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Some Amex Offer Deals can be Done on Multiple Cards

Most Amex Offer deals can no longer be saved on multiple cards and are now limited to one-per-person. We noted a bit later that the Marriott offer was working to be saved on multiple cards. More recently, readers confirmed that the Lyft Amex offer deal can also be saved on multiple cards. Reddit folks say that some other offers work on multiple cards as well (examples needed – the others mentioned there are pre-change).

There’s a theory that it depends on the language in the Amex terms: the standard language on almost all offers is “Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels” while on the Lyft offer the language is “Limit one statement credit per American Express online account.” That might be it.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Marriott terms have the standard language (“Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels”) and still worked on multiple cards.

At the very least, it’s worth keeping an eye out for a variation in the language of the fine print, and keep in mind that even when the language looks standard there’s a chance it’ll work. If anyone cracks the code better, please let us know.

Some people worry that Amex can always claw back the credits if they choose to do so like they did with the Staples offer. There’s no question it’s a risk, but personally I’m not overly concerned. They seem to have left select offers with the ability to save on multiple cards. Moreover, they don’t have the serious monetary cost like the Staples deal was.

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Used Marriott offer on multiple cards. However, the credit of the offer was removed from one of the cards so far. Looks like Amex could claw back.

I just took advantage of sams club $10 of $50 offer on two cards and bonus posted on both. I did the multi-tab trick and it worked on the first 2 cards but not the third or the fourth. I think their system takes a couple of seconds to register the offer on the card and so you need to be very quick to add it to a second card. Will see if they claw back though but unlikely.

Even with 1 per cardmember limit, it is possible to do multiple with different AU names. At least it has worked for me so far.

Marriott didn’t work on multiple cards for me, but the recent Lyft one did, even on the same login.

At this point, i think I am done with these. It’s not worth risking my account being shut down unexpectedly by RAT and losing my 500,000+ MR points.

Multi-tab trick pre-RAT was fun while it lasted. Time to move on… 🙂

I received the Staples 10% up to $100 and 2x per $1 on 12 Amex cards, did the Staples on 8 of them and stopped because of that (no claw back email yet), i used the Banana Republic spend $50 get $15 in couple of cards and Walmart spend $50 get $10 back but other than that i stopped adding the same offer to multiple cards, hard to do but i think “as you said”, its time to move on :(.

Anyone had the Lowe’s offer of 10% back on spend up to 1000 clawed back?
So far, I have used it on three cards with no claw back. Staples clawed back on two of 5 cards. MAY be a pattrern of clawing back offers getting MR points vs Delta or SPG points. So far, the only claw backs on Staples have taken place with Plat and Gold cards (one of two clawed back), but not SPG or Delta.

I did the Lowe’s in 4 cards and no claw back yet, still have 3 more cards with this offer but i will pass on this, last Staples offer i did was on my Plat Biz (MR) and so far no claw back, i think is more like random thing regardless the earning coin (MR, Delta Miles or SPG points) but i just guessing here.

Cell phone offer worked on 2 cards for me under same login

why staples deal has more serious monetary cost than others?
I do not see it


Possibly because Staples gets pounded for MS reason’s (VGC/MCGC Gift Cards) more than Lowe’s. I think that retailers and Amex may share cost of promotion. Majority of normal Amex card holders will by items with a much higher markup/profit than a GC – like a loss leader coupon (free Turkey or .$.29/lb Turkey with $150 purchase).

RE: Lyft offer, I was able to save it across multiple cards with the new interface even, which was unexpected.

I used Rover on multiple cards.

What would happen if I return the item or cancel the hotel reservation in the last minute? Will the credit be recharged to the account? Thanks.

There’s a new $50 off $250 hilton brands offer that could not be added to multiple cards.

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