Q3 2022 5% Quarterly Categories: Activate, Offers & Suggestions (Freedom/Flex, Discover, Dividend, Cash+ & more)

It’s now possible to activate/enroll all 5% category credit cards for the third quarter of 2022, including the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Flex, Discover IT, Citi Dividend, US Bank Cash+ and a few others. In this post we’ll provide the activation link for each card and links to track your spend, along with strategies to help increase spend in these categories.

Dates: July 1st – September 30, 2022. Store purchases can usually be done until the last minute while online purchases should be given a buffer zone of a day or two.

Chase Freedom – Gas, Car Rental, Entertainment

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With your Freedom and Freedom Flex cards, earn 5% back this quarter on up to $1,500 in spend at Gas Stations, Car Rental Agencies, Movie Theaters and Select Live Entertainment.

  • Gas Stations – Gas is a nice category – with the high gas prices going on it might even be possible for some people to max out with that alone. List of examples. There are also some convenience stores like 7-Eleven and others which might count as gas.
    • Those who have the 5x Gas offer from a signup bonus should be eligible to get 9x total during Q3 2022. You can still signup now for a new Freedom card and get this double dip.
  • Car Rental Agencies – Car rentals could be useful for summer vacation rentals. List of examples.
    • Just keep in mind that you might want to use a different card that has primary collision insurance, such as the Sapphire Reserve. Some suggest switching cards at the end of the rental as  a workaround.
  • Movie Theaters – List of examples.
  •  Select Live Entertainment List of examples.

Tip: Click this link (login required) to check how far you are along the $1,500.

Discover – Restaurants, Paypal

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With your Discover card, earn 5% back this quarter on up to $1,500 in purchases at Restaurants and Paypal.

  • Restaurants – dining is always a big category for a lot of people.
  • Paypal – I find Paypal one of the easiest categories to use since they are accepted at a huge variety of online stores, including places like Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, etc. You can even pay your taxes with Paypal for a fee and net some profit or send money to a friend and net a little.

Activate to earn 5% Cashback Bonus at Restaurants and PayPal from 7/1/22 (or the date on which you activate 5%, whichever is later) through 9/30/22, on up to $1,500 in purchases. Restaurant purchases include those made at merchants classified as full-service restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, fast-food locations, and restaurant delivery services. PayPal eligible purchases are made through the PayPal wallet online, money transfers via PayPal using your card, and point-of-sale transactions using PayPal Here. Payments made through Xoom transfer services are not eligible for 5%. Using PayPal on restaurant purchases will only earn a total of 5%. PayPal and the PayPal logo are trademarks of PayPal or its Affiliates. Listed merchants are in no way sponsoring or affiliated with this program.

Tip: Login, then click this link to see you how far along the $1,500 you are.

Citi Dividend – Gas, Home Improvement

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With your Dividend card, earn 5% back this quarter at Gas Stations and Home Improvement Stores. Citi is different than the other cards in that you have a $6,000 annual cap rather than a $1,500 quarterly cap. Thus, you can get 5% back on up to $6,000 in this quarter, you can save the entire amount for a different quarter, or you can use part up each quarter.

  • Gas Stations –  Gas is a nice category, especially with the high gas prices we have now. This category does overlap with the Chase Freedom card. There are also some convenience stores like 7-Eleven and others which might count as gas.
  • Home Improvement stores – good for summer home improvements. You can also buy gift cards to other retailers at stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

A lot of people already maxed out their Dividend cards for the year with $6,000 in purchases last quarter at the Grocery or Drugstore category.

US Bank Cash+/Elan – Select your Categories

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U.S. Bank Cash+ and Elan Max offer 5% cash back in two categories, up to $2,000 combined total per quarter. Keep in mind that Car Rentals was recently replaced with TV, Internet, and Streaming Services.

Here are the current options:

  • TV, Internet, and Streaming Services
  • Home utilities
  • Select clothing stores
  • Cell phone providers
  • Electronic Stores
  • Gyms/Fitness
  • Fast food
  • Ground Transportation
  • Sporting goods
  • Department Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Movie theaters

Tip: Login here, then scroll down and click on the red “View Your Cash+ History” button.

Bank of America Cash Rewards

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The Cash Rewards card from Bank of America offers 3% back on one selected category, up to $2,500 per quarter. If you don’t select anything it defaults to gas. Once you selected a category for one quarter, that remains your category in the future unless you change it. Each calendar month you can change it if you’d like, but you’re always limited to $2,500 for the entire quarter.

  • Gas (default)
  • Online Shopping
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Drug Stores
  • Home Improvement/Furnishings

This category is especially lucrative for those who have Preferred Rewards status with Bank of America which can get you 5.25% back on one of these categories at the higher relationship level.

Lots of useful categories here. Important note: the Cash Rewards card also offers 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs up to $2,500 per quarter, and that $2,500 limit combines with the Category Selection limit. After spending $2,500, you’ll earn 1% back on everything.

Other Cards with 5% Category

ABOC – Discontinued

Since August 27, 2021, the ABOC Platinum rewards card has moved to a new rewards provider and no longer offers the quarterly 5x categories.

Nusenda FCU – Gas, Education, Hotel, Airfare

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  • Earn 5% this quarter on up to $1,500 in purchases on Gas expenses, Education expenses, Hotels, and Airfare.

This is on top of the regular 1% for a total earn of 6% back.

Affinity FCU – Gas, Wholesale Clubs, Fast Food

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  • Earn 5% this quarter on purchases on up to $3,500 in purchases for Gas, Wholesale Clubs, Quick Service Restaurants (Fast Food).

The 5x is on top of regular earn for a total of 6x or 7x, depending on the card.

Abound CU – Streaming, Phone, Cable, Internet

Landing page | Our Original Post

  • Abound Credit Union Visa Platinum card offers 5% on up to $2,000 in purchases for Streaming, Phone, Cable, and Internet services.

Langley FCU – Gas, Dining, Summer Adventures

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  • Langley Federal Credit Union offers 5% back each month in one selected category, on up to $100 cash back total ($2,000 spend).
  • The category options for July 2022 are: Gas, Dining, Summer Adventures

Vantage West [AZ] – Select your Category

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Get 5x points on the category of your choice, up to $1,500 per quarter. Eligible categories:

  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities [water, cell, electric, etc.]
  • In-Store Wholesale Purchases [Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.]
  • Department Stores
  • Hardware & Home Improvement Stores
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores
  • Amazon.com

Safe Credit Union [CA] – Day Care, Utilities, Drugstores, Clothing Stores, Theme Parks, Charities

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  • Safe Credit Union Cash Rewards Visa card offers 5% this quarter on Day Care, Utilities, Drugstores, Clothing Stores, Theme Parks, and Charities. (Apparently with no limit.)
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Slaterade (@guest_1456427)
October 1, 2022 13:16

Affinity FCU Q3 2022 5% update.
Earn 5% this quarter on purchases on up to $3,500 in purchases for Gas and Supermarkets.
The 5x is on top of regular earn for a total of 7x. And as always 5% at Amazon.com.

Lyte (@guest_1449588)
September 21, 2022 13:16

Since July 1, 2022 I have been unable to use my Discover 5% cashback at acipayonline.com (ACI Payments, Inc.) or payusatax.com (Government Brands, LLC). Both websites are specifically blocking Discover via PayPal (not Discover directly, but then this does not get the 5%), so it appears there is no more option to get 5% CB on tax payments. It’s still blocked as of today and will not show in the PayPal checkout options.

Samosa (@guest_1431018)
August 23, 2022 21:27

Discover’s Q4 5% category includes Apple Pay  Chuck  William Charles. Received the following email from Discover:

“NEW 5% CATEGORY! Earn 5% cash back with Digital Wallets and at Amazon.com Oct–Dec 2022 on up to $1,500 in purchases, when you activate.** Digital wallets includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay.”

William Charles
August 24, 2022 19:12
AM (@guest_1416485)
July 28, 2022 21:23

UberEATS no longer accepts Discover cards. Cards already added to your wallet work, but trying to add a new Discover card results in a pop-up message stating they don’t take Discover cards. Using Discover through PayPal for UberEATS should still work for the 5% this quarter though.

Yuri (@guest_1416441)
July 28, 2022 19:56


We can also add Langley FCU Signature Cash Back Visa:

5% cash back eligible on gas, dining, or “summer adventure” purchases based on cardholder’s choice, posted 7/1/22 through 7/31/22, up to $100 in earnings.

Yuri (@guest_1416118)
July 28, 2022 08:59

Could we add Safe CU cash rewards card with 5 % rotating categories?


Q3 active categories for them now:
Day Care
Clothing stores
Theme parks

Yuri (@guest_1416141)
July 28, 2022 10:07

There are no mentions of cap on their docs or disclosures (assuming no limit).

Eric (@guest_1416473)
July 28, 2022 21:07

That’s hard to believe that there is no limit. Do you have this card?

Numba1 (@guest_1414000)
July 23, 2022 14:09

Does sending money via friends/family on PayPal work for 5% back with Discover?

Bill (@guest_1420811)
August 5, 2022 21:14

It should. But I’m pretty sure that you pay the same fee if you’re using a credit card as you would to a business. But it’s still MM with the 5% back.

Darlene (@guest_1404823)
July 5, 2022 11:56

With Discover 5% PayPal.. just wonder if anyone has tried refunding / canceling a purchase and whether the 5% cashback still stuck? For example.. booking a refundable hotel for 2023 and later needing to cancel?

Alex 🔗
Alex 🔗 (@guest_1405528)
July 6, 2022 20:51

I didn’t try… But I used PayPal (QR code) for transfers between p1 and p2 to max out current quarter. It has about 2% fee per transfer and you will get tax form (but I am not gonna file it because transfers between family members should be tax free anyway plus I added “gift” word to description of each transaction) Darlene

Darlene (@guest_1433490)
August 28, 2022 13:46

nice! thanks Alex 🔗 so you mean you lose the 2% but you gain the 3%?

Alex_ 🔗
Alex_ 🔗 (@guest_1433562)
August 28, 2022 16:28

Darlene I am closing and reopening Discover cards every year so I am getting double cashback on quarter spending. So I am getting 5%+5%=10% cashback on paypal payment. Yes, I am losing 2% on fee so cashback goes down to 8%. Also I use PayPal Bill to pay discover card afterwards with my coinbase card (4% cachback). So total profit is 12%. The only problem is that if I get IRS audit I would have to explain that PayPal (QR code) transactions are between p1 and p2 so I don’t need to pay taxes on it.

Darlene (@guest_1433731)
August 28, 2022 22:31

Alex_ 🔗 oh wow! every year? Do you get a hard pull each time?

that’s a smart way to double cashback

For Discover’s quarterly 5%.. I was thinking to just book a refundable hotel on Booking.com for late 2023.. and then waiting 6 months or so to cancel it.. but due to my limited experience with Discover.. and trouble searching and finding datapoints.. I don’t know whether Discover is known to claw that back? Do you have any idea? I know it’s a sketchy method.. but it would be the quickest and easiest.

I was wondering about that receiving gift from friends or family.. do you know whether there is an annual limit on it? asking for a friend.. that’s unrelated to the Discover question but curious if you know?

Alex_ 🔗
Alex_ 🔗 (@guest_1433952)
August 29, 2022 10:04

Darlene yep, every year with hard pull.

I have like 40+ credit cards so not big deal for me. I tried to do a refund with discover after I got their bonus and it worked few years ago. So I think you will be fine. Found this article about other banks: https://thepointsguy.com/news/refunds-hurting-sign-up-bonus/. So it will not work with AMEX but it works with other banks.

You can get gift $16,000 in 2022 from a friend without paying any tax.

DGS (@guest_1404559)
July 4, 2022 14:49

Can anyone apply for the Abound FCU Platinum card? I had the impression that membership was limited to a few counties in the Louisville-Ft. Knox area.

Jim (@guest_1403835)
July 2, 2022 13:18

Costco gas purchase with freedom cards won’t code as gas purchase and will code as warehouse ? Pls confirm

MC (@guest_1403845)
July 2, 2022 13:34

Less than 10 posts below someone said it codes as gas. If you want confirmation be the DP you want to see, for all we know your station might be the one that codes as warehouse.

ieatdogfood (@guest_1404201)
July 3, 2022 14:21

Gas is gas. 7-11 is gas too. 😉

sdsearch (@guest_1406625)
July 9, 2022 12:44

Only SOME locations of 7-11 that don’t have gas pumps code as gas. Others code as groceries.

ieatdogfood (@guest_1406631)
July 9, 2022 13:00

Never seen a DP of 7-11 coding as groceries. Please share.

sdsearch (@guest_1407497)
July 11, 2022 23:10

It may depend on the card type (Amex vs VIsa/MC vs Discover). On my Amex Everyday Preferred card:


Will appear on your Dec 18, 2020 statement as 7-ELEVEN 23949 00072WEST LOS ANGELES CA

Rewards for This Charge
(3x) U.S. Supermarkets


Will appear on your Dec 18, 2020 statement as 7-ELEVEN 13794 00071SANTA ANA CA

Rewards for This Charge
(3x) U.S. Supermarkets


Will appear on your Nov 18, 2020 statement as 7-ELEVEN 18226 00071COSTA MESA CA

Rewards for This Charge
(3x) U.S. Supermarkets

Note: What other types of cards call “groceries”, Amex calls “supermarkets”.

DGS (@guest_1404561)
July 4, 2022 14:51

Anything purchased at a Kroger Fuel Center will code as Gas ⛽ with a Freedom card.

sdsearch (@guest_1406626)
July 9, 2022 12:46

Every location CAN POTENTIALLY code differently, since it’s the owners of the franchise, not the owners of the chain (unless it’s a corporate-owned location) that set up the coding.

So the only way can know FOR SURE about a given location is to do a small purchase first at that particular location.