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Credit Card Benefits A Guide to Differentiating Priority Pass Cards

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A Quick Guide to Differentiating Priority Pass Cards

If you have multiple premium cards offering Priority Pass memberships, you might not’ve thought to write down which Priority Pass card corresponds to which credit card when you received them. But with the different benefits associated with each issuer, it’s important to be able to figure out which Priority Pass card is which! (Though this is less critical now that American Express Platinum cards give 2 free guests, instead of charging $27 per guest.) Here’s some information about how you can differentiate some of your Priority Pass cards using just the information on the card.

Chase: Ode to Sixteen Digits

Your Priority Pass card number should be either 11 digits (grouped by 3, 7, and 1 digits) or 16 digits. (If not, count them again!)

Priority Pass card numbers with 16 digits are issued directly by Chase (and should start with 735).

Priority Pass card numbers with 11 digits are issued by Priority Pass on behalf of other banks, such as American Express and Citi, and should all start with 142 and end with 1.

As an interesting aside, I suspect that the difference in the issuing entity is why Priority Pass cards for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Ritz-Carlton do not work for digital membership within the Priority Pass mobile app, and also why you have to enroll in the benefit online for those two cards. (Update: Chase Sapphire Reserve does work for digital memberships now).

(big thanks to Reddit user msd2179 for clarifying how this works!)

Expiration Date

Perhaps most helpful in determining the origin of a Priority Pass card is that the date on which your Priority Pass card expires will closely align with the date you opened the credit card with which it is associated.

Priority Pass cards issued by Chase are valid for 1 year, while those issued by Priority Pass on behalf of other banks are valid for 3 years. There are some conflicting data points for the latter expiration dates, as some cards expire after only 2 years. (With respect to Chase, the expiration date seems to often be last day of the month in which the card was, presumably, formally issued.)


If you still can’t differentiate your Priority Pass cards, you can call the number on the back of your Priority Pass card — but be prepared for a potentially lengthy wait time!


Do you have any conflicting data points with the above information? Do you have a favorite way to track which Priority Pass card is which? If so, please comment below!

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Do the priority passes get deactivated if you cancel or downgrade a card?

Yes, at least for CSR the membership gets deactivated instantly.

Any way to check whether it’s deactivated?

Call. Or try to use it.

Mine has worked for 6 months after cancelling the RC. Expiration date is still 6 months out.

I think it was the Ritz Carlton before that came with Lounge Club and I legit used that thing for about a year after it expired without hiccups… this was 2-3 years ago.

Yes, almost immediately.

I use a sticker and write on those cards. I also change the user name of each PriorityPass card online login to end up with the last 4/5 digit of the related credit card.

Yes, this is a royal PITA. Why can’t they simply print on the card where the benefit came from? Surely PP has the info.

hmm…mine is 10 digits long, though this is what is showing in app. I’ll have to look at the physical card to see if it’s indeed longer. I have both the prestige and CSR so not sure which one this 10 digit one represents.

As i understood from research.
The priority plus card gets swiped at the lounge and paid by the bank if your credit card associate with the priority card is in good status, therfore once you close/downgrade/product change your premium credit card the bank will not pay your entry and your priority card will instantly get declined.

So will everyone who applied for the CSR start getting new cards shortly since it’s coming up on the one year mark?

I hope so. I tweeted Chase support since my PP for CSR is expiring Sept 17. @chasesupport responded that a new card will be sent out a month prior to the expiration date.

I doubt if 35% of CSR holders renew.

I’ll tell you what, I will renew. Already received about 2k in benefits, and used PP at least a dozen times. I am in Asia now and the lounge network here is better than in the US. The lounges are quiet and rarely busy. I have once been denied due to capacity, but that was DFW.

I’ve never bothered to register more than one card. How do you go about it? Do you have to create a different account with different user names etc. each time?

Priority Pass dot Com

That’s how I registered the first card but I don’t see how to add another pass from a different credit card to my account. Are you forced to make an entirely new account for each credit card that comes with an account?

Hey Justin — yes, I have 5 unique accounts. There’s currently not a way to have multiple cards under 1 username.

I create accounts like usernameAMEX, usernameCITI for each corresponding PP card so I can use the electronic version without any mix-up.

That’s good for those cards but Chase chose not to offer a digital card.

If I have a PP card through Chase CSR, is there any reason to also sign up for the one’s available via my other cards, i.e. Amex Platinum, etc.?


Anyone notice when after registering for a digital account, the membership number is a completely different one than the physical card?

For people who don’t have the updated info, Chase Sapphire Reserve does now allow a digital card. If you have a physical card, the number will be different. When you register for the digital login, the Priority Pass app will have the option to Show Digital ID. The Chase-issued digital ID numbers are 14 digits. Or mine is, at least.

I have a PP issued by CSR that has 14 numbers, starts with 150 and ends in 2. So it does not follow the formula stated in the article.

Edited to add: I checked my physical card – it does follow the formula. The number in the app is different and is a Membership number.

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