checking acct. (in branch)
-Deposited $5,050 via Check (in branch)
-Enrolled in online banking and e-statements

-Completed 10 qualifying transactions (5x Amazon reloads; 5x ACH transfers)

-Withdrew all but $2,500 to avoid fees

-$500 bonus posted

Danny D
Danny D (@guest_1710261)
October 6, 2023 15:43

Had a personal checking account about 4 years ago and got a bonus. Will I be able to get bonus for business account as sole proprietor using my same ss#?

Dan (@guest_1713025)
October 10, 2023 23:57

Try and report back.

Scott (@guest_1718087)
October 18, 2023 15:51

FYI I applied a couple of years ago for 2 business accounts, and had previously received a bonus for a new personal account, I applied for a new sole prop account (SSN as tax ID) and a LLC with a different tax ID. I rec’d bonuses on all 3 accounts – but all the bonuses were paid a couple years ago – so not sure what there current policy is.

Hayzeus (@guest_1778050)
January 15, 2024 08:16

If you closed the account to avoid inactive account fees you should be fine

staradmiral (@guest_1705707)
September 29, 2023 12:09

Do they check if this is a real business?
Sole proprietor with SSN only

Wayne (@guest_1706208)
September 30, 2023 06:57

I think this depends on your state you live in. Here in Florida no documentation is required for a Sole proprietorship, so banks don’t ask.

Kevin R
Kevin R (@guest_1705685)
September 29, 2023 11:47

Applied for a account in branch in Florida last year according to them they are zip code dependent. Zip codes where located near Naples area only

Dave (@guest_1705834)
September 29, 2023 14:38

Are you saying we have to live in one of the zip codes near Naples to qualify? Reason I ask is cause I’m headed through that area and if they don’t accept outside zip codes, I don’t want to waste my time.

Kevin R
Kevin R (@guest_1706197)
September 30, 2023 06:01

Yes that’s what I was told by the manager. When I went through there. She stated you address has to be in zip codes 341…

Call the actual branch before hand.

Dave (@guest_1706276)
September 30, 2023 10:31

Thank you

bicyclep (@guest_1746641)
November 27, 2023 20:38

does this remain the case? I am in FL but my zip doesnt start w 34..

Kevin (@guest_1746704)
November 27, 2023 22:34

Call the Naples Florida branch and ask them they told me it was based on zip codes and the zip codes were surrounding Naples.

Jerry (@guest_1705661)
September 29, 2023 11:21

I frequently visit family in Chicago area near branches but live OOS and have OOS address/ drivers license.

Would I be able to open in branch?

Andrew (@guest_1705659)
September 29, 2023 11:18

Since it’s a business checking, any chance if we’ve had an existing Wintrust personal checking in the past that we could still qualify for this one? I am thinking no since the terms seem to say “This Business Community Checking account bonus offer is not available to existing or closed checking account customers ” so it makes it sound like if you’ve had any type of checking acocunt with them ever then you don’t qualify..but I know some banks consider personal vs. business as separate.

I did a Wintrust personal $300 checking bonus like 3 years ago so I’ve never been able to churn their personal offer. Hoping there’s some chance this could be a new opportunity since it’s business

Ming (@guest_1703214)
September 27, 2023 00:38

Looks like this is starting up again after Sept 29, 2023. Looks like it has to be opened in branch, but I’m hoping this works for Town Bank

10. Business Community Checking Bonus Qualifications. (i) Open a new Business Community Checking account; (ii) mention this offer during in-branch account opening; (iii) maintain a minimum balance of at least $5,000.00 on each day of the last business day of the 2 consecutive calendar months after the calendar month your new account was opened (‘Qualification Period’); (iv) complete 10 qualifying transactions, defined as ACH debit, ACH credit, wire transfer and debit card transactions, within the Qualification Period; and (v) enroll in business online banking and activate e-statements within the Qualification Period. After you have completed all the above bonus qualifications, we will deposit the bonus payment into your new account within 30 calendar days after the Qualification Period.

Renee (@guest_1583913)
March 24, 2023 08:32

Business Community Checking Bonus Information. This Business Community Checking account bonus offer is valid for new accounts opened January 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Sapphire (@guest_1537049)
January 18, 2023 17:24

Spoke to “a banker” (Customer Support said they had to transfer me) @ 847-939-9000:

What is the APY on the Entrepreneur Checking account?
This account pays no interest.

Can this account be opened online?
No. For the entire state of FL, you need to go into either the Naples or Bonita Springs branch.

Do you require photo ID to open the account?
Yes. Either a driver’s license or passport. Also your EIN document.

Is there an early account termination fee?

wilsonhammer (@guest_1531907)
January 12, 2023 11:14

extended through march 31, 2023

This Business Community Checking account bonus offer is valid for new accounts opened January 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023. This Business Community Checking account bonus offer is not available to existing or closed checking account customers of Wintrust Financial Corporation (‘WTFC’) and its subsidiaries or its active employees. Limit 1 bonus payment per customer, regardless of the number of accounts opened. If you qualify for this Business Community Checking account bonus offer, you are ineligible to receive this Business Community Checking account bonus offer from any other WTFC location. If you qualify for any other WTFC savings offer it may be combined with this Business Community Checking account bonus offer. Your new account must be open, in the same product, and have a balance greater than zero to receive the bonus payment. Balance is determined as of the end of each Business Day as the funds currently in your account including deposits and withdrawals made in the Business Day. If your business is a sole proprietorship or a single member LLC, the $500.00 bonus payment is subject to IRS 1099-INT reporting and may be considered income for tax purposes for the tax year in which the bonus was paid.