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Published on July 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Plastic Straws, Cave Rescue & More

  • Reddit user garettg has put together a google spreadsheet for the new Marriott/SPG properties. Makes it easier to filter based on multiple rows.
  • A number of companies have pledged to get rid of plastic straws. I’m no longer going to give positive press to these companies until they actually get rid of them, making a promise to do something in 2020 is fine but you should be rewarded by your actions and not what you say you’re going to do. Also there is big difference between getting rid of plastic straws entirely and not giving them automatically but still offering them when requested. /rant


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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I will keep buying more plastic bags and more straws ! They are not what they preach! Pollution control? Yes for it ! Climate change? No

Let’s see how they go on the straw front. “MAKE AMERICA NOT SUCK AGAIN!!”

Actually, if you ask your dentist, using straws go a long way towards preserving your teeth, when the fruit juice, corn syrup, and stains from the coffee go straight into your body by bypassing your teeth with a straw.

Yes, the only beverage I drink without a straw is water. I don’t care what the straw is made out of as long as it works; these companies had better still offer straws of some type – actual straws, not just sippy lids – or they’ll lose their paid drink sales to people who feel the same.



The back of your teeth will still get stained from OJ and coffee–unless you position the straw so far back in your mouth that it bypasses your tongue and its taste buds…which is kind of pointless if you’re trying to taste what you’re drinking.

But yes! Straws are a necessity for people who both drink sugary/acidic garbage AND care about their pearly whites.

people with certain disabilities literally can’t drink without a straw… so I don’t agree with an all out ban.

Medical exceptions are already included in Europe’s proposal. Seattle’s ban includes medical exceptions.

I imagine all readers who vehemently oppose these proposal’s could always get a doctor’s note for “emotional support” straws.

Yeah, the straw ban thing is ridiculous. What am I supposed to do? Bring my own straw? They don’t even make reusable ones, TBH, and how do you even make sure they stay clean instead of having lots of nasty stuff inside?!

They do make reusable ones.

Plenty of non-plastic alternatives out there for straw users.

When I was a kid, we had paper straws.

but then you deplete the forest…..if you teach people how to drink w/o straws….give a man a fish or teach a man to fish is all i am saying….

Great to see the big push for positive change in the world was getting rid of plastic straws in 2 years. Happy we didn’t waste it on something stupid like rebuilding infrastructure or improving global financial literacy….

And even in the ‘there’s too much plastic’ category, they should be focused on preventing waste from fishing boats, which is the vast majority of ocean garbage…

I couldn’t care less about the latest outrage manufactured by envirofundies.

I love the nonsense spewed by outraged straw users. Dentists saying using straws prevents stains? Maybe don’t drink so much corn syrup.

What am I supposed to do, bring my own straw? I didn’t realize how many whiny 7-year-olds were on this site.

Somehow banning plastic straws is a political issue for some. It shouldn’t be. Scientifically, factually, we know that they are assfucking the ocean and its wildlife. The USA alone uses 175,000,000,000 straws a year. That’s 175 billion. These straws take 500 years to break down and pollute as they do so. This is pollution control. If you like to travel to beaches, or just generally keeping this world in decent shape for future humanity, you should support this change.


i have never seen a plastic straw at the beach, ever…..condoms yes, Tim W do you order lots of things that are delivered in mounds of cardboard, this is our great threat to humanity….don’t forget the plastic airbags inside the boxes….besides how the heck am i going to drink my frapuchino w/o a big fat green plastic straw….also here in PDX the homeless are turning their trash onto the street everywhere. Our once great, beautiful city looks like one big garbage pail that spilled over. But they are the homeless, so we have to live with it.

Here in LA homeless pee on the streets. We dont have time to worry about straws when we dodging fresh urine

I consider myself an environmentalist, but refuse to succumb to the group-think around straws. Here are some facts — Straws are actually recyclable, the problem is they are too small to be handled by existing recycling machines. How about rather than ban straws around the world, we build some better machines to recycle them? Second, how the f*ck are straws getting into the ocean? I can guarantee you they aren’t my straws, since I don’t litter. Maybe we should put more resources into educating people about the impact of littering, or significantly raise the fines for those who are caught? Nah, that would make too much sense. Instead let’s ban all straws everywhere because a few knuckleheads can’t put their trash in a trashcan. Alright, end rant. FYI — I’m a liberal, and it’s this kind of dumb thinking around banning straws, that gets us a bad rap.

The problem is really that so many straws are made of plastic…and the fact that most people don’t recycle for shit.


The problem isnt straws. The problem is people who act like pigs and think the world is their garbage can! Put trash in the trash!! Stop banning stuff and start punishing the people for doing stuff wrong, like littering, etc.
Just because you ban straws doesnt mean that people whi have always littered are still going to litter. How bout actually enforcing the laws we already have like $500 fine for littering.
Im not using a reusable straw either. Gonna end up with botulism cuz tall are being foolish. Try reusing a straw for a few weeks and then cut it open and look at the inside of it. I dont care how much you clean it. Heres a great way to test your reusable straws— lets have the hospitals start using the reusable straws for about 2 months.
Im glad im getting old. The generation about to take over is not very smart. And every day the sky is falling over the minutest of things. Every. Single. Day. For god sake, give it a rest people!
This rant is not directed to william charles because he saves me tons of money and therefore he is allowed to rant about whatever he wants. I mean, being its his site and all.

If I need a straw that badly, (really is it that hard to drink from a glass?) I am all for a switch to the nostalgic paper version. Somehow the world continued to spin before the change to plastic.

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