Posted by William Charles on September 19, 2018

Published on September 19th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: GovPayNow Leak, USAA Cards Plastiq Issue & More


  • Walmart Relaunches with 3-Hour Deliveries by Danny Deal Guru. Surprised Walmart hasn’t done more with Jet yet.
  • Bank of America Alaska Business card asking for proof of business by Miles Per Day. Read the comments, looks like they will let you get away without providing them with anything if you’re a sole prop.
  • How I Got Chase to Pay for My Underwear by The Military Frequent Flyer. I really hate how hard card issuers make using these benefits. It could be such an easy win for them from a consumer satisfaction point of view if they made the process less soul destroying. As TMFF notes, I do think part of the strategy is to just get people to give up trying to claim a benefit.

Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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“I say that the penalties for companies that have sensitive data that is breached needs to be tougher.”

Well what do you think is the problem? The party of the common man or the party of the rich people?

It must be hard going through life as a perpetual victim.

Ad hominem.

Lol weird how the “rich people” win elections if they are out numbered by the “common man”

You cannot be that naive.

Hmm I think the problem is the politicians in both parties they are pretty much the same and just pander to different demographics and belief systems or indoctrination systems..

What’s humorous with the current party fighting is the disingenuous ad hominem attack, in which they are trying to cast an alleged attacker as silver-spooned simply to inject negative emotion in financially disadvantaged voters as if it had any bearing on the facts or veracity of the allegation.

Another misdirect is when the “elitist” card is being made by another elitist. “her claim of being attacked by students “from an elitist boys’ school” while herself attending “elitist Holton-arms girls prep school” is disengenous and her childhood home in Potomac, Md the median home price is almost 4x the US median home price and most of the homes in her neighborhood are on the market north of $1.25M.

Then the other party tries to make it about bad blood and an unfavorable ruling in a foreclose case in a Blasey vs Kavungugh.

Both parties play dirty politics, a disproportionate number of politicians have law degrees and/or practiced law. As well it seems that a disproportionate number of politicians could be clinically diagnosed as sociopaths.

So as long as politicians make sure that we have on demand access to Internet and Expresso’s (bread and circuses) they can avoid the citizenship rioting. (Our problems are first world problems).

I have a poster of an honest politician hanging in my office and at the top it reads

USAA has been on a downward slope for a long time. I joined when I entered basic training and recently left their banking side due to their lack of customer service.

I followed the underwear Link. There is another ping back (other than doc)

I see that website content seem nearly duplicate of DOC. Almost every thing recent post is there.

They’re straight up copy & paste your posts DOC. Time to dmca them.


William Charles ^^^ people are stealing your content.

That sucks when another site rips DoC. :/ DoC is the definitive resource, though. I use somewhat for extra flight-specific stuff, but DoC hits nearly every single deal.

There’s a little blurb at the bottom saying “this originally posted on DoC”, but yeah, that’s a straight up cut/paste job.

I’m pretty sure the amount it takes to secure data is way more expensive than penalties/fines they have to pay (if any) so why should companies care? Now if there’s accompanying jail time for company bigwigs, maybe that’ll get their attention and do better?

Fines + lobbying + contributions towards elections of congressmen to swing legislation is still less than money spent on protecting data of the citizens of this country.

Citizens of this country are tribal and irrational and keep voting against their own best interests.

My August Plastiq charges for Limitless used merchant code Quasi-Cash, without fees, and paid 2.5%. My last charge also posted on August 29th, after the dates that he states he didn’t earn points.

Good to know. I have a bunch of payments scheduled out until 2020 and hope the rewards still pay.

Sadly it seems we have entered an era that Customer Service degrades in proportion to the size of the market share the company controls.

Dealing with a similar time/soul sucking CS experience with my Note 9 pre-order for the AKG-N60 -the same NC headphones offered to Lufthansa BC passengers for use.

The free AKGs were the main impetus for upgrading so soon after upgrading to the S9+ as well as the $250 trade in for an old Galaxy S5 that was a backup we kept on hand as an emergency backup or transition phone -but was just collecting dust.

Seems that issues with warranties, promotions, or Samsung insurance, or Samsung Upgrade/Samsung trade-in program seem to all have the same nightmare theme and litany of complaints in attempting to resolve an issue and rarely is it ever a simple or quick process and BTW when they say “72 business hours”it is quite literally 9 business days rather than telling you it will be almost 2 weeks.

You completely forgot the SimplyCash Plus referrals that’s expiring 19th — $250 x2 promotion, but is still available as of mid-day 20th.

Card still earns 5% at OD/OM/Staples, BTW; I got it since the reports of it no longer earning, and haven’t had any issues with the 5% always posting a few months after the purchases.

You have a typo in your headline (and thus URL), with Plastiq misspelled as Platisq.

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