[OH only] Bridge Credit Union 10% APY Account On Balances Up To $1,500 (Lots Of Monthly Requirements)

Offer at a glance

  • Interest Rate: 10% APY (then 0.10% APY)
  • Minimum Balance: None
  • Maximum Balance: $1,500 for 10% APY
  • Availability: Ohio residents only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $1,000+ per month
  • Additional requirements: Yes, see below
  • Hard/soft pull: Unknown 
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Unknown 
  • Monthly fees: $4.95, avoidable
  • Insured: NCUA

The Offer

Direct link to offer Click banking and then checking, it’s the Diamond Dividends checking

  • Bridge Credit Union offer the Diamond Diviends Checking account. This account earns an APY of 10% on balances up to $1,500 (after that it’s 0.1% APY) when you complete the following requirements:
    • 35 debit card transactions per month
    • Receive direct deposits of $1,000 or more per month
    • Be enrolled in eStatements
    • Be enrolled in and use bill pay at least once every 60 days

bridge credit union

Avoiding Fees

There is a monthly fee of $4.95. This is waived if you have a daily balance of $1,500 or greater.

Our Verdict

10% APY is great, $1,500 maximum is not great (but still $150 in interest per year), the requirements are just crazy. There is just no way that completing all of those requirements every month is worth it with the $1,500 deposit maximum. You could complete so many other profitable bank account bonuses instead.

There are also other high interest accounts with easier to meet requirements and higher maximum deposits I’d recommend instead.

Hat tip to reader Connor C

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killdozer (@guest_1206918)
June 15, 2021 15:37

Anyone want to pretend to be my relative whos a member so I can join? Im not located in ohio, but relatives are allowed to join if you have a relative with this credit union

Wesley Groth
Wesley Groth (@guest_975701)
May 8, 2020 22:15

Each direct deposit will be at most $900 bi-weekly. Is that enough?

Wesley Groth
Wesley Groth (@guest_829479)
October 23, 2019 14:38

Bicycle or scooter ride to a gas station with a gas tank and try buying a penny of gas :b

Tom (@guest_719845)
February 9, 2019 16:38

$500 Credit Card Funding is available. VISA, Mastercard, Discover accepted. However I couldn’t get it to work. Kept getting an error “There was no response from the server”

Mike M.
Mike M. (@guest_653880)
October 8, 2018 08:57

If you automate the debit purchases maybe……

tbradnc (@guest_368441)
March 11, 2017 12:52

If you do 1000 crunches every day during the statement period they give you an extra .05%.