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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Safeway/Vons: $10 off $100 Fashion Giftcards & $7 Off $50+ Dining Giftcards Visa/Mastercard Gift Card – Now Open To All

This deal has expired and is no longer valid. Click here to sign up for notifications to never miss another deal.

Originally posted on November 19th. Reposting on November 21st because the deal is now showing outside of personalized deals section, meaning it should now be available to everybody. What is even better is that those who have the personalized deal are showing each deal twice and it should work for stacking. Hat tip to reader @ChurnTx.

The Offer

Direct Link 

Check your Just4U for the following coupon:

  • Buy $50 or more in any dining gift card & get $7 off instantly
  • Buy $100 or more in any fashion gift card & get $10 off instantly

The Safeway deals are usually at Albertson’s, Randall’s, and Tom Thumb too. This time also working for Acme & Shaw’s.  I don’t have an account with all of those, let us know if you are or are not seeing it there.

The Fine Print

  • Limit of one
  • Valid until November 25th, 2017

Our Verdict

Reader Bob has a good tip for the fashion gift cards, they work on the style everywhere gift cards and can also be stacked with this $10 off $150 Mastercard/Visa offer. That means you purchase $200 gift card and pay $184.95.

Hat tip to reader @CatapultLive


64 Responses to [Expired] Safeway/Vons: $10 off $100 Fashion Giftcards & $7 Off $50+ Dining Giftcards Visa/Mastercard Gift Card – Now Open To All

  1. kirk says:

    not seeing it on my safeway j4u (norcal). :/

    checked both gift card and personalized deals categories.

  2. harry says:

    Not seeing it in J4U Tom Thumb store, TX

  3. Eric says:

    Can I use fashion visa gift card at non-fashion related merchants?

  4. CBM says:

    It is showing in Mymixx on all three of my Acme accounts

  5. Yev says:

    Got it on 3 Vons accounts in SoCal.

  6. paz says:

    Any DPs on success using Dining or Style Everywhere GC to buy MO at WMT or grocery stores?

  7. Ken says:

    Style Everywhere, Dining Everywhere, Grocery Everywhere all work perfectly at Walmart for MO’s. Movies and Fuel Everywhere do not – stay well clear of those.

  8. feelgood says:

    Both showing on Jewel-Osco MyMixx.

  9. mary w says:

    Worked for me: Safeway in So Cal.

  10. Mike says:

    I wonder if the dine everywhere Visa cards will trigger the $7 dining cash back? Think I’ll try it tomorrow

  11. john says:

    Could I use style everywhere Visa Card on Safeway?

  12. Elodie says:

    Soooo….they are now generic 1-time store coupons, anyone can load. With that said, if you had the targeted ones, they are still there, will say “personalized”.

    Any chance all 3

  13. NBG says:

    Loaded and worked at ACME for Style anywhere GC. Went to Walmart and loaded Bluebird. Easy MS.

  14. kirk says:

    yep, $184.95! got $20 off and 400 gas pts with the SE meta vgc.

  15. CM says:

    Anyone knows whether SE work at Kroger / King Soopers?!

    • Rick says:

      Style Everywhere worked at King Soopers for me yesterday for money order purchase. I also asked for split transactions and redeemed a couple Office Depot Visa gift cards on the same $900 money order.

      So, short answer: yes, if you have a nice cashier. Could be regional and as always, YMMV.

  16. CM says:

    Can anyone determine what makes the Personalised Deal coupons appear? They only appear in my main account, for all sorts of ridiculously good-priced stuff; another account I still use for the one-time-off promotions other than GC, but it has never had any personalised coupons ever.

    IME, with j4u the only difference between what stuff shows for your account is which store you select as your store through Find Stores — there is no separation between Vons or Safeway etc, other than the region for some promotions. Or does it actually matter which app you use, or anything else? I don’t really buy that much stuff with my main account, either, so, it’s really puzzling that it always has the personalised deals but the others never so.

    • daeofcal says:

      It only appeared in the one I actually use as it’s intended, you know, to buy groceries. I think the history of purchases other than GCs is the trigger.

    • Elodie says:

      I would say based on shopping habits. 2-3 weeks ago..when we last had the $10/150 Visa store Q, I did it on a bunch of cards. Those cards were the only ones that got the $10 Fashion and $7 Dining personalized q BEFORE it became available to everyone.

      OT: Similarly, cards where I usually buy liquor/wine/beer, they were the ones that got the Buy 1 Get 1 $0.01 liquor q or the $20/75 J4U Liquor qs.

      • CM says:

        I got the prior VGC deal as well (even got DE), but that didn’t seem to help get the personalised deals on any non-primary. Even had 50¢ 2L soda, x4, on same receipt, just a couple of weeks ago.

  17. Mike says:

    Is there a definitive answer as to whether categorized VISA cards like style/dine everywhere are hard coded only to be redeemed at those merchants? Any exceptions?

  18. elegua says:

    I have 4 accounts and got these promos in all of them:

    Acc # 1: – (I already used the $10 Off for VISA/MC couple days ago)
    Acc # 2,3,4:

    I am going to use Acc# 2 today and see what happen, i guess the $10 Off for a VISA/MC disappear and the Fashion $10 Off and Dining $7 Off show up, hope so lol.

    So does this mean that for a Fashion VGC i will get $20 Off and for the Dining $14 Off ??.

    • NBG says:

      You will get 20 off fashion VGC and $7 off Dining (unless like last time you can do the $10 off Master card /Visa deal once per brand)

      • elegua says:

        Did the $10 off Master card /Visa deal with the Dining and Fashion, 3x$500 + 2x$200, ended up paying just .75 cents fee plus $1.40 MO for $1900 in VGCs (It took me 30 mins buying the VGCs and the MO) used my OBC (5% CB) so i think this was a good deal, tomorrow i’ll do my others 2 accounts plus the one with just the Dining and Fashion deals attached.

        One thing i’m seeing is that the deal is still in the app, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

        Thank you Will ;).

  19. David says:

    Fashion VGC can only redeemed in WM Supercenter?

  20. Josh says:

    I had both the personalized offer & the new store coupon on my card for both the fashion & dining. They do stack, got a $100 Old Navy gc for $80 & a $50 olive garden gc for $34. These will be xmas presents, didn’t want to bother with trying the fashion visa offer stack & liquidating, seems like too much effort.

  21. Abe says:

    I was able to stack 3 Just4U coupons (2 fashion and one visa gift card coupon) for one “Style Everywhere” Visa Gift card for a total of $30 off. My total credit card purchase cashback should cover the $4.95 fee for me. Nice $30 profit after liquidation.

  22. randi_boy says:

    @Abe how do you find two fashion coupon? The coupon says limit one. I only see one fashion coupon in all my accounts

    Did you mean that you were able to stack one fashion, one dining and the visa coupon under one transaction?

    • Abe says:

      No I did use two JUST4U fashion gift card coupons plus the $10 Visa coupon All 3 which were available for my card, I load all three to my card. One said fashion GC coupon said “$10 OFF” and the other one said “SAVE $10 INSTANTLY”

    • Abe says:

      By the way I also stacked 2 dining $7 coupons one said “$7 OFF” AND the other one said “SAVE $7 INSTANTLY” for a Buffalo Wild Wings $50 giftcard. I saved $14 so the $50 BMW GC came out to $36.

  23. 86 says:

    Albertsons in SoCal excludes the Style Visas and Dining Visas from the $10 and $7 discounts. The signs in the stores specifically state that in the fine print.

  24. RM says:

    Are there any DPs on whether this offer requires a single $100+ card for fashion and a single $50+ card for dining, or whether you can buy several cards for a total of $100 or $50? I want these for actual holiday presents, not MS, so I need to break the cards up into reasonable amounts.

    • Jennie lee says:

      You can give it try and check price before you pay. I think they can easily cancel this transaction and no party will lose a dime.

  25. elegua says:

    Did my last account today and i’m very happy with the results, ended up with 1900 HA Miles, 10400 MR Points (including AU promo of 5000 MR / $500 spend), 1900 AA Miles and $40 CB (after VGC and MO fees) Plus wherever gas points i got with just $19.90.

    I’m curious though, today my cashier told me that i can use the promo again and again if it’s still in my phone app, is this accurate?,any DP on this?, asking because i still have the VGC $10 Off and Dining/Fashion $7 Off in each in one of my accounts since yesterday and the one i used today.

    Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving all and Thank You Will.

  26. kirk says:

    i just remembered this targeted ~ Amex Offers: 1,500 MR Points with $100 Supermarket Purchase! Expires 11/30/17

    i think that should work! 😀

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