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Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

William Charles No credit card funding, ACH from an external acct only. Min. funding $25. ETF $15 for < 6 months. Supposedly no hard pull but too early to tell.

Called them about the Hero checking account, asking if out of the area was OK? Said yes. No hard pull. I also asked about the debit card rebate. Rep put me on hold and took 5 minutes to come back. CSR said it was any debit activity/use to earn the $10, no matter the amount.

So, I decided $20 a month is a decent reward. I thought I would take a chance. Applied online.

Well, while filling out the application, I starting going through the terms and disclosures I found the real answer…. the rebate for the debit card spending is 0.5%, so you would have to spend $2000 to get the $10. So, I bypassed even getting a debit card. I also saw the EATF is $15 for closing prior to 6 months.

So, I went this far, I kept going. Got to the funding section and it is via an external bank ACH, checking or savings only. You get the option of linking via login (PLAID), or trial deposits. I tried 3 times to link via login but it didn't accept my verification code, and after that, it said I had to do trial deposits. So, I hit back again on the app, and next time it would allow you to fund, you have to select fund later.

The application was not approved instantly. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't approve it since I am so shady and couldn't fund. Kind of a waste of time doing this, but whatever. I enjoy the hunt. Since I applied after 5 PM, I imagine I won't get an answer until Monday or later.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Soup sandwich. Called to check on my application. Because the funding did not get set up, they show the application as incomplete and I would have to apply again. Not going to bother. Maybe some other time when all other opportunities dry up. Likely already incurred another wasted Chex inquiry…

They use Andera for application processing… and Digital Insight for online banking. (Same a Fulton Bank, as I recall)


Anyone know what counts as a direct deposit?

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Unspecified EATF: “. A Premature Account Closing charge may be assessed for accounts opened after July 18, 2016. A Premature Account charge is defined as an account that close within 90 days of account opening. ”

Fees I have never seen anywhere else:
Debit Card inactive for 6 months = $2 per month
Bill Payer inactive for 6 months = $6 per month

So I guess maybe don’t sign up for bill pay unless you plan to use it occasionally… and if they enable anyway, then you need to use it.


Anyone know how much you can credit card fund it with if any? and if it goes through as a purchase ?


Does ACH deposits count? Or just payroll DD?

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

William Charles They also have a similar promo for the “Champion” account, open to teachers & first responders. The only difference that stood out to me is the charity donation changes to $10 and different charity.


Besides not knowing if this is a hard pull, what would bother me is if they only pay the DD bonus a couple of months and then change the program. I will report back if I try it, but I’m holding off for now.