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Credit Card Offers Chase Ink Preferred

Published on February 7th, 2017 | by sirtheta


Rumor: Chase Ink Preferred Signup Bonus Increasing to 100,000 UR Soon(-ish)

Update: According to the official media team with Chase, this will be a targeted offer.

I’ve included rumor in the title out of caution, but this information is pretty firm.

Chase will be increasing the signup bonus on the Ink Preferred from 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points to 100,000 UR points sometime in the next five months (either this quarter or the next). The specific timing of the change is uncertain and subject to change, but the earliest potential starting date would be in late February.

There’s no reason to think that the Ink Preferred’s 5/24 status will be changed, so most of us are still SOL outside of in branch pre-approvals that avoid 5/24 (which do work for business cards–but you almost certainly need a Chase business checking account).

If you are not subject to 5/24 and are considering signing up for the Ink Preferred soon, it might be worth your while to hold off just a tad and see what further information pops up. For those that recently applied, it’s worth remembering that Chase are usually good about matching higher sign up bonuses (normally, it needs to be within 90 days though). So fingers crossed it’s increased sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you updated with any further news.

You can read our review of the Ink Preferred here. You can drop comments & questions below.

Is this (doctored) screenshot in the Ink Preferred’s future? We hope so! (Pun unintentional).

h/t extremely reliable, but anonymous source

86 Responses to Rumor: Chase Ink Preferred Signup Bonus Increasing to 100,000 UR Soon(-ish)

  1. NinjaX says:

    damn you 5/24!

  2. Avi says:

    Chances of matching my existing recent signup once it comes out? How long are such matches typically possible? Should I hold off on spending the full $5000 to see if there’s a matchable offer?

    • Jay says:

      If they are willing to match you, they will match you even if you have already completed the spending requirement on your original bonus and received the bonus points from the original offer. If the new offer’s spending requirement is equal or lower than your original offer’s spending requirement, the difference between the two offers’ bonus points will immediately be credited to your account.

    • SteveH says:

      Chase typically matches increased offers if it is within 90 days of your original account opening.

    • Usually if it’s within 90 days of signing up they’ll match.

  3. david says:

    do Ink Preferred or any biz card ever show up on prequalified at branch?

    • Jay says:

      Yes, most often after having established a business banking relationship with them.

      However, I’ve never heard of anyone receiving a second business card pre-approval after already having been approved in the past for another business card though.

      • Jay says:

        I should clarify:

        “…after already having been pre-approved in the past for another Chase business card though.”

        • Jay says:

          Damn, I should clarify further…really wish these posts could be edited.

          “…after already having been pre-approved in the past (and subsequent approval of the pre-approved application) for another Chase business card though.”

          • brosh says:

            DPs on signing up for a business checking account bring up BIZ cards for preapproval. Personal and business cards have separate preapproval parges

      • Avi says:

        I got an ink+ preapproved last year and ink preferred preapproved within last two months on same business account.

        • Jay says:

          Thanks for the promising DP! I presume you applied and were approved for both?

          How many months was it between the two pre-approvals?

  4. Dan says:

    ink plus showed up for me pre qualification, and i was well over 5/24. I applied and was approved in branch. Hoping to get a prequalification on the ink preferred

  5. Paul says:

    So I should keep my business checking account open for a few more months then.

  6. WR says:

    I assume you would have had to have opened a Chase business card at some point in the past in order to be pre-qualified for a business card like the Ink Preferred?

    • Dusty says:

      Business checking accounts are the best way to get in-branch pre-approvals.

      • WR says:

        Thanks, I’ll give that I try!

        • Mike says:

          Worked for me last August, when Chase also had a $500 signup bonus for business checking. When the checking account was okayed, the system pre-approved me for Ink Cash. Was required to keep that checking account open for six months or face a clawback, but the sixth month is the end of February. Now I may keep that checking account open a while longer.

  7. Deb says:

    Will they even entertain me getting the ink preferred if I already have the ink plus? Just got it last fall. Can anyone confirm they got both in under 6 months or so? Not feeling very hopeful but 100k-wow!

    • Frito Pendejo says:

      I’m curious about this also. My wife is at 3/24 and just got Ink+ this month. It’d be nice to get this one also before going over 5/24.

    • legpanda says:

      My SO got the Ink Preferred in-branch on Dec. 2nd, and applied online for Ink+ Jan. 7th. She was <5/24, but got denied because of AU accounts pushing her over 5/24. Had to call to recon for her (2 attempts), and was eventually approved for the Ink+ Feb 3rd with moving 5k of her ink preferred credit limit to the ink+ new account. Applied with a $500/yr "business" for both cards.

  8. nick miller says:

    100k worth 1500 in UR portal? Do they have 1.5x multiplier like the CSR?

  9. Dan says:

    hmm…. did they change it? How does the ink plus’s 100k points = $1,500 in travel???

  10. Mike says:

    Any word on an Ink Reserve yet Doc? Of course I’m hyped about this too, but I want to tread lightly if I’m going to go for another Chase Business card hoping for a preapproval

    • No, that is just speculation – nothing official. Chase have publicly said they want to concentrate on this product and have no plans to launch another business card in the near future.

  11. Jason says:

    How easy is it to transfer UR’s from Biz to a personal card? Or a spouses personal card? I’ve heard data points that you have to phone in, or that it’s easy to do online, or that you can’t mix personal and biz at all. So I guess I’m asking again just to see if anyone’s had much luck with that, and how easy it was.

    • Jay says:

      The transfer can be done online and is instant. Both business -> personal and spouse -> spouse.

    • Dusty says:

      I haven’t done it yet, but it’s easy; you just need to combine your personal and business logins under the same login.

      • Cytraveler says:

        I have my business and personal accounts under a different login, but I routinely transfer my UR points from Ink Cash to Sapphire Reserve (and before that to Preferred)

        • Kim says:

          You can only have one “transfer” account linked at a time. So if you transfer between your business card and personal card without them being linked in the same login, then you have to unlink yourself to transfer to your spouse. There is a 24 hour waiting period between switching the transfer account and the new one being active. I found it much easier to combine my own business/personal cards into a single login so I can have my husband’s account linked up to transfer at will. I hope this makes sense!

  12. barrytuneup says:

    “Earn 3 points per $1 on the first $150,000 spent in combined purchases on travel, shipping purchases, Internet, cable and phone services, and on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines each account anniversary year.* ” so this has been overlooked in the discussions. Also a 95.00 fee. 5% on office supplies not here. 5% on cable/tv not here. so cash back with no travel = not a great choice. But the signup bonus – the fee and the fees on the giftcards is still a good deal, not great.

  13. James says:

    Less people must be signing up for this card than Chase thought, probably due to 5/24 rules preventing churners. I hope this rumor is true since Chase has some extra $$ from reducing the Reserve signup bonus.

  14. Colt says:

    Looking to put a “bisiness” together before this. Can anyone give me some tips, a guide?

  15. bob says:

    Are chase stingy with numbers? i am at 5 Credit cards in my last 24 months. Will dumb-ass chase not approve me citing 5/24 rule or it is only for 5 Plus Credit cards and i will be okay to apply?

    Can someone shed some light?

  16. Ferris says:

    Hopefully this comes in right as I hit 4/24 for probably the last time ever. Hoping I can hit up a Chase business and personal in 30 days…has anyone had success with this? I have not applied for any personal cards for 14 months (in April) just to do this.

    • Bob says:

      Just got Ink Preferred and personal Marriott. Was at 4/24. Applied for buisness 1st. It took a few days and was approved. Marriott took about a week to be approved. Got 30 day notice on both. Did not call recon.

  17. Chris says:

    Just applied for this card 3-4 days ago and tonight got my card. Really hoping this will kick in within 90 days so I could match!!

  18. Dave says:

    Will this card count against 5/24? Meaning, my wife will be at 4/24 very soon– can she apply for this card and then a Chase personal card?

  19. Nate says:

    Anyone know when cards officially fall off for Chase’s 5/24 rule? I know I read this somewhere, but can’t find the article. I have 5 cards opened in the last 24 months with the oldest being opened 4/15/15. Am I good on 4/16/17 or do I have to wait until 5/1/17?

    • Chuck says:

      I think there was a report that you have to wait for next month, though I think someone else said the reverse.

      • Nate says:

        Appreciate the response. I’ll try to find that article again and update if I can find it.

        • Some people say it’s at the start of the month you’ll drop under 5/24 (e.g 4/1) my understanding is that it’s 5/1 but somebody said I was wrong about that.

          Might be useful to get a DP either way, as you can always call reconsideration on 5/1 if 4/1 or 4/16 doesn’t work.

    • JD says:

      You are good on 5/1/17. You will be rejected on 4/30/17.

      You can apply up to 30 days before 5/1/17, be rejected, and get approved on recon on or after 5/1/17. I have first hand experience as this is how I got the CSR last year.

    • DrRyan_L says:

      I was thinking you had to wait until the next month, but I was at 7/24 until 3/16/17, so I applied on 3/8/17 expecting to recon on 4/1/17. I was instantly approved and know that I did not have any preapprovals on my account.

  20. Jan W says:

    I’ve been waiting till April 1 to go under 5/24. Any idea of when (if ever?) CSR might increase the bonus miles above the current 50,000 miles? Two cards drop off so I could get Ink Preferred and CSR (unless you think it is better to wait on CSR). Thanks.

  21. Christine says:

    I have a business but don’t make that many purchases for it. Any suggestions on how to qualify for the bonus?

  22. lin says:

    I got card at Nov./16. How I get match the 100,000 points, need stop to bank or call the card center? Thank you.

  23. Joseph says:

    I have 3 Chase Cards inc Ink and Sapphire. I am thinking of dropping my chase explorer card as my wife has one and I do not need it. Would it be better to cancel explorer before applying for the Ink plus preferred or cancel after I am approved? thanks!

  24. Laura says:

    Too bad this is going to be a targeted offer. I’ve been on the fence about a new credit card for my business. I would jump ship from American Express if this 100,000 point bonus comes to fruition on the Ink card but I’m not willing to open another bank account in order to get a CC offer.

  25. sinosoul says:

    It’s been a month, anyone know if this will be Q2 instead of March?!? TIA.

  26. Shiela says:

    Is this for business people only? Is it true that when you apply in branch , you only get 60,000 points and waived the annual fee?

  27. DrRyan_L says:

    Looking for advice. I apped for the Ink Preferred (80K with no AF waiver) on the same day as another card trying to get HP combined (didn’t work). I got the 2 weeks notice, now 7-10 day notice. I expect to get a 5/24 denial, but that will no longer be an issue on April 1. Is it worth going to the branch to try and get the 100k offer costing another HP or should I just try and recon the first app? Thanks for the help!

  28. Darv says:

    I was sent an application for the Ink Preferred and the bonus language says 100k. Unfortunately I do not have a business profile established with Chase, I was told, so they cannot check if I am pre-approved. It was a communication mix-up, but they sent me the application (this is from a a branch). Do I need to open a business checking to get the business profile so I can be pre-approved in branch?

  29. rich says:

    goddamnit. applied for 80k before I saw the 100k. secure messaged but they refused to match, even though my invitations/referrals to other card applicants stated 100k.

  30. George says:

    Got Chase Ink Preferred 100K pre approved in branch last month. Checked with a business banker and he saw I was preapproved. So totally worth it even though it was $5K min spend!! I am using Plastiq to pay my mortgage and now there is a huge bonus to use for your minimum spend requirements. You can get $500 FFD (as May 20, 2017) by using my link below:

    Appreciate it if someone else would use my link below as you can get $500 FFD to use to meet your min. spend

    Referral code [edited]
    Link: [edited]

  31. Rob says:

    Has anyone received a targeted 100k offer online? or have they all been limited to in branch visits? I just applied online and was approved as an individual stating ebay as business type with minimum income. Currently only have chase freedom without any chase checking accounts. Hoping the 100k offer will come out by the end of July to match bonus points.

  32. Jim says:

    Any more information on this, sirtheta? It’s been 5 months…

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