Posted by William Charles on October 4, 2018

Published on October 4th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: MoviePass $65 Million Funding, Item Is Defective & More


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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Movie pass aka HMNY (stock ticker) is up over 200% the last few days

Yet still worthless. Less than a penny stock. Not sure when it will finally get delisted from Nasdaq.
They’ve increased shares 3,800,000% this year! And they’ve already orchestrated multiple reverse share splits to get the price above $1. The last one was for 1-for-250, I believe. Now they’re trying another 500-for-1 split to get it above $1???
Seriously, how do these clowns continue to raise money? That $65m will last about 6 weeks at current burn rates.

Rolando Gonzalez
Rolando Gonzalez

Funny enough I still own 500 shares, or what was $25 when I bought at $0.05. Is HMNY alive again? #bullish

Looks like it’s at $0.02 right now. If it triples on top of that, you could make a $0.01 per share profit, lol. At least you don’t have much to lose. 😉

Tons of scams and Ebay and Amazon. Wouldn’t shed a tear if either goes under, but they just shaft the sellers of course, not that I have any sympathy for resellers.


I have no sympathy for the blogger complaining about ebay returns. He knows that ebay is full of scam artists, and yet chooses to participate as a reseller anyway. Especially reselling limited edition items, meaning, making it harder for legit customers to find them at MSRP. Bulk resellers like that can figuratively die in a proverbial fire. (Not literally, of course.) But I’d call his problems here karma biting him.

May be an unpopular opinion here, but I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who feels this way.

exactly. i feel the same way when n00bs complain about chase or amex after shit hits the fan due to abuse. then they have the audacity to call customer service complaining “all these people in the TPG comment section got the bonus, NOT FAIR”. fuking idiots.

Agree that one should know what he’s getting into with Ebay. Disagree on reselling (as you predicted).

What’s the right price for an item? Whatever someone will pay for it. Shouldn’t matter where or how that transaction is conducted, as long as it’s legal.

The fact that you or anyone else feels you had some sort of a right to the item being sold but then missed out on it due to lack of money, talent, timing, whatever? That’s just petty, and quite frankly, arrogant. No one deserves anything; you have to earn it in our country.

Perhaps your perfect world doesn’t fit into a capitalistic society. There are other countries out there that operate with different models for distribution of goods; maybe you should check one out.

Sellers as well as buyers need to carefully review the feedback ratings before deciding on the sale or purchase. I purchased over a dozen used iPhone 5s a few years ago for resale. About half of the those either had technical issues or where not unlocked as described and I had to return them.

The problem with fraud on Ebay goes both ways for sellers and buyers unfortunately.

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