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Fuel Points

Published on September 12th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Kroger: 4x Fuel Points on All Gift Cards, Including Visa/MC [thru 9/30]

This bonus has expired, make sure you don’t miss any deals by signing up for notifications.

The Offer

Direct Link

Kroger and affiliates have two digital coupons available for gift cards:

  • Get 4x fuel points on third-party gift cards
  • Get 4x fuel points on Visa and Mastercard fixed-value gift cards

Login to your Kroger brand store using the above link and load these offers to your card. Variable-load Visa/MC/Amex gift cards will not earn 4x.

The Fine Print

  • Expires 9/30/17
  • Unlimited use

Our Verdict

The standard deal at Kroger is 2x fuel points on gift card purchases, and they’ll occasionally release offers like this one to get 4x fuel points. All third-party and Visa/MC fixed-value gift cards are included in these offers, but not Kroger gift cards.

Usually, every 1000 fuel points will get you a discount of $1 per gallon with a 35-gallon limit, a max value of $35 per 1000-points. (These details do vary by store and region.) If you buy $250 in gift cards and max out the 35-gallons, it’ll end up a 14% discount on the gift cards.

There’s another coupon to get $5 off $30 on airtime cards, I’m not sure if those earn 4x too. You can also get free cell phone service with Kroger when you earn fuel rewards points.

Hat tip to SD

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Unfortunately the 4X on up to $100.00 VGCs or MCGCx will not cover the activation fee for me with a ten gallon tank.
Too small to justify MS activity.
Yes, I clicked it in support of the program.

true. but maybe it works on $200? does kroger even sell 200? i never paid attn.

Yes, I can buy larger denomination cards up to $500.00, but they have coded only 1X in same promotions in previous months. Been there done that. Same for $200.00 values.

i see. thank u for the DP. just to clarify, i am talking about the set denom ones. so yea, i know they have variable that go to 500 but I guess the TC is very clear up to 100 only. meaning even a set 200 denom not included.

never see a $200 fixed gc at kroger; don’t believe they carry it

This comes around so often I invested in 4 5 gallon cans. Its a family trip when we go – wife and I on either side of a pump, so we fill two cars then fill the cans. No one has ever stopped us. (Nor should they, because no-one has a 35 gallon tank other than perhaps a semi.

My f150 has a 36 gallon tank

i mean why would anyone stop you? just because ur not in TX where its common to bring your own tanker, there shouldnt be regional restrictions.

Anyone know if these Kroger deals work at Harris Teeter?

This 4X deal is only on MC/VS of $25,$50 & $100 denominations, not larger. Each has a $5.95 activation fee. So if you had multiple cars or gas cans you could save/profit almost $18 or 8-9 gallons of free gas, depending on the price where you live.

I am trying to find out if Kroger is still allowing unlimited fuel point redemption, if so:
Update, YES they still allow unlimited as viewed on their web site

I purchase 5 ($100) MC gift cards on my Discover card which gives me cash back. That would equal 2000 fuel points or $2.00 off per gallon, go to station, fill vehicles and can(s). Cost of fuel (basically) FREE, cost of transaction 5X $5.95 activation fee = $29.95, savings on fuel $70.00, net profit of $40.00 + cash back from Discover card. Then use purchased cards to pay bills (mortgage) online . . . BOOM, nice savings for being creative. or use the purchased cards to pay for future groceries and earn more fuel points. BTW: I was thinking about purchasing even more in case I could use (2) fill-ups from Oct 1st-31st. . . that would be $80 saved for doing almost nothing. With my areas current fuel prices, that’s almost 40 gallons free.

No Kroger in northern va 🙁

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