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Joanne (@guest_613252)
July 5, 2018 13:31

I had to call several banks to see who would honor this promo. The manager in one of the eastern PA banks contacted one of my local banks in Pittsburgh. Initially they told me I had to live within 50 miles of bank in Philly area. Glad I had the eastern bank manager straigthen it out for me.
Opened account for $20 and they immediately deposited the $150!
How easy can it get???

Joanne (@guest_613780)
July 6, 2018 09:09

How do I know? No alerts from Experian!

Joanne (@guest_613855)
July 6, 2018 10:51

Yep I get credit score with monthly Discover card. I have fraud alert on my account and no checking of credit came up on the Mid State Penn which leads me o believe a soft pull

ChurningFast (@guest_614109)
July 6, 2018 20:35

 William Charles Definitely soft pull. Just did it today, according to banker will see $150 on Monday morning.

Josh (@guest_613215)
July 5, 2018 12:26

Applied in branch today with my wife and the bonus has already posted to our accounts. Hard pull though. Gave us crap for wanting to open two separate accounts. Not worth the aggrevation/hard pulls.

MarcoPolo (@guest_613006)
July 4, 2018 22:20

Looks like their [Branch locator] page is broken.
Nothing happens after I enter my Zip code or address.
Google works, as always.
Their nearest branch is an hour & half from Philly.

KP (@guest_613912)
July 6, 2018 12:21

Hour and a half from Philly? That’s not gonna work… 🙁

But man, this is one easy peasy bonus based on the other comments.