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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Safeway/Vons: $10 off $100 Fashion Giftcards & $7 Off $50+ Dining Giftcards Visa/Mastercard Gift Card – Now Open To All

This deal has expired and is no longer valid. Click here to sign up for notifications to never miss another deal.

Originally posted on November 19th. Reposting on November 21st because the deal is now showing outside of personalized deals section, meaning it should now be available to everybody. What is even better is that those who have the personalized deal are showing each deal twice and it should work for stacking. Hat tip to reader @ChurnTx.

The Offer

Direct Link 

Check your Just4U for the following coupon:

  • Buy $50 or more in any dining gift card & get $7 off instantly
  • Buy $100 or more in any fashion gift card & get $10 off instantly

The Safeway deals are usually at Albertson’s, Randall’s, and Tom Thumb too. This time also working for Acme & Shaw’s.  I don’t have an account with all of those, let us know if you are or are not seeing it there.

The Fine Print

  • Limit of one
  • Valid until November 25th, 2017

Our Verdict

Reader Bob has a good tip for the fashion gift cards, they work on the style everywhere gift cards and can also be stacked with this $10 off $150 Mastercard/Visa offer. That means you purchase $200 gift card and pay $184.95.

Hat tip to reader @CatapultLive


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not seeing it on my safeway j4u (norcal). :/

checked both gift card and personalized deals categories.

Seems like it appears on the most active accounts only

update: showed up the following day. will try to stack. thanks!

Not seeing it in J4U Tom Thumb store, TX

It appeared on only the 2 accounts I used this week already.

Well, if you would share at which store, it would be DP. Like this doesn’t help anyone.

That’s safeway

central Maryland

Showed up for me. Is this good on dining or fashion visa cards?

There are 2 separate coupons, 1 ea. for either category.

Can I use fashion visa gift card at non-fashion related merchants?

I have read not, but haven’t tried it myself. Don’t have this offer myself, either, unfortunately

It is showing in Mymixx on all three of my Acme accounts

Got it on 3 Vons accounts in SoCal.

Any DPs on success using Dining or Style Everywhere GC to buy MO at WMT or grocery stores?

Style Everywhere, Dining Everywhere, Grocery Everywhere all work perfectly at Walmart for MO’s. Movies and Fuel Everywhere do not – stay well clear of those.

Only work at WalMart Superstore / Neighborhood store, NOT at regular WalMart.

dining doesnt work @ WM

ALL 3 everywhere WORK at WMT supercenter and neighborhood stores, NOT at regular WMT. If your WMT is a regular WMT, it would not work.

Does it work with Bluebird @ Walmart?.

Anyone know if ‘Style Everywhere’ works at Kmart ? I know from past experience ‘Dining Everywhere’ did not.

Kmart is only friendly store within reasonable driving distance. All Walmarts have gone rather draconian with what is accepted as payment for MOs in last year that I don’t bother with them due to the high ‘miss’ ratio.

Both showing on Jewel-Osco MyMixx.

Worked for me: Safeway in So Cal.

I wonder if the dine everywhere Visa cards will trigger the $7 dining cash back? Think I’ll try it tomorrow

It did for me at Safeway (Norcal)

Could I use style everywhere Visa Card on Safeway?

Soooo….they are now generic 1-time store coupons, anyone can load. With that said, if you had the targeted ones, they are still there, will say “personalized”.

Any chance all 3

Yep, used them this morning, before they disappeared. Got $20 off 1 fashion GC and $14 off 1 dining GC!

Wow, that’s crazy, I wish I would have waited, now have to do more MS all over again! :/

for buying a $200 on the variable vgc?

how did you get $14? Isn’t it limit 1 at $7 off?

One is a personalized Q (They were targeted and for specific cards),but today they realized a 1-time SQ for everyone, so if you have both loaded…

Loaded and worked at ACME for Style anywhere GC. Went to Walmart and loaded Bluebird. Easy MS.

yep, $184.95! got $20 off and 400 gas pts with the SE meta vgc.

Anyone knows whether SE work at Kroger / King Soopers?!

Style Everywhere worked at King Soopers for me yesterday for money order purchase. I also asked for split transactions and redeemed a couple Office Depot Visa gift cards on the same $900 money order.

So, short answer: yes, if you have a nice cashier. Could be regional and as always, YMMV.

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