Posted by William Charles on December 8, 2018

Published on December 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


Samsung Pay: 15% Off AirBnB Gift Cards/10% Off eBay Available Again

Update: You can get 10% off eBay again and you can now get 15% off AirBnB (previously 20%).

Update 12/07/18: eBay gift card is available again. Particularly good value if you stack it with the 10% off deal.

Samsung Pay now has a $75 gift card on sale for $67.50 (10% discount). Hat tip to reader Jeremy D

The Offer

Find the Gift Cards tab in the Samsung Pay app to get this deal

  • Samsung Pay is selling a $50 gift card for $40
  • AirBnB is also on sale $50 for $40
  • Discounts on Best Buy and Chipotle discussed here.
  • Discounts on dozens of others, including Gap, Gamestop, and Lowe’s, discussed here.

The Fine Print

  • Limit of two per 24 hour period
  • $500 maximum over promo period

Our Verdict

Don’t forget you can earn an additional 5% cashback if you have the Chase Freedom card and have linked Chase Pay & Samsung Pay. This 20% discount becomes better when you stack it with other deals as well, read our full guide here.

Hat tip to reader Raghul M

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More worth it to buy this or use Capital One Venture 10X miles?

Venture miles are worth 1 cent each (or perhaps a bit more with transferable points now), so effectively a 10-12% return. A 20% discount is, for me, preferable. The points are tempting but the only thing better than a rebate (points) is a discount.

Are you sure it’s possible to earn 5% on Freedom for gift card purchases? The transaction originates on Samsung Pay side, not Chase Pay. Anyone managed to get 5% on Freedom for gift card purchases?

I can confirm that 5% is earned on my freedom card when buying gift cards on Samsung pay. (If you haven’t done so, you probably need to link chase pay to Samsung pay before you can earn the 5% rate on Samsung pay)

I actually haven’t tried as I’m going through min spend for another card. But 5% UR is too hard to ignore even with min spend going on.

You do need to be careful though because you need to first open up Chase pay, then select pay with Samsung Pay right?

I deleted my Freedom from Samsung Pay then linked Chase Pay to Samsung Pay (i.e. so that it was now only accessible through the link to Chase Pay) and I’ve never had to open Chase Pay first to get the 5x since.

I was all set to dispute this, but I just checked Chase online and I did indeed get the 5% points for my GC purchase. It sure doesn’t *feel* like it’s going to work, but it does (at least for me)

How is promo period defined? Is it per gift card type or it’s more broader?

I believe it’s 2 gift cards across the entire platform per 24 hours, but hopefully someone with personal experience will chime in.

Yep, bought 2x gift cards today, can’t buy anything else now.

What about the $500 per promo period? What is promo period? Is that retailer specific or across whole Samsung Pay?

It is 2 gift cards in total per 24 hours that can be purchased in Samsung Pay and it is measured down to the minute. That part is enforced strictly. The maximum over the promo period isn’t always enforced but it is across all promo gift cards, not per brand. This promo runs through 12/3.

Where can you find info on current promo period?

Is there no way to use Samsung pay without a Samsung phone?

No way. You can grab a cheap S6 for $100 to use only for Samsung Pay deals. It would pay for itself quickly. E.g. you can use Samsung Pay anywhere where you can swipe a card (no need for NFC). This quarter Chase Freedom has 5% on Chase Pay which can be linked to Samsung Pay for basically 5% on anything (including these discounted gift cards).

Information Booth
Information Booth

I just checked my Samsung Pay deals… there are WAY more 20% off GC’S than the two listed in the post!! You may want to consider adding “and more” to the title. Fyi… the promo ends on Dec.31st…John 3:16

Added links to the other posts where we discussed more deals. Thanks

Just checked 200UR on my CF account. Thanks DoC. Now I’m going to set a reminder to hit $500.

Its been about 2-3 weeks, but my Best Buy 30% rewards actually was available. Was able to use the rewards to buy gift cards

Does using the Altitude Reserve in app like this earn at 3x? I will give it a try later to test if no one has a DP.

I would personally be careful using the Altitude Reserve for these purchases.

It will be clear that it’s a gift card (it will say “Gift Card” on the bill) and U.S. Bank has been sensitive to this in the past with the Altitude Reserve.

I am only seeing 10% cash back currently on in Samsung pay. Is this 20% deal over?

I’m still seeing 20% off for Hmm..

You’re probably looking at cashback, not gift card discount

Beginner question.. I’ve never used Samsung Pay before. I just searched Google Play store and don’t see it. Do I need a Samsung phone to use it?

Only works on Samsung phones, I think S6 or newer.

Yes, S6/Note 5 are the oldest devices supporting samsung pay

Also, I think it only works on U.S. models. For example, in the S7 lineup, Samsung Pay works on SM-G930A (AT&T), SM-G930T (T-Mobile), SM-G930V (Verizon), and SM-G930U (Unlocked). I had an SM-G930F (Europe) model, and Samsung Pay is nowhere to be found on the Google Play store. I then switched over to an SM-G930U, and Samsung Pay was an application installed by default.

AIRBNB one is dead

I do not see sale for eBay – it’s full $75 here.

Yup its dead.

I’m seeing it now… perhaps it was replenished? is sold out

Darn it… no airbnb…

bestbuy and ebay deals are live again

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