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[Expired] [Now Live] Office Depot/Max: $10 Instant Discount on $300 of Visa Gift Cards [12/17-12/23]

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Buy $300 in Visa gift cards at Office Depot/Max and get a $10 instant discount

The Fine Print

  • Valid 12/17/17 – 12/23/17 (starts Sunday)
  • Limit one (1) offer per customer
  • Discount applied at register
  • Purchase fees may apply
  • Offer valid in store on Visa® gift cards only
  • Subject to availability
  • Product may not be available in all states
  • One offer per transaction
  • The Visa Gift Card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Valid Only in the U.S. and No Cash Access or Recurring payments. Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S.

Our Verdict

The fee for a $200 Visa gift card is $6.95. Buy two of them for a cost of $403.90 and rack up 2,016 Ultimate Rewards points on your Chase INK Cash/Plus or buy $200 + $100 for $302.90. You also get 2% back in Office Depot/Max rewards if you’re enrolled, though rewards are capped at $200 in spend per quarter on gift cards ($4).

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If I buy 2 and pay 403.90, I would make $16.30 using my Amex 5%. So, my return before liquidation costs would be 4%. Not that good or that bad.

It’s pretty meh.

for me it’s more like 3.86%

This deal is not as good as before.

They keep ratcheting down the discount. It was $20 in 2015, $15 during this past year… and now $10.

It was even better when it was $20 off because it was Limit two (2) offers per customer, not one, meaning you got $40 off buying 3 $200 VGCs

Yeah the VGCs flew off the shelves, but it was way more worth it if you could find them

Can it be stacked with Amex offer?

Pass. $15 was barely worth it, this is crap, same with Staples switching to Staples gift cards vs. visa gift card rebates

it’s still worth it if you’re getting 5x points for nearly free. or if you’re meeting MSR on an amex (and thus Simon is out of bounds)

Wouldn’t Amex notice a GC purchase from OM/OD?

as vicious as the AXP RATs are these days, they may notice but for for using Chase business cards, they don’t seem to mind although that’s not a guarantee they will start looking into multiple transactions with the same amount. JMO.

Do you realize AMEX even claw back bonus due to GCs purchased at grocery stores? Reported right on this blog but the data point is from another blog.

You are way behind the curve if you think it would work with AMEX.

OD is Level 3 data. It shows EXACTLY which GC you bought, even a 3rd party retailer GC, on your AMEX card. It has been like that for at least 3 years.

That said if it is to generate SPG pts, AMEX does not care.

I’ve done a lot of OD/OM VGC purchases on my Amex Cards to meet min spend and no claw backs. About 15-20k worth this year.

You are sensationalizing the situation. It hasn’t gotten that bad yet. Scattered DPs of what you are talking about, but not as bad as you make it seem.

To each their own,
I would not count on any success before Jul / Aug this year when AMEX RAT was not nearly as aggressive as lately.

Since Sept there are plenty of DPs in Private Groups as well as Reddit / Slickdeals people received emails about bonus clawed back, including purchases made at grocery stores.

The point is, relying on the OD purchases to meet AMEX bonus requirement at your own risk. Until it happens and often happens AFTER bonuses are awarded so you think the coast is clear, and then you get the nasty email, with very little time left to do spend…

Again, to each their own. Just make sure you understand the risk if this is your intention.

I’ve MSd over 50k from Amex in that past few months for multiple welcome offers. No problems at all yet. Seems to be YMMV. Also have you seen any DPs on claw backs on anything other than a delta card?

So do I need a rewards account with office Max or can I get the discount anonymously? Basically wondering if I can do this multiple times…

Your choice. I have done it both ways in the past

It’s one per customer, but I can get the discount an unlimited amount of times at different stores, right? I won’t used my rewards number for each stop.

at each store, you can probably do multiple purchases (separate transactions). i’ve heard some cashiers are stricter, but i’ve never had an issue doing 2 at a store – others say they do even more

Last time around I hit my local OD and the girl let me buy 20 on separate transactions using my cards and my wife’s cards without even checking name/ID. She was super chill and we chatted a bit throughout the transactions as the store was pretty empty.

Wife needed to go to a different store in the OD shopping center later that day, so I tagged along. Same girl from the AM was working, but she had a customer and I ended up at another register. Second girl saw I had a stack of VGC in my hand and before I could even put them on the counter yelled at me that I could only buy one and I couldn’t do separate transactions. I bought two after pointing out the promo only worked if you bought $300 worth, she checked my ID, asked why my rewards number was in someone else’s name (wife’s maiden name). There was another customer in line, so I grabbed two more from the rack and went to the back of the line. Crazy CSR#2 threatens to call the cops for gift card fraud if I didn’t put them back and leave the store immediately!

Moral of the story: YMMV even at the same store in the same day.

just one transaction with total $399.90 or more is more than enough to max out the quarterly rewards IINM.

What a load of rich creamery butter.

Home come this time the post is not like “you guys know what to do”?

I guess this is good for trying to meet MSR rather than MS cause you end up having to pay $3.90 per $400

Works on the Everywhere cards I assume?

Looks like I’ll max the ink 5x before Santa arrives.

the everywhere cards DE/GE/SE have lower fees at $4.95 so you’ll make a profit of 10 cents and rake in 1999.5 URs for every two $200 cards. For those who can do multiple separate transactions and sure way of liquidation, it’s still worth a trip.

Thanks, Mimi. I have only passing familiarity with those “Everywhere” cards. I don’t think I’ve ever bought them. What are the abbreviations and — better yet — does anyone have a photo link to what the cards look like?

This offer is pretty “meh,” but I could use some more Chase UR points. If I can get the cost down to break even, and I’m passing by an OD/OM, it’s probably worth stopping in. Especially since there’s no rebate hassle to deal with.

Careful. Some walmarts reject DE/GE/SE for MO, hard-coded into the system. If you try to liquidate organically, many merchants do not accept these cards. They’ll try to run it, but the point of sales will not recognize them.

Excellent warning. they dont work at WalMart Regular Stores. They dont even work at many merchants those cards are intended for. But they work in most grocery stores, strangely.

Google is your friend because Everywhere cards have their web pages. Your Safeway stores carry at least Everywhere Dining AND Everywhere Style. Needless to say they dont carry Everywhere Grocery, lol.

Everywhere Dining with an American flag IIRC in Red and Blue scheme – DONT mix it up with Everywhere Movie which has similar color scheme but it is only up to $100 AND cannot be liquidate.,
Everywhere Grocery, has Yellow and Black color scheme with a Grocery Cart, what else?
Everywhere Style has light blue backgriund with a high heel shoe and big Red lips.

All the above work in grocery stores, WalMart Supermarket and Neighborhood stores, but do NOT work in WalMart regular stores.

Walmart neighborhood market??

I liquidated at least 20 grocery everywhere at Walmart last week. No problems.

On the last go round of the $10/$150 at Safeway, $7/$50 on dining cards and $10/$100 on dept store cards – all 3 coupons stack – so you buy 1 Everywhere Dining, 1 Everywhere Style, each loaded to $200 max since they earn fuel points too – and your final total after the Just4U coupons came down to 2x$204.95 – $10 – $7 -$10. Some lucky souls have duplicate, personalized $10 and $7 coupons so their pay even less because all 5 coupons stacked.

You can drop by your Safeways to check out the look if you so wish. But they are hard to miss at OD because Everywhere is written on the package and those cards have their own slots.

I still haven’t finished liquidating the 100 cards I bought from Thanksgiving, must stop…must not buy more…

$15 rebate was still worth it, but at $10 I’m on the fence. At this rate it’ll only be $5 off next time.

You are putting yourself at risk for frauds. Hope you are not in California or Texas or some other states where compromised gift cards are a continuous issues, including these types.

Personally I would never let these cards sit longer than 48 to 72 hours at most. They are usually gone within 24 hours Total number was just slightly less than yours but no more than 20 cards stayed overnight and I only went out 4 days in the whole week.

I agree. I liquidate almost immediately.

I don’t liquidate that quickly all the time but I do ALWAYS register the cards as soon as I get home.

Ir does NOT protect you against fraud. It only makes it slightly easier should your cards are compromised then it is easier to get the replacement cards.
By no means should you think registration would make the card “safe” from being hacked.
The registration is only needed should the card is used online or a phone in, due to it requires zip code to process the transaction. In person swipe (information transferred to a clone card) does NOT require any of the registration info. Just so you know.

I agree with you 100%. Normally I’d be able to liquidate this amount in a few days flat but I picked up the flu from the kids and it’s slowed me down significantly. I’m almost done now but I agree we definitely should not float too many cards at once and liquidate as fast as possible.

I register all my cards as soon as i get home – this process doubles as an extra layer of security and as a means to validate that the card was loaded properly. If your card was not loaded properly, the registration will fail. Auto-fill browser extensions really help when registering in volume.

Heck yes. $10k left to max out my Ink+ 5x for the year. ODOM here I come!

The cap of the year goes by anniversary, not by calendar so unless your anniversary year falls in Dec…

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