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SW (@guest_1683457)
August 31, 2023 09:20

Welp. That was easy.
In footprint.
7/29/23 – Opened Performance Checking and funded 2k with CSP; 2k declined (by CU?), but membership fees charged
8/18/23 – Called in, asked to repeat funding attempt – success
8/28/23 – Pushed $500 (recurring) from small CU “[My Name] CLEFCU CK WEBXFER P2P…ELECTRONIC DEPOSIT”
8/29/23 – $200 bonus posted. “Congratulations! You have received your checking bonus!”

Going to play it safe and let my 3 months of “DD” settle then I’ll close – fine print for current bonus doesn’t mention that account has to be open 180 days, although it was previously required.

“*$200 Checking Bonus offer effective 7/31/2023. Limited time only and subject to termination without notice. A) Open an eligible account using or mentioning promo code Join200. B) Have Direct Deposit(s) of $500 or more directly deposited to your new checking account for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, with the first direct deposit within 60 days of opening the checking account. When all requirements are met the $200 bonus will be credited to the new checking account on or before the close of the next full statement. Members without a checking account are eligible. Limit of one new checking account bonus per membership. Eligible Accounts: Performance, Student Rewards, Advantage, Ultimate and World checking accounts. You may receive an IRS tax form 1099-INT for the cash incentive. “

ExpertGH (@guest_1661249)
July 27, 2023 20:12

Opened through link and funded via CIP for $2450. Coded as purchase. In footprint. Thanks DoC!

Acid Bath
Acid Bath (@guest_1649536)
July 8, 2023 10:14

It allows a person to join that has a relationship (e.g. step brother) with a current member.
I wonder if this would work for OOS.

Woody (@guest_1646728)
July 3, 2023 20:10
Yuanrui (@guest_1642153)
June 26, 2023 14:35

The link does not lead to a bonus page

Woody (@guest_1630984)
June 8, 2023 11:12

Teachers Credit Union Announces Name Change to Everwise Credit Union

Snowbird (@guest_1649618)
July 8, 2023 13:11

Never mind.

nooj (@guest_1621984)
May 22, 2023 11:54

Elements and Chase both did not work. No bonus for me.

somename (@guest_1477155)
November 1, 2022 11:48

Account opening takes a day if not within business hours. $200 bonus posted the day after DD posted giving no trouble. Had a swift and positive experience.

Seeu (@guest_1475611)
October 29, 2022 22:35

Can I open this? I am not in those two states.

esaphire3 (@guest_1472538)
October 25, 2022 15:12

applied, got a message that your application is being reviewed. Is that a denial? anybody else here got that?