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Pat S.
Pat S. (@guest_664673)
October 29, 2018 18:32

I did not get a hard pull on application, but I have been a member in the past. No credit card funding allowed (its in-branch only anyway so it would have probably been cash advance anyway)

Mark Trout
Mark Trout (@guest_663927)
October 27, 2018 13:54

Email received morning 10-27-18:
Hopefully, Google this time!

Dear Customer,
Already have a Webull account but not funding yet? Now is your chance to get another free stock- by funding your account!

No minimum deposit requirement,the value of free stock is between $3-$1000.

This exclusive offer ends on Nov 30. Do not miss it!

Open your Webull App,tap on “My free stock”,to get more detail about this offer.

The Webull Team

Richard (@guest_663919)
October 27, 2018 13:11

They pulled Equifax for the application

roger (@guest_663963)
October 27, 2018 16:32

Thx Richard. Are they Chex sensitive?

Pat S
Pat S (@guest_664042)
October 27, 2018 21:18

Any credit card funding?