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TN (@guest_1700349)
September 22, 2023 18:32

Just applied for the HY Savings, Shared Savings, Free Checking, and HY free checking and got this message:

“Thank you for applying, we’ve received your application and will email you in 2 business days to finalize the process”

Is this normal? I saw that the last step was to fund my account, however, it redirected me to the message above instead. Each account above had a limit of $1500 for funding, so 6k total if you open all 4.

hoodat (@guest_1620937)
May 19, 2023 15:18

They offered 4 types of accounts when I applied and each one allowed me to fund up to $2500 (total of $10K). I used Capital One Venture (not X) and purposefully tried to fund for more than my cash advance limit and it went through so i imagine it was a purchase. Still not posted yet but I can not imagine it being coded as cash advance and then allowing me to fund more than my cash advance limit.

Master Allan
Master Allan (@guest_1543960)
January 28, 2023 10:48

Based on a comment in early 2022 for tax year 2021 it looks like Wings does not generate or mail 1099-INT forms for interest $1 – $599. I’m just starting to compile my records for tax year 2022.

SDubbs (@guest_1404770)
July 5, 2022 09:40

Is it possible to open a referral page for Wings? Deal is back but only for $200 this time.  William Charles  Chuck

To qualify for this special offer, join Wings and open the free checking account that’s right for you – First Class Checking with rewards or High-Yield Checking with competitive yields – by July 31st, 2022 using promo code “July22Bonus”. Then, within 60 days, complete these three steps.

Checking Account Bonus Requirements: Each of the following must be completed using the same checking account within 60 days of account opening:
1) Recurring ACH direct deposit(s) of at least $600 total or maintain an average daily balance of $2,0001;
2) eDocuments enrollment;
3) At least 5 net PIN or signature-based debit card transactions over $25.

If requirements are met, bonus will be paid on 10/1/22 as a deposit to the Wings checking account; account must be in good standing (positive balance for the last 30 days) and have active recurring direct deposit and eDocuments enrollment at time of the promotional payment (10/1/22).

nik (@guest_1402557)
June 30, 2022 11:10

Once you are a member have you been able to open any subsequent accounts with a credit card? Looks like funding is through internal transfer only. This is the message I get:

“At this time you do not have any eligible accounts to fund a new account. Eligible accounts must have available funds maintaining any minimum balance requirements and have not met the Regulation D limitation.”

Dude (@guest_1424905)
August 14, 2022 00:49

nik Unfortunately that is correct: once opened, only internal funding (you’ve to put money in another account, in my case my savings account, in order to open a checking account).. Sucks.

TKO (@guest_1390814)
June 4, 2022 04:11

I tried to get this bonus but failed miserably. I applied for this $300 bonus with Wings Financial on, I think, December 7th, 2021 but didn’t get approved right away. Wings told me to wait several days and didn’t say when I would get approved. I needed Wings to approve my application and open my accounts by December 10th to meet the 60-day DD deadline because my employer issues my paycheck only once per month (1st day of each month) and my employer requires me to submit the DD paperwork by the 10th day of the month two months before I want DD to start. In this case, I needed to submit DD paperwork to my employer by December 10th to have DD to my Wings account begin by February 1st. I needed DD to start by February 1st to meet the 60-day DD deadline required to qualify for $300 bonus. If Wings had approved my application by, say, December 11th, then my employer would not have begun DD into the Wings account until March 1st at the earliest, which would have been way past the 60-day DD deadline. Because I was uncertain if Wings would approve my application and open my accounts by December 10th, I applied for a checking account with Spiral Bank, who was running their own $250 bonus ($50 for opening the account and $200 for setting up DD and having DD in two consecutive months with the first DD occurring within 60 days of opening the account). Spiral Bank approved my application and opened my account on December 9th so I submitted the DD paperwork for the Spiral account to my employer on December 9th. Wings then approved my application and opened my accounts on December 10th. I then submitted DD paperwork for the Wings account to my employer on December 10th. My employer confirmed that they received the DD paperwork and confirmed that I wanted DD to go to my Wings account, not my Spiral account, so I thought everything was good to go for the Wings $300 bonus. instead, my employer set up DD into my Spiral account and started DD into the Spiral account on February 1st. I told them that they set up DD into the wrong account (Spiral) and told them to set up DD into the Wings account. My employer said they did not receive my DD paperwork to set up DD into my Wings account. I had to dig up my e-mail correspondence confirming that I did submit the DD paperwork for the Wings account. They then stopped the Spiral account DD beginning in March so I missed out on the Spiral bonus (DD in 2 consecutive months) because my employer did DD into my Spiral account only on February 1st and not for March 1st or thereafter. However, I also missed out on the Wings bonus because my employer never did set up DD into my Wings account. They have been issuing me my paycheck via paper… Read more »

Master Allan
Master Allan (@guest_1377616)
May 7, 2022 10:35

Opened: 11/1/2021
Bonus: 1/12/2022
Closed: 5/6/2022 after 6 months per Doc’s best practices.

Sent secured message requesting closure. Very easy to close. Checking recently withdrawn to $0. Saving had $10 with $5 available to withdraw. Expect to see a check for $10 in a week or so.

asteroid (@guest_1373641)
April 28, 2022 16:20

Opened on 12/2021. Got the bonus and referral. Has anybody tried to close the account? Is it safe to do it now?

The real churner
The real churner (@guest_1340862)
March 1, 2022 10:32

12/31: approved checking and savings then enrolled in estatement
1/31: $300.01 real DD
2/2: 5 billpays done
3/1: $300 posted

timmy (@guest_1339425)
February 26, 2022 16:55

I too am awaiting 1099