No Fee on Evolve Money Right Now

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. For example: the funding could be reversed, you could be charged the 3% fee or they could charge a cash advance fee. Only you can decide if that risk is worth it or not.

Evolve is devolving and will start charging fees on debit and prepaid gift cards next week.

But, when I received the email and logged into my Evolve account to discover that there are NO Fees on any cards in my account including Credit Cards. I added a credit card when I logged in to pay a new bill and received no fee on the final page. I also reached out to several other bloggers that can confirm they had no fee as well.

I prepaid my bills for this month, March, and April. As of today you can prepay out till April 4th. Remember the max payment is $999.00. I used my Arrival+ credit card to maximize my earnings.

confirmed CC used –

Arrival+ (7)
Capitol One (1)
Citi AA Exec (2)
US Bank Club Carlson Visas (Personal and Business) (1)
Barclay US Air Mastercard (1)
Chase Ink Plus Visa (1)

Seems they are coding as debit cards at the moment.

Seem Barclay Arrival + codes as a debit even when added as a credit.

Let me know if it works for you and what type of card you used in the comments.

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Chuck Sithe
Chuck Sithe(@chucksithe)
February 23, 2015 16:30

Arrival still working as debit.

XP1 (@guest_80439)
February 23, 2015 01:17


Added Capital One Quicksilver Visa. Says “3% Bill Pay Fee”.

Jay (@guest_80416)
February 22, 2015 23:43

Still no fee. Just scheduled two bills for utilities. I tried one right after two days and one after two weeks. Both didn’t show bill pay fee.

dreamroar (@guest_79759)
February 21, 2015 14:51

When adding shows No Fee: US AIrways, Citi Hilton, PPBDC, Chime, UFB Direct Debit

Fiby (@guest_79533)
February 21, 2015 00:27

^ missing a word in the first sentence – posted. The transactions posted.

Fiby (@guest_79532)
February 21, 2015 00:26

My payment on both sides of the transaction – the 529 plan and the credit card. No extra fee charged by Evolve.

V K (@guest_79103)
February 20, 2015 00:29

Chase British Airways doesn’t work. Citibank AAdvantage does. Was able to pay loans, 529 college fund, and Con Edison. The latter was instant, the others pending.

Chuck Sithe
Chuck Sithe(@chucksithe)
February 19, 2015 22:38

Arrival still working free.

William Charles
February 19, 2015 22:46

Surprised they haven’t patched it up yet.

Alex (@guest_78978)
February 19, 2015 19:40

How does this amount to MS if you can’t input your own payees? You can already pay your utility bills with a CC, so what’s the benefit?

Grebel (@guest_79325)
February 20, 2015 10:39

not everyone can. My utilities for example add a convenience fee for credit cards. This is the only fee free way I can use a credit card (while/if it lasts)

Scott M
Scott M (@guest_78944)
February 19, 2015 18:36

Arrival – No Fee
SW Personal – 3% Fee